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Post by Zombiedude101 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:06 am

Dubbed 'Sol II' by Human Colonists, Vennicio is a Yellow Dwarf Star of approximately 1.0024 Solar Masses, surrounded by approximately eleven planets and several dwarf planets, and is considered by most within the Korrae Union to be the Frontier of Space.

First up is Xieur, a near-Earth sized terrestrial planet which orbits its parent star almost as close as Mercury does to Sol, rendering its surface barren and lifeless, with one end completely scorched whilst the other possesses temperatures close enough to Zero degrees Celsius. It also happens to be tidally locked so that the one side permanently faces its parent star, which has allowed for the construction of missile defence silos across the 'dark' side of the planet.

Second is Oarz, a planet twice Mars' size named after Erzha Oarz, a 15th Century Rakhan Astronomer who discovered the planet - the first extrasolar terrestrial planet to be discovered by the Rakhan at the time. Much alike Venus, it possesses a thick, inhospitable atmosphere of Carbon and other toxic gasses, with a surface of extreme temperatures, once again akin to Venus. A sea of molten rock coats 68% of the surface, with the remaining 32% possessing numerous craters from impact events as recent as two years ago. In it's orbit are three small moons, formerly asteroids which were captured in its orbit. These moons house a number of small Naval Bases used for housing a number of smaller ships.

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Valia, the third of the planets, has been appropriately dubbed 'Earth 2.0' by Human Colonists due to the many traits it shares with its namesake, first and foremost being the fact that it is more than perfectly habitable for Humans and Rakhan alike, with an Oxygen-Nitrogen Rich Atmosphere and a gravitational level of approximately 1.034g's. Geologically active, complete with its own plate tectonics and oceans, Valia is yet another example of the benefits of pushing beyond the Frontier Boundaries of Space. With but a single moon of its own comparable to Io, yet it is not tidally locked to one side, granting night-time observers ample opportunity to view the entirety of the moon in all of its natural beauty.

Wildlife on Valia is relatively diverse, with reptilian and mammalian species being the most commonly spotted. In fact, there are more than a few which are edible to both Human and Rakhan alike, and as such are often hunted and processed for meat, which is then shipped along trade routes across the local Galactic Sector. However, development of the planet has so far been relatively slow, no doubt due to concerns that overdevelopment and expansion will result in damage to the planet's ecosystem. Yet, Valia remains the most popular of the colonies, particularly amongst farmers wishing to prosper in agriculture.

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Up next is Shigura, a Venus-sized planet laying on the outer-half of the habitable zone. Covered mostly by ice and with temperatures highly similar to Earth's poles, it is locked in a permanent ice age but is otherwise perfectly habitable, with an atmosphere highly similar to Earth's. Whilst some rural areas are populated by Frontier Colonists hoping to ebb out a new life whilst land is still cheap, most of the planet's population resides in the various city complexes spread out across. Unlike Valia, it possesses two Moons, one of a size and complexion similar to Europa and the other of similar size and shape to Phobos.

In orbit of Shigura is Hnen Station, an artificial complex of about 10 kilometres in length and 3 kilometres in width. Often used as a hub for out-of-system commerce, it is something of a landmark within the Union, and was first constructed in 2098 as the first permanent station in the system.

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Similar to Xenu, Valia was protected by an extensive network of planetary defences which range from Rocherx-Class Interceptor Missiles to Kinetic-Based Cannons. As the Alarei Dreadnaught approached and prepared for it's genocidal endeavour, the response, due in part to transmissions from Korrae, was near-immediate, and the Dreadnaught was set upon with Valia's planetary defences whilst the garrison of Naval Ships began an assault on the Dreadnaught, intent on destroying it before it could unleash its deadly payload.

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