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Post by Hades on Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:58 am


Applications are to be posted as replies to this thread. Ensure you understand the backstory and setting. Take your time in filling our your applications. If your application is passed, it'll be made into a thread on this board.

[b]Formal Name:[/b] The formal name of your race.
[b]Informal Names:[/b] Any shortened, informal names of your race.
[b]Abbreviation:[/b] A three-letter abbreviation or initials of your race's government.
[b]Population:[/b] The population of your race. Be reasonable.

[b]Technology Tags:[/b] Technological tags from the technology thread.

[b]Species:[/b] The name of your species, or the names if your empire has more than one, and descriptions thereof. Include biological details.

[b]Homeworld Name:[/b] The name of your race's capital planet.
[b]Homeworld Location:[/b] The homeworld system's location in the local grid.
[b]Homeworld Description:[/b] A description of the home world.

[b]Political System:[/b] The political system of your race.
[b]History:[/b] A brief history of your race.

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Post by Pablo on Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:51 am

Formal Name: Sovereign Empire of Exthura
Application Process Cardassian_Union_logo
Informal Names: Exthurans, Ridgeheads, Imperials, The Empire
Abbreviation: S.E.E.
Population: ~8,000,000,000

Technology Tags:

Armor Doctrine
Cruiser Doctrine
Energy Doctrine
Heavy Weapon Doctrine

Advanced FTL
Heavy Armor
Spacious Bays
Sturdy System Design
Heavy Planetary Defense
Advanced Fighter Replenishment

Primitive Heatsinks
Light Shields
Primitive Kinetic Defense
Primitive Sensors


Application Process Gul_Dukat_by_karracaz

Exthurans evolved much in the same way as humans, from primates in the great grassland savannas of their world, Exthura. As such, they themselves are primates, and share only structural similarities and some biological similarities to humans. Exthurans have hair only on their head, the rest of their body covered in leathery, smooth skin of dull gray hues. Men typically stand from 5'10'' to 6'5'' and women from 5'7'' to 6'', slightly taller than humanity. Differing from humans, Exthurans have two hearts. Because of extra blood pumping to their muscles and other organs at all times, Exthurans have significant more strength, muscle mass, and endurance than most humans. Through natural selection, Exthurans have also been lucky enough to develop strong immune systems, making sickness a rare occassion.

Exthurans sport ridge-like formations on their forehead, which is actually the formation of their skull. They also possess slightly longer necks and appendages than humans. The entirety of their chest, back, and limbs are covered in plate-like formations made of a flexible combination of bone and cartiledge, providing a sort of exoskeletal armor as added natural defense.

Application Process Keen-Pirate-baa-l

Dailloc are rodent-like humanoids native to the mountainous regions of Exthura. They are extremely low in intelligence but high in strength and endurance, possessing two hearts in a similar fashion to Exthurans. They stand at 3'9''-4'7'' and sport rough, yellow skin with small tails and sharp teeth. They have three clawed toes and fingers. Because of their dimwitted nature, they were enslaved by the Empire in 27 M.E. Dailloc are typically found in labor camps on Exthuran mining planets.

Homeworld Name: Exthura

Application Process Worldgen
Homeworld Location: D14
Homeworld Description: Exthura is a tropical planet with dense, moist air, expansive rainforests, wide savanna grasslands, and impressive snow-capped mountains. Exthura is twice the size of Earth and 90% of its landmass is condensed into one large continent, though tectonic plate movements suggest they will eventually separate. The land is teeming with expansive planet overgrowths and wide varieties of fuana, much of which are large, territorial, and carniverous. Because of the constant threat of wildlife, Exthurans civilizations developed as harsh and war-like, where every citizen contributed to the State and only the strongest survived.


Culture: Large WIP

History: The Exthuran timeline is divided into two eras, ABW and BBW. The split in the timeline signifies the Battle of Warrboktu, which sparked the foundation of the Empire. Pre-ABW (BBW) the Exthuran people were divided into nations constantly warring over resources, petty cultural differences, and simply for the sake of warfare. The BBW era lasts about 7,000 years. Anything before it is pre-history.

In 23 BBW the Jugurt Gul Dravuk (equivalent to an Earthly king) lead his nation in a massive campaign of conquest. Each and every man and woman was trained in the art of warfare under the Dravuk Code. Gul Dravuk lead his army across Exthura, conquering neighboring nations without loss. He is considered the epitome of an Exthuran and the greatest warrior to have ever existed. During the Battle of Warrboktu, the now expansive nation of Gul Dravuk faced the last standing, and most powerful, nation left in the world. The battle itself lasted two years and was deadliest and most glorified battle in all of Exthuran history. The battle ended with the decimation of the city of Warrboktu, and the rising of the newly formed Exthuran Empire from its ashes.

The current year is 176 ABW.


Armor Designs:

Special Operations Dravuk-7 Armor. This durable and lightweight armor features a slim design with a built in HUD and marksmanship-assisting programs. It is the standard-issue armor for covert operations and special operations soldiers.

Bovoxx-4 Hazard Suit Armor. Used, as you would guess, for operations in hazardous zones.

Warrboktu-9 Standard Combat Armor. The latest of the Warrboktu-division combat suits, it is the standard suit for all Imperial soldiers across the galaxy. Coming equipped with multiple storage units, gun holsters, energy- and ballistic-resistant padding, built-in oxygen system, and simple HUD and radio systems, it is highly effective on the battlefield.

Dravuk-8 Armor, currently used in many offworld deployment operations. It features enhanced upgrades to the features of the Warrbotku-9 suit, but is more costly to produce. Debate rages on as to whether or not the suit should replace the Warrboktu-9 as the standard combat armor among the troops. For now, only high-ranking soldiers are issued the armor.

Charr-5 Exosuit. Flame-retardant, durable, and flexible, a flamethrower-wielding Charr-trooper will always accompany a squad on search-and-destroy missions in heavily forested areas. A slim, built-in, and heavily armored fuel tank makes piercing it a difficult and near-impossible task.

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Application Process Empty Re: Application Process

Post by vort on Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:37 pm

Formal Name: The Blessed
Informal Names: Ravagers, Zealots, Horror Crusaders, the Dread Congregation
Abbreviation: BLS
Population: Trillions upon trillions, though a vast majority of the population consist of sub-sentient drones.

Technology Tags: Positive: Armor Doctrine, Frigate doctrine, kinetic doctrine, light weapon doctrine, powerful engines, advanced FTL, spacious bays, advanced planetary defence
Negative: Primitive energy weapons, primitive point defense,
, light armor, light shields, primitive tracking, heavy bulkheads
Species: Homo Sapiens Alveus. According to various DNA analyses, The Blessed are a conglomeration of human DNA and various foreign plant, animal and fungoid DNA, whilst still substantially humanoid in appearance, DNA of the various xenos species that now make up The Blessed causes differentiations in the species depending on how much DNA has been merged with the original being, as such, humans that have turned appear more humanoid than beings that have been newly created from scratch. H. s. Alveus requires Trichlorine dioxide to respirate properly, as such many of the lower caste sub-species have developed unique forms of chemosynthesis to produce the gas naturally. This assists the species in colonizing new worlds, using multitudes of large turned ships, or a dreadnaught, the blessed rain black pods down onto a potential colony's surface, which then burst, expelling chlorine and letting loose thousands of small insect-like drones.

Homeworld Name: Cathedral
Homeworld Location: [0H,003]
Homeworld Description: Cold Terra, with a cholrine trioxide atmosphere, with traces of carbon dioxide, oxygen and argon.
Once a thriving temperate life-bearing world, ripe for scienctific study, the past life of Cathedral consisted of multiple scientific
outposts of varying degrees of importance, the last giving rise to the corrupted and horrible collective conscious known by itself as The Blessed. The origination of The Blessed
is mostly shrouded in mystery, though the most valid current theory is that a species of sentient, parasitic, fungus-like beings began infecting the various human scienctists that
occupied the numerous small outposts along the planets surface, the origination of the odd zealous nature of the civilization is uncertain. Cathedral now houses a disturbing landscape of
black, fungoid overgrowth with titanic black spires puncturing the mostly equilevel landscape.

Political System: An absolute theocracy ruled over by an enourmous fungoid hive mind known as the Overmind.
History: 2110: A small research outpost falls silent on the surface of a planet catalouged as Xc1-012, soon after, the rest of the planet falls silent.
2111: A small investigation fleet is sent to the planet, it records brief glimpses of the planet's current state, before also going silent. However, it is of note that the last transmission is but five words: "Praise the eight pointed star."
2127: The first planet is colonized by the newborn Blessed, Gate.
2442-Present: The Blessed remain largely inactive, other than the occasionaly pirate fleet meeting its end in the system, the only real confirmed information about the Blessed consist of
ancient research data buried under the spires of Cathedral.

reposting old app. Revised a little for new history and stuff.

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Post by J-Reid on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:31 pm

Formal Name: Primary Dominion of Karsz (difference of above and below names is that the 'z' means "all", much like Human conjunctions.)

Informal Names: Frostbots, Karzo's, Karszilons, Kars. (the last name used by the race in social engagements or a basic informal name.)

Abbreviation: P-DOK (The hyphen is required to tell the Dominion's current "era integer", the era integer is used by the Karsz but is optional to others *so it's P-DOK to us and DOK to you.*)

Population: Post-thaw: 3.4 billion units.

Technology Tabs:
*Evasion Doctrine
*Frigate Doctrine
*Energy Doctrine
*Heavy Weapon Doctrine

+Sturdy Hull Design
+Heavy Planetary Defense
+Sturdy System Design
+Powerful Engines

-Light Bulkheads
-Cramped Bays
-Primitive FTL
-Primitive Point Defense
-Primitive Heat Sinks

Species: Karszilons. Entirely made of a variety of metals, their wide bodies and seemingly lithe arms can pull and handle an
astounding amount of weight which points to the automatons origins of manual labor. Each Kars is supported by thin legs, the
legs are twice the width of the arms and are supported by gyro-servos on each limb connection, augmented with micro-pistons,
however the aforementioned are larger on labor and engineering units and in some cases on re-fitted labor units that act as
shock troops. Their small arms are thin, only a simple mechanism in most cases, the arm design has thin plate metal running
down the length of the arm, behind the plating is a similar mechanism to the legs minus the micro-pistons. However the Kars
possess a large diversity in design and this description outlines the basic unit construction pattern, but it's a general guide to Karszilon "anatomy" as it were.

The body and head of a Kars are leagues apart from their supporting armatures and sport a number of basic, yet efficient
pieces of technology. Their protruding and wide body chassis houses a small generator that produces electricity, and this
magnetic based energy travels to the servos and head unit of the Kars through heavily bundled and reinforced cables that
disperse out to meet the servo inputs and head. The generator itself is supported by thick plates of metal that touch the
back and front of the internal structure of the chest, and the same goes for the topsides of the generator. Looking at a Kars
generator support is much like an eight-pointed star when viewed vertically. The plating of the body is very durable metal
and reinforced from the inside but it's purpose is mainly meant for easy maintenance with multiple available openings. Aside
from the generator and the reinforcement for both the chest inside and out and the conduits from the legs and arms connecting
with each other to go to the head, also the internal engines for the topmost servos are located inside. This makes the Kars a
very simple and efficient machine. The generator lasts for up to 125 years for Commoners, 94 for Labor Units and 220 for
Envoy Units, Custodians and Librarians are eternal due to their constant connection to an energy source. After the lifetime
of a generator has passed, it shuts down and the resulting last surge of energy shorts out the motor functions of a Kars, and
some of the Unit's memory, when a Kars "dies" it's Director is removed, the generator disposed of and the body melted down
for new Units. Kars don't normally fear death due to their sense of pride that comes when they are recycled to make way for a
new and more efficient generation of knowledge-seekers. The Director that is recovered has its contents copied and stored in
the Mausoleum, deep in the inner core. The data recovered serves as a short biography displayed in the Unit's achievements
and name.

Some simple measurements of the Kars marks that the Commoner units stay at 5"11', Labor units, a foot higher than that at
6"11 and Envoy's differentiate between those two heights, and Custodians with their massive mechanical brains that processes
billions upon billions of bits of information and the calculations that follow it requires a significant amount of power and
size to propel itself forward and keep its massive think-tank operational, so the Custodians stand at 11"5' and their smaller, lesser and more slender cousins, the Librarians stand at 8 feet.

The head is what sets the Kars in mind apart from the others, the head usually supports more lavish accessories or styling,
as well as the body, legs and arms. The head houses the Director of the Kars, another name for a central processing unit. The
Director depends on the Kars in mind as there are many types of Karszilonian units. Labor units are outfitted with a Director
that can store and process hundreds and thousands of design plans, engineering details and industrial directives, a
Custodian, the Kars that catalog and research different types of technology are given Directors that help with calculus,
multiple servo processes and computer operation, the Commoners, the actual Kars themselves that are seen outside of their
planet are given a general Director that has no specialization but can choose what they wish to be programmed with and are
adaptable to outside stimulus much like their more political specialized counterparts, below... Most Commoners go on to
become Scribes that help Custodians or Trades that assist with Labor units. Units such as Envoy units employ language
algorithms and advanced social interactivity programming that adapts and learns as the Envoy travels, only certain Kars units that have an exemplary understanding of foreign politics go on to become the Envoy's Assistants...

Homeworld Name: Kraizsorm

Homeworld Location: [014;OL]

Homeworld Description: Kraizsorm is an ice giant, but a very unusual ice giant. The crust and mantle are both ice and permafrost respectfully with the outer core comprised of dense rock and metals, the inner core has a high density of magnetically concentrated metals giving Kraizsorm a thick atmosphere which protects it from the already cold red dwarf sun. Due to this heavily magnetically shielded atmosphere, violent, freak storms change the landscape almost daily - blizzards and super-cores are among the few with lightning and dark, malignant overcasts complimenting the already inhospitable planet. The fact that the Karzs require pure lightning for energy, provides them with a natural, plentiful and powerful source.

From orbit, the planet is marked with large pockmarks and gargantuan fissures open up caverns that are supported by freezing
waters which acts as a glue for opened cracks in the surface... The planet has no open seas, rather the water sits underneath
and on top as glaciers and frozen deltas... Fissures continuously present some danger to the Karzs, though efficient
engineering and building downwards to construct deep, titanic cone-like hubs that serve as the domains of each Core within the Dominion.

-( Artwork by RichardDorran

A robed Envoy Unit oversees the work done on this expansion base to see if the quotas have been met and operation is smooth.
-( Artwork by pollux101

Low-res imagery from a probe taken of a nearby ice cave formation created by fissures.
-( Artwork by pollux101

Observer imagery taken of a newly formed ice surface, mountainous rock formations indicate steadiness, possible location for expansion.
Application Process Karszi11

A Pioneer Probe is on the search for a high concentration of energy and discovers one such reading over Expansion Base #13, a Custodian is asked if the area is worth being submitted for future construction efforts or power farm exploitation.

Political System: The Dominion is what you'd expect, multiple governing bodies that report and are ruled by a larger entity. There are currently 5 Cores and the Prime Node which monitors all processes that come from the Outer Node. One Node, code-named Forge is home to a majority of Labor units and a minority of Commoners and a singular Custodian with one Librarian since categorizing their own architectural is nothing but the easiest task, but continuous since the Custodians adapt past builds and create new designs from them. Forge handles the brunt of manual labor and construction and often other Nodes send requests and queries that's transferred from the Prime Node to Forge. Each Node specializes in something, but has a wide diversity of Commoner and a handful of Labor Units to keep stagnation within that Node at bay, if there's too many Units who specialize in just one thing, there's issues that emerge when that same knowledge and experience cannot be duplicated to carry on to new Units to circulate and evolve. So by one of Prime Node's Directives (law(s)) each Node is to harbor additional diversity in its Unit

Some other Nodes are as follows:

  • Compass
- specializes in exploration and small expansion, and also has exclusive use to probes and Node-wide Custodian contact to draw additional knowledge. Only has a small amount of Forge Units, mainly comprised of Commoners, and a few Envoys in case of extraterrestrial contact. Works with Commerce to establish new energy collection farms.

  • Star
- takes charge of starship maintenance and construction, works with Compass. Even numbers of both Commoners and Labor Units, the latter takes charge of structure and systems construction and the former tackle the big job of building the outer parts like the hull and extra machinery.

  • Commerce
- Commerce has charge of supplying the other Nodes with raw and refined materials and other items from civilized space such as attire and decor and works in conjunction with Star and in some cases, Compass. When working with Compass, Commerce works on obtaining cultural items such as above with trade or currency. The Kars have only just discovered the uses of currency in the outer, more civilized regions of space, due to their seclusion.

  • Lore
- Lore has a high concentration of Custodians and Librarians with a small workforce of Labor and a small populace of Commoner Units, Lore is the place for research, knowledge, technology... When Commoners decide on becoming Scribes, they head here to begin induction and are stripped of un-needed or un-wanted parts to preserve energy and are handed a black, hooded robe. The symbolism of it being that Lore believes that the cloaks ensure a oath to keep knowledge safe out of the hands of those who would do wrong with it. They work happily with other Nodes and some daring explorers have come to see the vast and ever expanding lexicanum of knowledge called the Memory of Karsz. Lore tried to offer tours and teachings in the lexicanum though the general consensus found that over 60% were bored, 20% were attentive, 10% looked attentive but were easily bored as well, and the last 10% of the explorers were falling asleep though the Kars took this as generator failure due to their first impressions with organic species... The second tour, however, was ecstatic when the Custodian Units mentioned "the technological progress of weapons".

When the Envoys of any Node or the Prime Node leave, they employ Stewards, true automatons that when directives are downloaded to them, they will uphold them until the Envoy that engaged it returns. Usually the Envoy that left is needed for a diplomatic mission, meeting or conference with other world governments and comes back with newly gained experience and newly formulated directives. The High Envoys in Prime Node uphold the True Directive in accordance with Outer Node policies and directives, which is to preserve and collect new technologies and knowledge. The True Directive serves as a contingency plan that insures the safety and preservation of all currently gathered knowledge and tech in the somewhat likely case that some members of multiple civilizations will survive and when they discover Kraiszorm, can resume where the last galactic civilization left off.

History: (apologies if this doesn't fit the "brief" requirement of this section, I tried to outline my race's origins vaguely first and get to the part where the robots come in, again, sorry.)

An ancient race with nomadic origins once believed that the study and recording of lore and knowledge would save them from total extinction if the time was to ever pass, these people the Kars, were in the search of new things and discoveries every waking day, from their nomadic days, with rune-block and inks to the height of their existence. Large, expansive libraries built into every safe haven made from mountains, like caves and cavern structures recorded each finding, every legendary person, every story, myth, technology, music, literature, art... It was all there. However, their planet Kraiszorm was still changing... news channels buzzed about the myths of global cooling, violent storms and snow carrying over from the planets mountainous regions, scientists proved fact, politicians covered up, the people, afraid and skeptic... It was bound to happen, when astrologers and geologists got to work, they found that their inherently large outer core was collapsing and giving the inner core denser, magnetically potent metal concentrations. Skies only seen on cheap vids meant to capitalize the issue of this "global cooling" arrived. Black overcasts, luminescent and frenzied electrical storms, freezing winds... over the course of the Karszilonian race and history the planet changed. The stubborn nature of the Kars meant that nobody was leaving, preservation comes first. In an effort to leave a trace of their place in the galaxy, they constructed the robots and would pass their legacy over to them, years of development and study of their accumulated knowledge took a considerable amount of time, but when they absorbed every last word, they were technicians, engineers, mechanics, everything needed to make a self capable, mechanical civilization. They poured everything they knew into their would-be living legacy, instructions to build and expand, to adapt and explore, to study and know. So that these new people would be more prepared than them, and what the new Kars know today, the True Directive. The nomads of old died from the freeze and fury of nature, the nomads knew fully well that their knowledge has been passed onwards, they may not see the new rise of their hand-forged people, but each one knew, elder, man, woman and child knew that they served a much more greater purpose.

When the first Karsz awoke, they awakened their own, as what was hard-set into their Director at that time, they found themselves in all sorts of shapes and configurations, shortened and small, large and stocky, bulbous, lithe, long, wide... They began their new life on the frozen, angry juggernaut, building immense inner cities and govern themselves, talk, socialise, teach and learn, they adapt. The first Primary Dominion of Karsz, a newly forged people ready to serve their purpose in the greater scheme of the universe. And through all this, through this Dominion and its people, there still remains one command line.


Visual Aids
( Artwork by Nero-tbs

A Kars Commoner Unit, photo was taken by a man belonging to a group of adventurers. The Unit in particular is unique, see the more conformed body and layered shoulder plates which was probably the final production or at the behest of the Kars.

( Artwork by BelovP

On the left, a Kars Custodian Unit, modified for better control of movement, the right, a Librarian Unit, a slightly modified model used for the placement/removal of certain items, a guess would be books or vertically shaped objects.

( Artwork by Marcodalidingo

Kars Labor Units, from left to right... Engineering... Heavy Construction... Structural Builder (a substitute for both former Units, or the quintessential, basic Unit.)

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Application Process Empty Re: Application Process

Post by Blitz on Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:05 am

btw there's no need for application 99% of people are accepted so if you finish it you can jump into the RP

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Application Process Empty Re: Application Process

Post by Hades on Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:27 am

The application is more or less "we reserve the right to remove/deny you if your application is terrible/the race is terrible. Your application clearly is neither.

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Application Process Empty Re: Application Process

Post by Ducky on Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:45 am

Yeah, just post it in the civilization sheets, it doesn't necessarily need to be reviewed.

Application Process 2COcIra

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Application Process Empty Re: Application Process

Post by J-Reid on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:40 am

Fair enough, I'll just copy what I've done for the application and paste it on the new topic in the Civ. Sheet thread give it some more fixing since I spotted quite a bit of grammatical errors. Might even create a racial banner or something.

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Application Process Empty Re: Application Process

Post by 7dast on Sun May 19, 2013 2:41 am

Application Process U_e_s_s__flag_by_acfierro-d2drbge

Formal Name: U.S.S.A (United Soviet States of Astonia)

Informal Names: The Soviets, Red Storm, The Reds, etc.

Abbreviation: U.S.S.A. (Just put U.S.S. on the map)

Population: 6,329,163,231

Technology Tags:

Primary Systems:

Heavy Weapons Doctrine

Armour Doctrine

Frigate Doctrine

Kinetic Doctrine


Advanced Kinetic Weapons

Heavy Armour

Spacious Bays

Powerful Engines

Sturdy Hull Design

Advanced Sensors

Primitive Heat-Sinks

Primitive Energy Weapons

Primitive Point Defense

Light Shields

Species: Humans.

Homeworld Name: Astonia.

Homeworld Location: 014, 0F

Homeworld Description:

Astonia is essentially a winter wonderland, with nearly 76% of the world being covered in water, and the rest in snow covered dense forest and mountains, which provides most of the planet's oxygen. Over years of colonization, the planet thrived almost 39% of the land has been covered in heavy industrial territories, military compounds and research centers.

Application Process Cea2af2c42b0ce548dfa509907097968

Political System: Socialism.


Pre-Astonian History

The year is 2138 and space is on the minds of every man, child, and government on Earth. The Eastern Bloc made a unanimous decision to colonize space, formally addressing it as The Exodus Project had been initiated. The planet of Kuteznagrad was discovered by a Polish cosmonaut, and shortly after, much debating had begun and eventually the Russians agreed to lift their regulations on colonizing Kuteznagrad. A ticket to go to Kuteznagrad was so low that even the poorest families could afford to go, within a month or so, colonization had begun.

The First Interstellar War had completely erupted, the Eastern Bloc having been the only nations on Earth with a government structure outside of Earth, allowing them to communicate and organize the remainder of what little navies they had. Finally, the order was given and a massive evacuation effort was set forth, many watched as Earth was left to burn, rot, and ultimate die behind them.

Application Process The_Day_We_Left_Earth_by_88grzes

A piece of artwork done to describe the evacuation of Earth, showing a young slavic female staring back at the ashes.

After the evacuation the Slavic nations began to discuss unifying under one banner, there was a lot of tension behind this with the populace who still considered themselves to be part of their respective nations, this caused a small population of Kuteznagrad to leave elsewhere aboard the "Eastern Bloc" an old merchant ship that had be converted to a colony ship and embarked on a search for a new world elsewhere in space, on 2140.

It took them years of scanning and searching before they eventually found what may have been a suitable planet for colonization, eventually deciding it was worth the resources to get there, they fired up the FTL drive and arrived outside the orbit of the planet and looked back, even from space they could see the massive oceans that ruled the planet and what seemed to be massive storms that moved across the surface, half of the planet. Most of it seeming to consist of evergreens and a very cold climate, atmospheric scans showed levels Oxygen and CO2, meaning that it was capable of sustaining human life without having to use a "middle man".

A shuttle was sent down carrying a small group of volunteers from the ship security, once they landed their were met with knee high snow and a blizzard around them, giant trees rising up to three hundred feet into the sky and mountains all around. One of the men was famously reported for referring to the "Russian Winter", which was notorious for the old-world nation.

Application Process Snowy_landscape_wallpaper_by_vuenick-d57zlix
The landing zone of the small team of men who first stepped into the snowy lands, and also what would be come Katalia, named after a beautiful Russian actress from Earth.

The Eastern Bloc eventually landed on a rather large clearing and colonization had begun, finally after decades of searching they had set foot on their planet in July 1st, 2162. The small colony of about two hundred thousand began build civilization, formally naming the planet Astonia and adopting a government; The Republic of Astonia was born from the ashes of old-world nations. Independent and alone, left to survive for themselves.

Astonian Era History

In the early years of the newly formed Republic, it was considered a hazard, unknown wildlife traveled the surface, vaguely resembling massive bears that were an estimated six hundred pounds and if they stood up tall, they could reach heights of 9' - 14' tall. The Astonians officially call it a "bear", but in fact it's quite different. Despite issues with wildlife, disease was another big issue and it became apparent that they needed to were hazardous containment suits from the start.

Despite these hardships the Republic thrived and by 2213, they had three massive cities, Katalia, Skavodsk, and Roga. Each of them were assigned specific tasks, Roga was a heavy industrial center for the young nation, producing nearly 69% of the world's manufactured goods, Skavodsk remained the agricultural center, it also became rich with culture in terms of cuisine, many new exotic plants had been grown and old ones adopted for the new environment. Now, the beautiful city of Katalia... a oasis in the snowy wastes, also the population has thrived to a massive three hundred million in the last fifty years or so.

Application Process First_snow_by_Klocjusz

The beautiful city of Katalia, a thriving civilization in the snow.

The society was met with a sudden realization on July 23rd, 2214 that the nation and planet as a whole was left undefended against an outside threat, what if they ended up like Earth? It was decided by the high council of elected officials that it was of utmost importance that they protect their homeworld from threats, domestic or foreign. They started to spend large amounts of resources, money, and time into military funding. By 2223, they had over seventeen fortresses, a military of about one million and a rather large navy orbiting the planet, though at the price of the economy, protesting had begun and unemployment hit about 37%, the Republic recovered, but not without scars.

Throughout the twenty-third century saw an economic rollercoaster, like in 2231, 2253, 2267. 2272, 2291, and the last crisis of the Republic, 2299, unemployment hit a record high of 47%, nearly half of the nation was below the point of poverty, a new party emerged back in 2296, called the Anti-Astonian Socialisty Party (AASP), headed by Boris Goraya. The AASP rose in power by late 2299, as tensions grew and the Astonian Government started enforcing martial law, it was only a time before the world erupted into revolution, on the dawn of the new century January 1st, 2300 the AASP's newly formed military, the Socialist Liberation Army, SLA forces marched into Roga and completely destroyed the 3rd and 1st Astonian Army, over the next seven years, bloody battle after battle happened. In the end, an estimated one billion dead. Though, the SLA marched into the President's home, captured him and his family, before executing all of them two months later.

The Socialist resistance turned to a political agenda, disbanding most of their military and working to restore the world back to it's old nature, formally adopting the name, United Socialist States of Astonia, the U.S.S.A. A new era had begun for the new century.

Modern Soviet Era History

Ten years into the new Soviet era, 2317, the Soviet Government led by Alonsofy Levik were passing a series of new laws and regulations to help control the people, within the first three years they had brought down the rich and raised up the poor, essentially destroying the social-economic classes and forming everyone on an equal economic level, taxes were pouring into the government and in return being released back into the populace, propaganda spread as they still divided amounts of money into military research, mainly researching advanced body armor, mechanical limb assistants, naval construction and planetary defense.

As time passed, generations died off and the world prospered, by the mid twenty fourth centry, 2355, the population reached a massive four billion and industrial and agricultural cities expanded, now it was estimated that 49% of the land on Katalia was covered with industrial, military and scientific facilities, they focused on mass-production and adopted the ideals of quantity over quality, creating reliable and robust design.

Eventually, as the population grew and grew, the government created regulations against reproduction, eventually developing birthing centers, where women volunteered to be pampered and impregnated, and once the children were born, if deemed physically fit they were sent to the military, if they were not good enough they were sent to nurturing centers were they were raised and tested again, if deemed fit sent to the military, if not they were given to families and raised into Soviet citizens.

It was almost a Utopia, but as many know this is impossible for a human civilization, people began to grow in unrest by 2381 and started protesting, eventually in 2398 rioting started, the Soviet Government deemed this unsuitable and sent in a company of loyalists to settle the issue, but once the rioters turned onto the soldiers they fired into the crowds, it was said blood ran through the streets of Roga for weeks.

Application Process Soviet_Utopia_by_JaimePosadas

A propaganda poster showing the famous Russian actress who the capital was named after, Katalina.

The public was outraged by this, but over time more regulations were passed and more propaganda campaigns were forced against the people and overtime, it worked. People began to think the Soviets were invincible and a sense of patriotism sweeped across the nation, the population hit a record high of around six billion and the government has sent out scanners to search for other life in the first time, finally discovering what appears to be other life in this dark ocean of space. The government has called for the men and women of his planet, to rise up and prepare for a new era. The famous speech Vladimir Zanovich has proclaimed that the U.S.S.A. is destined to stretch across the galaxy, to claim the Universe for their own, men and women have flocked to enlist and the Astonia has prepared for a massive storm. A Red Storm.

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Post by autist supreme on Sun May 19, 2013 2:49 am

// I want to say its been done, but on the other hand, I REALLY like the idea of this.
autist supreme
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Post by Blitz on Sun May 19, 2013 2:54 am

1. the population is a bit too high, reference other human faction's numbers.

2. i'm okay with you also being russian or whatever since my main civilization isn't hardcore communist, but you're going to have to somewhat coincide with what i've already established (republic of zeleniy). the main thing to realize is that my civilization amassed a great colonization effort, focusing mainly on the countries of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and Belarus.

3. expand on the history much more

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Post by 7dast on Sun May 19, 2013 3:11 am

My nation is not part f the Russian government. They have origins back to it, and are greatly influenced by the U.S.S.R. However, if you want to work with me. Add me on SF and lets talk.

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Post by 7dast on Sun May 19, 2013 5:16 am

I just spent 3 hours writing and lost it all. I'll try again later.

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Post by 7dast on Sun May 19, 2013 12:36 pm

Finally managed to type the first part of my nation's backstory, I'll work on the Astonian Era History and finally the United Soviet States of Astonia History.

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Post by Double D on Mon May 20, 2013 3:53 am

7dast is clear to play.

Application Process Lenin.WWI

Go forth comrade!

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Post by Stuart115 on Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:25 am

Application Process Empire10

Formal Name: The Royal Polaris Empire

Informal Names: Polaris / The Royal Empire

Abbreviation: R.P.E


Titan (Moon)15,000,000
Caldmarr (Moon)3,000,000
The Polaris Belt (Astroid belt)85,000

Technology Tags:

Armour Doctrine
Battleship Doctrine
Energy Doctrine
Heavy Weapon Doctrine

Advanced Energy Weapons
Heavy Armour
Advanced Sensors
Spacious Bays
Sturdy Hull Design

Primitive FTL
Cramped Bays
Light planetary Defense

Species: Polarisians / Humans

Homeworld Name: Polaris

Homeworld Location: 0O-015

Homeworld Description:

Application Process Ktgh810
 Other then being twice the size of Earth, Polaris is almost identical to it. With warm seas, high mountains and great plains, Polaris is a planet of beauty. The planets cities are scattered across its surface, some next to the sea, others in the mountains however the planets mega city, Fountain, is clearly visible from space.

Political System:
Theocratic Monarchy

Empress Aerrinah IV

Polaris was originally a top secret planet, property of an Earth Corporation researching advanced battleships construction and weapons, and after Earth had fallen, the planet had lost contact from beyond its solar system. The Corporation quickly established calm amongst the planets population and order. At first, a diplomatic system was installed to try and keep life as identical to earth as possible, but after many riots and years of corruption, the people had seen enough of Democracy. With the people crying for a new solution to end the corruption, the corporation collapsed and with it, 5 long years of chaos and destruction followed. In the City of Fountain however, a new order was rising and gaining support from all over the planet. A family known as the Aerrinah's had begun to win the minds of the people, promising a rule of wealth, prosperity and power. Over a few years, their influence had spread from beyond just Fountain, and eventually covered the planet. From all over the people would rally in support for the cities to form under a new Banner. The Polaris Banner. 

After many battles with those who did not believe, when the Fountain Battleships finally flew overhead of the final city and new day had dawn. The age of Polaris they called it, the age of a new Empire. Emperor Aerrinah the first had brought peace to the planet, a peace that would last for the next two hundred years for those that followed his example. The Aerrinah family is still in power today, expanding the empire of Polaris from its surface to its Moons and asteroid belts. As Empress Aerrinah the IV is now leading her nation, she has recently come to encounter a new resistance that now believes her family to be corrupt and that they are driving Polaris into another dark age. While little people believe in the Rebels cause, this hasnt stopped them from claiming control of the Moon of Caldmarr. This lead to outbreak of the Caldmarr war, a war which is now coming to an end as the Empire is on the doorstep of a Golden age.

(Sorry if this isnt too clear right now, Im going to revisit it over the next few days)


Ships (WIP):


Frigate Class
Application Process 23102010

Cruiser Class
Application Process Ep046_10

Battleship Classes:
Application Process C174hs10

Capital Class
Application Process 13587410


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