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Post by BobZinger on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:08 am

Paxhau Legion Maxtopian_rebel_flag_by_party9999999-d3kgpfe

Formal Name: The Paxhau Legion
Informal Names: Pax, or Hau
Abbreviation: T.P.L.

General Technology Indicator: 46

Population: 4 million
Size of Domain: (Refer to map for a much more accurate depiction)

Technology Tags (Positive): Taming, Agriculture, Terrace Farming, Spear-Crafting, Armor Smithing, Trapping, Jewel Crafting, Basic Magic
Technology Tags (Negative): Masonry, Archery, Siege Equipment, Swordsmanship, Ship Building, High-Levels of Magic, Enchantments, 

Race: Aranek
Ancestry: The original Aranek who lived in the same jungle.
Biology: A melting pot of all four subspecies of Aranek, ranging from tall noble warriors to the short and stalky common laborers. Able to regenerate from gashes and cuts over long periods of isolation from any activity.
Clothing: The Paxhau Legion primarily wear large headdress and chest pieces as they tend to charge into enemy lines, leaving those areas most vulnerable. These reptiles, which possess already razor sharp talons and teeth, wear dangerously sharp armor pieces on several locations, including tail, forearms and knees. These make the Paxhau extremely deadly when approached directly head-to-head.

Kingdom Name: Paxhau
Kingdom Type: Mountainous Jungle
Kingdom Geological Analysis: Stone, Iron and Silver deposits scattered around. Precious gems found throughout the mountainous regions.
Kingdom Description: A very temperate Jungle, the Va'ak jungle is filled with dangerous wildlife and fauna. The Kingdom surrounds a low-level to mountainous region of the Va'ak jungle, making it relatively easy to stumble upon precious gemstones and durable options for their weapons and armor.
Where on the map are they?
Paxhau Legion XPhOBql

Political System: Feudalism
Economical System: Feudalism
Language: Kenraa, and common.
Culture: A noble line of blood and heritage runs throughout the Paxhau Legion. They have abandoned most sacrificial rituals and offerings to the gods and adopted a much more open set of mind. All Araneks within the Kingdom are taught to devote and lay down their lives in the name of the Kingdom and the ruling class. Araneks often throw celebratory events to honor those who have perished and victories-whether minor or major.

History: Paxhau is one of two remaining Kingdoms of Araneks left in the Va'ak Jungles. Although no one can say if the other Kingdom is still in hiding secretly or merely disbanded. Paxhau has united the subspecies of the Araneks together to fight for the ruling class and defend their right to the Va'ak Jungles. The Paxhau Legion have fought many wars against human mercenaries and slavers, attempting to capture Araneks from the Jungle, but they have adapted to instead become the hunters. Their knowledge of the Jungle itself and remarkable sense of where things are could possibly be one of their most amazing feat, while not forgetting about their unmatched Animal Husbandry.

Religion: Paxhau have converted from their sacrificial worships to worshipping a much more peaceful and logical being instead. They worship the  Goddess of Nature and the Forests, Arbora.

Paxhau Legion Aphashia__Lizardman_Warrior_by_Shinsen
(An example of Arunjai veteran warriors)

Paxhau Legion Lizardman_deathknight_by_cribs-d5zxv9k
(Representation of the Paxhau Elite Guard

Paxhau Legion Lizardmen_by_dino_sawr-d62eqgn
(Depiction of training between a Meso and Khesun)

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