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Arvak is a relatively dull, uninteresting Red Dwarf star, with no specific features or properties that would make it stand out from any other star of its kind. However, the planetary system which orbits around it however, is a different matter. Whilst thick asteroid fields span out across most of the system and are visually being exploited by an armada of civilian vessels , a smaller number of planets can be seen between the gaps.

[008;0I] 'Arvak'  0_61_space_gliese436b

First and foremost, is Iferi, a 'Hot Jupiter' of approximately 82% Saturn's mass, but almost 1.3 times the size, most likely due to the 'bloated' appearance due to the Gas Giant's close proximity to its star, which is gradually stripping away Iferi's atmosphere and destroying the planet, as shown by the light aura which seems to twist in a spiralling arc towards the star. Little presence of civilisation can be seen here as most forms of equipment are rendered ineffective, though from a considerable distance away, several smaller pieces of observational equipment can be seen orbiting the star and calibrated to the Gas Giant's movements.

[008;0I] 'Arvak'  Undead_planet_by_parasky-d4c820h

At a further distance away from the star is Arrakis, a rocky terrestrial body of about four Earth masses and approximately 1.24 times Earth's size at a heightened 1.3G's. From orbit, the planet appears as a barren rock with deserts which stretch on for thousands of miles, with little to know sign of water save for small layers of ice at the poles, and dozens of craters - some of which are over 200KM in diameter - indicate that the planet has, within the past few million years, endured a variety of asteroid impacts. With a thin atmosphere comprised primarily of Oxygen and Nitrogen, courtesy of recent terraforming efforts, the planet is still in the early stages of colonisation, despite the fact that it is already a hub for out-of-system mining efforts, amongst other things. Since the Union has yet to fully establish its presence here, several legal policies normally enforced in the home system have been somewhat overlooked, allowing resident corporations and 'businessmen' alike to exploit existing loopholes in Union Law, which has led to the more rural sections of the planet being strip-mined for smaller resource deposits. Despite this however, Arrakis is already a thriving planet, with numerous cities and industrial facilities which serve to boost the economy and improve general life in the Union. It might also be noted that the planet possesses two moons, the first being of approximately 0.87 Lunar masses and the second being of 1.08 Lunar masses and, most perculiarly, having an active (and furthermore unstable) geology, which has resulted in several volcanic eruptions becoming visible from orbit and from the planet at night via the use of a telescope.

The third and fourth terrestrial bodies are dwarf planets, neither of which bear much evidence of colonisation save for the exploitation of what little Helium-3 and ice reserves could be tapped, though popular rumors imply that local organised criminal groups and corporations utilise them as isolated meeting spots for 'off the record' dealings.

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