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The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) Empty The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM)

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The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) Gdi_logo-1-
Formal Name: The Independent Federation of Midas (2)
Informal Names: -
Abbreviation: IFM
Population: 11 billions ~

Technology Tags:

Armour Doctrine
Battleship Doctrine
Kinetic Doctrine
Battleship Doctrine
Heavy Weapon Doctrine

Light Shields
Primitive Heatsinks
Primitive Energy Defense
Cramped Bays
Primitive Fighter Replenishment

Advanced Missile Weapons
Advanced Kinetic Weapons
Heavy Planetary Defense
Advanced FTL
Advanced Sensors
Heavy Armor
Advanced Point Defense
Sturdy Hull Design
Heavy Bulkheads

The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) 370308-gears-of-war-2-xbox-360-screenshot-playing-an-execution-match
Homeworld Name: Midas II
Homeworld Location: 010/0F
Homeworld Description: Midas II is an earth like planet with two natural satellites, the moon Diomedes-0451 and trojan class asteroid MI-752. After decades of terraforming the result was earth like climate, with the average temperature being -10°C lower than Earth's. The northern hemisphere is mostly covered by oceans, and the only continent is a small war torn mountainous tundra, with only a few inhabited cities. The majority of the population lives along the planets equator and the southern hemisphere, where the original "I.F.M" was situated during 'Unification Wars'.

Political System: Representative democracy.
History: At first, Midas II and it's 2 moons started out as an enormous self sustained colony housing workers for a privatized Hellium-3, uranium and metal mining operation. Thousands of high rank specialists from EU countries and their colonies were invited to join the project, along with large amount of russian workers and scientists. Funded and overseen by an old russian business company Gazprom, it took twenty years to build and terra form the UNO sanctioned colony way out in the far reaches of space. The colony had a small dome city on the equator of the planet itself, an orbital station and over 50 hellium-3 refineries and Uranium dig sites on Diomedes-0451 and the other 3 planets in the system. Even up to 4 Hellium-3 refineries were build on the MI-752 asteroid. That risky long shot was about to pay off, the first few weeks of work brought more Hellium-3 and Uranium that the company anticipated. Following the 26th of December, "Black Wednesday", Gazprom HQ in moscow seized it's existence shortly after the Alarei terrorists dropped their deadly nuclear payload on Earth.

Making up for more than a half of the population, most of the workers invited from Russian and east europe left. Piloting the large cargo ships they headed for Minsk, to regroup with the other survivors in Minsk and flee to Kuteznagrad, that was to become the suture capital of the Zeleniy Republic. Having no where to go the others stated, looking into the grim future on the lost colony.

Shortly after the unnamed colony broke up into several independent states. The "Liberation Front" and the "Democratic Union" on the pangea like continent of Maraday, and the "Midian Independent Federation" on the long continent Kernov streching along the planet's equator. A war broke out between the radical democrats and the socialists, escalating really fast. To prevent the use of nuclear weapons by both sides, the "I.F.M" called for a meeting on it's neutral grounds between both sides. The meeting result was the "Midas Liberation and Unification Initiative". Followed by the annexation of both the "Liberation Front" and the "Democratic Union" by the "I.F.M", both of wich were too weak to resist after decades of fighting each other.

Over a century has passed since the first civil war on Midas II, this time being the planet's golden age. By that moment most of the planets were colonized. And the growing economy allowed the goverment to use more tax money for military projects as the IFM military could not keep up with the other armies present in the galaxy. Shortly after the Army and NAVI reform, an Unknown force has attacked the only outer system outpost. Followed by less than a month of ground war and the prevention of use of mass destruction weapons by the destruction of the hostile forces' capital ship, the newly reformed army had their first taste of victory.




Standard Issue Armored Equipment mark III

The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) Med_gallery_7_41_37758

M-91 Special Forces Equipment
The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) I4ms81

M-27 Individual Coil Based Combat Weapon System

The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) ME3_Cerberus_Harrier

M-28H Individual Coil Based Combat Weapon System

The Independent Federation of Midas (IFM) ME3_Mattock_Assault_Rifle


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