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Post by Hades on Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:26 pm

01. Speech in Interstellar follows the following code. Italics are used for actions, without ** or /me markers. Just write your action and put it in italic tags. Speech uses Bold tags with "Quote tags". Please try to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling in your posts, and be as descriptive as possible.
02. No godmoding or powergaming. This means that everything must be reasonably sized, armed and mobile. In addition, you can not enforce your actions on another player. If a solution through OOC and Steam Friends can not be found, a game-master must decide the outcome.
03. Ship blueprints must be submitted to a Game Master for review before being used. You can use this and this to get an approximate scale on the sizes of vessels.
04. Be original with your races, names, ships, weapons and culture. Borrowing things from movies, games, books, TV shows and other forms of entertainment is allowed, and encouraged in the event that it is required, but copying an entire civilization from them is not.
05. Extinction requires authorisation from a GM to happen, and must be roleplayed properly by all parties.
06. This is a work of hard science fiction. The rules of physics still apply. You may bend some of them, but some basic limits, such as the Conservation of Mass/Energy theories, the Theory of Relativity and other fundamental physical barriers must be abided.
07. This is a fresh start. Please do not copy-paste your nation from older incarnations of this setting; be original.

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