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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Solar_system

The Un System, home to the Kal'Bavakorian people and their Systems Republic. The solar system, during it's creation, was gifted with a single, small star at it's very center, and six planets that orbit it. The gas giants present themselves the closest to the sun, named Un, while the systems four inhabited planets orbit at the very rear of the 'line'. All of the inhabitable planets are so far off from their sun that they are consumed by ice and snow, yet somehow oceans still dot the surfaces of these planets, consuming them in a strange blue and white... This phenomenon supported by a strange gas in the planets atmospheres. A large asteroid belt surrounds the outer perimeter of the large planetary system, coated with massive amounts of minerals and items. Most interestingly, debris surrounds most planets... And not all of it is mere rock.. Some can be identified as the remains of star ships, long destroyed and forgotten by all but their creators...

The first planet's name is Kullueorth, a massive gas giant orbiting closely to the small yellow sun. It is an epicenter of all around important gasses, like oxygen and nitrogen. One might notice multiple orbiting bodies, two of which would be visible moons, around the size of Earth's moon. The last two would be more.. Sentient-made, with strange orbitals slowly soaking up the gasses created by the giants for mining and transportation back to the homeworld and colonies.

Beufot is the second gas giant, much smaller at around the size of Earth, but is entirely composed of a gas called Beufota, a powerful, energized gas. This gas giant has no moons whatsoever, but is surrounded by four of these orbital space stations, which soak up the gasses created by the planet for use in Federation energy weapons and spacecraft. It is the only known location where the gas is generated, and it is a very potent and dangerous gas, which creates a very powerful energy bolt.

The third planet from the sun, much farther off from the sun than Beufot, is Kal'Bavakor. The planet is over three times the size of Earth, and has, in earnest, double the gravity of the human home world. One might notice the large moon that slowly orbits the planet of Kal'Bavakor, orbiting just above the beautiful, glowing rings of Kal'Bavakor. Upon close inspection, though, the rings are not so beautiful. They consist utterly of space dust, ice, and space debris.. With most being starship parts from the Great Zealot War, and have moved into place to increase the size of the ring. Even more interesting is the movement around the planet.. The space around the large icy world is filled with movement! Spacecraft, single large battleships surrounded by dozens upon dozens of tiny frigates, move around multiple orbitals and space construction docks, while trade ships warp in and out of the planets gravity well.. It is a world so very alive!

The fourth, fifth, and six planet are, in order, Oasis, Ruthor, and Nalla. Oasis is the most populated planet of the system, while Nalla is the least populated. Nalla is the main research center of the Republic, and houses a rather large military population, with barely any civilians. Oasis is the resort world of the system, and is noted for being almost as beautiful, and large, as Kal'Bavakor itself. The last three planets are smaller, with Oasis being about 2/3rds the size of Kal'Bavakor, Ruthor being the same size as Earth, and Nalla the size of Pluto. All of these planets are utterly composed of ice, with humid atmospheres and large bodies of water. Ruthor contains massive starship construction centers in orbit above itself, as well.

The astroid belt around the entire system is the last important item of interest, with thousands of astroids ranging from the size of a golf ball to the size of a small moon. Many of these have mining stations implanted upon their surfaces, with minerals being removed and sent to the empire to be used for important matters.

The planetary system is very much so alive with probes, trade craft, and large colonization ships leaving the system rapidly, moving to new, surrounding systems to explore and expand the Systems Republic. The Un' System, so very very far away from any other civilized race... Has awoken.

Anthem of the Kal'Bavakorian Republic


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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un System, Planet of Kal'Bavakor
Dragoon Racing Circuit, Track Three

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Futuristic_jungle_track_concept_by_willowxd-d586qts

'Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls... I must say it is an absolutely fantastic day for a Dragoon Race, don't you think, Kala?'

'I sure do, Booka, this may be one of the most energetic races this year!'

Kala and Booka, two of the Dragoon Racing's biggest and most professional, and enjoyed, announcers, hoot softly in a strange manner as they sit atop a holographic announcing center overlooking the massive Kal'Bavakorian Dragoon Racing Circuit. The Dragoon Racing Circuit was like Earth's Nascar, only more violent and MUCH more fun to watch, and had billions of followers in the Republic. Thousands flocked, or swam, to Kal'Bavakor's half-underwater track, which was the new site of the entire Circuit, to watch the races, but also to have immense amounts of fun. They had set up pool rides and games for the younger Kal children, whilst they had massive grav-slides for the elder Kals, as well as bars, games, gambling centers, even rides in Kal'Bavakorian dropships. Holo-projections of popular products were all around, and parents could be seen carrying small Kal children around, mothers using their tentacles to hold small, black eye'd Kal'Bavakorian babies whilst they laugh and hoot, playing 'carnival' games with their husbands and children around the outer perimeter of the circuit. Inside the circuit is was a beautiful sort of chaos, with Organic Intelligence's handing out fried squids on a stick, Basa soda, and other delicious foods and drinks to Kals waiting in the massive stands. Those up close would be able to watch from a hundred feet above the insanely large circuits, a few hundred feet wide, protected by a special glass substitute, whilst those in the rear would have their own holo-screens, laughing and cheering in excitement as they wait for the race to start. It was simply the biggest event of the year for the Kal'Bavakorian Systems Republic, with even a stand just for the Empress', high above the rest of the circuit, directly in the middle. It is heavily guarded, of course, with Kal'Bavakorian Marines guarding the small bulkhead entrance as well as the landing pad, and even more powerful forces within'. Dropships full of armed and ready elite Varia troopers were on standby for riot control and for protecting the Empress', whilst gunships were on standby as well. Otherwise, the event was utterly amazing, and the million people at the event were having a fantastic time.

Over the huge buzzing of the hooting, chirping crowd of millions, announcers Booka and Kala sit at their holo-desks high above the circuit, wearing a pair of headsets and matching fancy robes for their unique job. With a small smile on his rough, mature face, Booka lets out a loud, excited chirp and begins to speak rapidly into his holo-console, his glowing eyes dancing from one part of the circuit to the other. His cheek fins ruffle up, his chin horns rattle, and a large, sharp toothed smile comes to his lips as he honks loudly, beginning to speak.

'Ah, no snow, a wonderful freezing temperature.. A perfect day for the tenth day of the Dragoon Race Circuit! For those who don't know me, I'm Booka..'

And the woman beside him, Kala, chirps in an excited manner as her glowing eyes snap over to Booka. The nodes on her back rattle in a loud, excited manner, and she lets out a strange giggle before she hoots in response, pushing her black hair behind one of her pointed, heavily pierced ears at the same time with her webbed hand.

'And I'm Kala, and we're gonna be here with you eeeeeevery step of the way as the greatest Kal'Bavakorian game begins! But first, for all yah' newcomers, let's explain the rules!'

With a large, sharp toothed smile, she begins to speak, whilst Booka waits for his turn to speak in turn.

'Dragoon Racing is simple.. Thirty riders get on their Dragoon racers and get on the starting line, flapping their wings with enough power to tear a Kal'Meesu in half! As the race begins, the objective of each racer is to earn the most points by either doing tricks, hitting special targets with their Dragoon's spittle, riding along secret routes, bashing their fellow racers off their Dragoons, or getting first place in the race! Those who have the most points once everyone finishes all fifty laps on this ten mile circuit wins and will move up onto the next Circuit, on the Racing Orbital over Nalla later this deca-cycle!'

Booka juts himself into the speaking, smirking over at Kala, who grunts as she sticks her hands over her chest, crossing her arms in a sarcastic manner before she smiles in return to him. She waves him off with a three fingered hand as she leans back in her seat as a gust of cold wind blows through the open air announcers table. Booka then begins to speak, hooting loudly into his comms screen.

'Before the race begins.. We will be opening the celebration with the Oasis' Systems Military Academies Band, playing 'Stars of Imperium', followed by a speech from the Empress' herself!'

Booka cheers into his console in an excited manner, followed by the huge screeches and howls of excitement of thousands of people around the circuit, drowning out any other bit of noise possible. Suddenly, over the loudspeakers around the entire circuit, a familiar tune begins to play, and every single Kal'Bavakorian who can slowly stands in their seats or pauses whatever they were doing, bowing their heads in respect. Even Booka and Kala stand from their chairs and bow their heads, smiling softly as the tune begins to fill the air over the entire Dragoon Racing Circuit.

Once the harmonious sound of the Oasis' System Military Academies Band begins to leave the air, the Empress finally makes her appearance high above the circuit in her own reserved tower, raising her three-fingered hands hands far into the air above all of her people. There is silence, not a single Kal'Bavakorian cheering out as the anthem continues, out of pure respect to their grand Republic. As the tempo of the song dies down for a moment, with only the faintest tune continuing from the harmonious, beautiful hums of the band, the Empress finally speaks, calling out into her holo-communications console, speaking through the loudspeakers through the quieter tone of the anthem. She speaks powerfully, her glowing eyes closed ever so gently, though no one can see her from where she is, only the small dot of her form high above the circuit. To those who can see her, she looks strong, empowered, and reinforced by the new age of colonization and technological advance, and peace, within' the Republic.

'My people of Kal'Bavakor! As we celebrate this momentous year of goodwill and fortune to allow us to perform yet another race... Let us not forget those who have fought to allow us to enjoy these benefits! The Great War has only ended a few decades ago, and many years will remain whilst we repair the damage left behind! Remember, my people! Remember your warriors, your defenders.. And have a fantastic Dragoon Racing day!'

She pauses, smiling, exposing her sharpened teeth as she takes a large breath, before she lets out one final shout.


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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un System, Planet of Oasis
City of Halu, 'Turas Diner'

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Dexs_Diner

'So.. Did you hear about that slave rebellion on Ruthor?'

'The military colony? You tellin' me the Republic Army couldn't keep a bunch of Great War slaves from escaping the work camps there?'

'Guess not! Just saw it on my new Holo-Tool.. It's so bad the Empress had to break away from the awards ceremony on Kal'Bavakor, she sent a team of Vanguards there to quell it.'

'Bah, bullshit... Why did you even buy that Holo-Tool? A Holo-Computer is just as good, and you dont need one with you all the time!'

'There was a special at Balo Electronics!'

A waitress lowly passes by the two, pausing to ask if the two were ready to order. With a shake of their heads at her question, the waiter marches by and begins to move back to the counter. Ah, the day in the life of Kal'Bavakorians on Oasis, the Republics 'vacation' planet. Not too exciting, not too boring, just the right amount of everything to keep yourself going in the morning. And every day, these two clowns would pop into the diner here and argue about politics, or electronics, or, like last week, aliens. Then again, that one guy called Yalo was right, there was a broadcast on the 'large' slave rebellion on Ruthor, and the Empress had pulled away from the Dragoon facing ceremony to address the situation herself... Interesting stuff, the waitress thinks to herself. She wasn't one for supporting slavery.. But the war criminals kind of deserved it afte the Great Zealot War of thirty years ago, she thought.

'Hashi, get back here, we need you to bring out these drinks to the customers outside! Now!'

That was her manager, Tura, a huge, gruff, scaring lookin' Kal who ran Turas, the diner. With another groan, Hasi quickly picks up her pace and rushes around the counter, her waitress' dress flapping softly as she does so. Turas was one of the only male-run buisnesses in town, since women were, once upon a long as hell time ago, men had finally earned equal rights in the Federation, though this was just at its formation over two centuries ago. Before that, women pretty much ruled everything. Men ruling, that would have seemed backwards, but Hashi really didn't care about politics, she just wanted to get her days pay, get in the hover-car, and go home for the day. Being a civilian, she didn't have any super awesome stuff or super rights, but she didn't want to go do Federal Service, she was... Somewhat.. Happy with her job at Turas, so that left a day of doing absouletly nothing at her apartement, maybe going out to get a few drinks later at The Sharp Tongue. Grabbing the bubbly purple drinks, a Basa soda, she places the three cups on a holoplate and lifts it over her shoulder, beginning to rush over to the door of the diner. Her three fingers made balance difficult, but her race's normal strength made it naturally easy to lift such items.

Hashi makes her way to the family of three outside, a female Kal in a dress, a guy in what looks like a Federal Research Service uniform, and a small toddler, the little grey skinned child clicking and honking loudly as he spots the drinks. They were seated around a circular white table made of a plastic compound and suspended off the ground from a holoprojectors semi-solid stand. Hashi always thought that baby Kals' eyes always glowed a bit brighter silvery and pink than the elder Kals, but she never had the chance to check, not owning a computer. Maybe she'd save up a few hundred Fed-Creds to purchase one. Ever so slowly, she gives the family a large, sharp toothed smile before placing the drinks on the table, clicking softly.

'The rest of your food will be out in a minute guys.'

'Thank you very much..'

The father replies before he turns back to his son, the mother bouncing him up and down in her lap while he sticks his long, snake-like tongue out, causing the child to giggle. With a small smile, Hashi nods and turns around, content to head back inside the diner for the last hour of her shift. It was snowing outside, it was freezing cold, and it was so, so humid. And in another hour she could enjoy the utterly beautiful day, maybe take a trip to the beach and dive under the freezing waves to visit the hangout a few thousand feet under. She hadn't gone for a swim in awhile, and a little water in her gills might help her relax.

Maybe today wasn't going to suck after all.


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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un' System, System Wide
Republic Data-Net, Kal'Bavakorian News

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Galactic_News_Network_Logo

Systems Republic Data-Net News Station Five

A young Kal'Bavakorian woman is seen sitting down inside of a large studio on their Holo-Televisions or assorted Holo-Tools. It is the designated time for the broadcast of the Systems Republic Data-Net News Station Five, and all across the Un' and Vun System, and other outposts and assorted colonies that belong to the Republic, the familiar, smiling, heartwarming face of the most recognized woman, besides the Empress of course, in the Republic. Sashu'Makma, dressed in her usual elegant padded robe, and seated behind the holo-table that all of the information she required to present to the public was shown to her. She sat there in the bright, silvery, oval room, her double jointed legs crossed one over the other, and her gloved hands pressed gently in her lap. The glowing, purple and silver eyes of Sashu'Makma stare intently back at the camera eyeing her. Unlike usual, where she seems happy and cheerful in her duties, she now seems more serious, with a small, sharp-toothed frown crossing her dark blue lips. She narrowed her eyes at the camera, pausing to slide a few holo-diagrams across her console before her on the table, reading, before she snaps her gaze back to eye the camera. She takes a deep, long breath, before she begins to hoot and honk loudly, beginning the news of the cycle.

'..Good evening, citizens of the Systems Republic. Two large news stories carry weight today, in the short time we have together. First of all..'

Sashu'Makma pauses, glaring her glowing eyes down at the holo-table below her, pausing to swipe through a few more commands on the holo-console before herself on the holo-table, before looking back up at the camera, the story presented before herself. To Kal'Bavakorians, her voice is dark, just slightly hopeful.

'The slave rebellion on the world of Ruthor has been crushed under the watchful eye of Empress Elena'Ru. With the Empress herself leading the men and women of the Republic upon the battlefield, a small force of three hundred Marine Vanguards were able to penetrate the defenses of the rebelling slave's main defensive line. The Zealot rebellion leader has been imprisoned, his forces scattered, and the slaves are being ushered back to work in the mines and construction facilities under heavy security. Although we are unable to receive any imaging from the planet at this time, the reports show that the main weapons facility on Ruthor has been heavily damaged due to the rebellion, and the stock market of the Republic is expected to drop a few points until it is able to re-open. Trade routes are expected to re-open in the following days, as well as inter-planetary travel.'

Sashu'Makma pauses once more, glancing down to eye the next story in line for presentation. Notable to many in her billions of Kal'Bavakorian watchers, her glowing eyes brighten slightly as they widen in complete surprise, even her mandibles opening for a moment to flutter in her surprise. She quickly snaps her gaze back up to the camera, snapping her mandibles closed as to allow her to hoot again.

'Uhm.. Recent.. Reports coming from Kullueoroth. The mining operation at the Republic's main supply of colonization gases has.. Come under attack by human forces, as reported recently by the Data-Net's military adviser. With no human contact before this point, this is the Systems Republic's first contact with the alien race, which is credited with the genocide of the Alarei race. As of this point, no Fleet advisers are able to comment by rule of law, but eye witness reports show that the First, Second, and Third Frigate Patrol groups have been massing over Kulleoroth, followed by the Imperium and Resolve Battleships, and they are prepared to make a warp jump to an undisclosed location. It is also noted that Kal'Bavakorian Marines have been taken hostage by the human forces, and a rescue operation is underway. Let us wish our brave men and women the best of luck in their endeavors, as they push the line where no Kal'Bavakorian has ever gone before..'

Un' System, Kullueroth Orbit,
KBFN-07 'Resolve, First Emergency Naval Task Force Unit (FEMNTFU)

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Quarian_by_Arukun14

Admiral Caan had just slipped his tactical enviro-suit helmet over his head, sliding it over his shaven head, over his cheek fins, and snapping it into place over his chin-horns. The over-a-century-old Kal'Bavakorian veteran Admiral had taken command of the Resolve, which was to be the flagship for the taskforce he had created using Naval emergency powers, as well as with the quick approval of the Empress via holo-communications. He had managed to pull both of the Republic's main battleships into the battlegroup, as well as three KBFN-01 Assault frigates, two KBFN-02 Heavy frigates, a single KBFN-03 Ion Cruiser, a single KBFN-04 Carrier Cruiser, and one KBFN-05 Stealth Cruiser, making it one of the largest military fleets assembled in Kal'Bavakorian Systems Republic history since the end of the Great Zealot War three decades ago. The Admiral snarled quietly as his helmet's tactical display, linking with the command chair's holo-console, began to display information about all above mentioned Kal'Bavakorian warships, such as weapon systems, engines, FTL charges, crew-numbers, etc. The Admiral, with his deep and undying distrust of the human race, as well as the Grand Council's Military Board, had known the risks of the humans discovering Kal'Bavakorian space.. And that was possible genocide in the making. And he will never let the humans do to the Kals what had been done to the Alarei. So, just in case the operation had failed here, he had ordered a single shuttle to warp to the location of the human shuttles distress signal, where it had been sent. It would take a lot longer for the shuttle to arrive at that destination, almost halfway across the known Galaxy, than it would take his fleet to arrive at the location where the explorer group had alerted the Service about the human fleet arriving.. And in case the humans had any chance of winning, they would need a diplomatic backdoor.

Admiral Caan, with all of his years as a veteran ship commander, the many battles he had been in, and the heartbroken feelings he had been consumed by, couldn't help but feel fear. But, as the Admiral inhaled the first bit of watery oxygen in his helmet, the stale taste running across his long, snake-like tongue, he couldn't help but feel excited too. He, such an old man, was about to return to the game that had created the Kal he was today.

Sliding his small, three-fingered, gloved hand across the command holo-console before himself, and using his other hand to brush down the elegant red and golden robes that encompassed his tactical enviro-suit, signifying him as an Admiral of the Systems Republic Naval Fleet, Caan quickly began to bark orders into the now-open communications system in his helmet. The orders would spring directly to the bridge crewmen and woman they were designated for. Captain Rama'Ku stood beside Admiral Caan, waiting for her orders to be given. She eye'd the elder Admiral with an expressionless look upon her face, mixed with frusteration at losing command of her ship, and the way her jaw unsnapped to expand to her mandibles show'd that quite well, but also at worry for the coming engagement. Caan knew she would feel better once she was directed...

++-'Captain Rama'Ku, alert the bridge crew immediately to the following orders. I want the entire task force at one hundred percent combat efficiency, shields will be active to one hundred percent as soon as we break off from warp. Turbo-laser batteries, Ion cannons, and all forward combat weaponry must be primed, armed, and manned for the jump, and alert all navigational crews to go to Fleet Combat Doctrine Three. Prepare the fleet for immediate warp, and the best of luck to all of us.'-++

++-'Aye, yes sir.'-++

Captain Rama'Ku hooted a response before rushing off to her station, immediately getting work to alerting the crewmen of their objectives, motivating them at the same time. The Admiral allowed himself a moment of mental preparation as the large fleet of ten warships suddenly were encompassed by a sphere of electrical, violet energy, and shot them directly towards Grid 013. Their time to destination... Twenty five human minutes.

Where the fleet had once been, a small shuttle was left. A Kal'Bavakorian KFN-01 Dropship had stayed behind.. Before warping off, in a similar fashion, towards the center of the Galaxy. Towards the Human Sanctuary.

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un' System, Kal'Bavakor
Capital City of Mel, Grand Council Chambers

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Underwater_city_by_anez_erynlis

The center of the Kal'Bavakorian government.. The City of Mel, the capital of the entire Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor, and the capital city of Kal'Bavakor itself. It resided in State Quadrant One, to which Councilman Jumb'Koli represented, and she did a rather fine job of that. The city beneath the waves, thousands of feet below the surface of Kal'Bavakor, so deep that no light shined in the chasms, tunnels and wide open spaces that made up the grand city, was currently bustling with liveliness. While many swam outside, their Kal'Bavakorian eyes that glowed brightly like pink and silvery flames allowing them to see, and the six gills upon their abdomens allowing them to breath, the bulk of liveliness was within' the many hundreds of thousands of air-tight buildings, dry and calm for the most part besides the intense pressure and humidity, at least compared to humans. There were malls, orbital elevators that sprang from the very depths of the ocean, out of the water, and into space itself, as well as residential centers, theaters, submarine stations for those too weak or lazy to swim to their next locations, resteraunts selling fresh seafood and treats, zoo's, and many more locations of bustling activity. Massive underwater trams carried supplied to and from each city beneath the waves of Kal'Bavakor, docking at special airtight Docking Stations in the industrial and commercial centers in the city, while massive Plasma-Embers burn beneath the water to light the city and it's many streets, walkways, and swimways. There is even a large outersea market center, where Kal'Bavakorian citizens and civilians go to trade and barter for foods, holo-trinkets, and make a quick Kal Kredit for future buys. The Mel Militia is in full gear at the moment, keeping watch in their special fortifications on the outer sections of the city, watching and waiting for any deep sea creature like the horrid Kal'Meesu monster that might attempt to hunt within' the confines of the city.. Though that is not the only reason the Militia is currently active. The Grand Council had assembled in the Grand Council Chambers within' the government sector of the Capital City of Mel, including four councilors from the planets of Kal'Bavakor, Nalla, Oasis, Ruthor, and two councilor's from each of the newly colonized solar systems of Vu'Kulmur, Kestrel, and Bor'Der. The Empress herself had just arrived via an armored by luxurious transport from her home in the city, and she had ferried herself into the Chamber in a calm and calculated manner. The Systems Republic Flag, a large symbol which was painted onto almost every Republic ship, weapon, armor system, and governmental or patriotic building, stood tall upon the roof of the Grand Council Chambers, outside and within'.

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor ImperialLogo

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Council_chamber_by_aaronwty-d4aeshg

Empress Elena Ru, the leader of the entire Kal'Bavakorian Systems Republic, had made her way into the Council Chamber, which had already been inhabited by the twenty two other Kal'Bavakorian councilors, mostly female besides the councilor from the newly colonized planet Kaas'Ka in the Bor'Der System and the councilors from State Quadrant's Two and Four on the planet Ruthor, the Republic's military and industrial colony. The Empress had not been noticed yet by her peers, as the Councilman from the Bor'Der System had begun arguing in an irritable manner with one of the female Councilors from the planet of Ruthor.

'Why doth' you decline to send us assistance, Councilor? The colonial administration on Kaas'Ka has been unable to break the rebellious nature of the abolitionist movement and the Zealot rebels who assist them! Just because we are farther away from the home world does not mean we of less importance to the Empire! In fact, Kaas'Ka has the potential to become one of the Republic's largest producers in rare minerals!'

The Councilwoman from Ruthor merely snorted, honking a response to the Councilman in an almost snide manner.

'You have adequate military forces, Councilman.. You should be able to crush a small rebellion on the planet, as you have the support of the majority anyway. I hope your.. Inferior male mind does not impede your progress to returning Kaas'Ka to a profitable and mention able member of the Republic again, remember there are still two more worlds in your system you must colonize before your wor-..'

The arguing of the two councilors is suddenly interrupted by the sound of the Empress' high pitched screech filling the air, her fangs presenting themselves to the grouped Councilors. The arguing stops immediately, and all Councilors suddenly rise from their chairs in the aqua-colored, glowing room, and bow their heads in respect of the approach of the Empress. She slowly makes her way down the center of the room, the sound of the Empress' armored boots clicking against the flooring of the room loud and all-consuming. Her black robes and red-painted armor, discolored, scratched and dented from years of war and personal adjustments to improve the nature of it, are now shaded a light blue from the inner-lights of the Council Chamber as the silver-haired woman slowly makes her way to her seat at the front of the Council. Once seated, she adjusts the hilt of her personal Slot Sword on her belt so it does not disturb her as she sits.. And then she honks loudly, in an angry tone.

'There shall be no genderism within' my Council chamber. We are a civilized, respectful Republic.. Not one's to be so low and base. Am I understood?'

The familiar high and low pitched clicks of the male and female Councilors sound out a single sentence.

'Yes, my Empress.'

'Good... Now, we have business to attend to, which I have personally modified for this day's session. Councilman Rathas'Il from the Bor'Der System, I am aware of your distressful situation with the rebels on Kaas'Ka. I will order for a battalion of Vanguards to be re-located temporarily on Kass'Ka until the situation is resolved. Please alert my staff if the situation has already devolved into a combat situation, as I have been unable to check due to fact the Data-Net uplink in the system is still a few days behind in construction.'

The Councilman nods quickly in response to this, and looks away to lift up his arm, activating his goverment-issued holo-tool on his forearm, which he begins to slide his three-fingered hand across in a quick motion. The Empress turns away from the Councilman, eyeing the rest of the Council with her cold, calculating purple eyes. She remains silent for a moment, before she inhales the cold, humid air within' the chamber, and exhales, before she clicks softly.

'You are all aware that our Republic is slowly leaving it's Golden Age of Goodwill. The abolitionist movement is trying to free prisoners of war, indentured servants, and criminal slaves in order to revert slave labor into an Organic Intelligence-based labor force, which would cost us the kinds of Kredits we do not have available. Not only is this an issue, but the remaining Zealot rebels who are backing the abolitionists have been supplying them with military grade weapons and explosives, and we cannot stop all forms of sabotage. The stock market has been dropping slowly, and we have less and less colonists moving into the new colonies because of the increase in Zealot and abolitionist attacks. Our only hope is to push ourselves into the Galactic Community once more.. Not like we have a choice anymore. A single Kal-Bavakorian standard day ago, Republic military forces made contact with humans for the first time in our history. While things didn't start out very well, they have grown to more acceptable conditions, which we can thank the now-Lord Admiral Caan of the Republic Space Navy for. We already have a diplomatic envoy beginning negotiations there, and we are hoping to set up an embassy on the human home world of Earth, as well as supply the humans with terraforming technology. In return, we hope to start multiple trade agreements with the humans, as well as construct a colony in the mid-galactic area as to allow us easy access to the galactic community, while protecting the home system. With the human race as an ally and a friend, we can hope to make up for our losses in sabotage, and use our new resources to finally crush the Zealots, end the abolitionist movement, and further expand out into the galaxy. I know I shall have the acceptance of this Council in order for this plan to begin, and I am correct, yes?'

The Councilors pause for a moment as they eye the Empress. They had listened and, exchanging a few quick honks, chirps, and clicks amongst one another, they turn towards the Empress and nod in agreement. The Empress had final say in the end, due to her powers as the leader of the Republic, but a sizable vote against the Empress could possibly pull her back from any laws or ideas she may have. Fortunatly, this idea was a good one, and while many had issues with the idea of the human race after their genocide and extinction of the Alarei race, allying with such a race and befriending it also had it's ups.

With a sharp-toothed smile, the Empress leans forward and honks happily in response.

'Good. The plan shall be set in motion immediately, and the plans forwarded to the diplomatic envoy. You may all leave when ready.. The Council is dismissed for the day.'


Anthem of the Kal'Bavakorian Systems Republic

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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OB-014, Un' System

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Dream_by_DanilLovesFood

The Emperor of the Systems Republic held her head within' his hands, grasping her fleshy cheeks with his strong, webbed hands. The Emperor, a rough, powerful-looking Kal with long chin tusks and extended cheek fins, had kneeled down to look his daughter in the eye, silvery glowing eyes latch together like glue. The short, spiked hair of the Emperor, perfectly in line with his pointed ears, pierced, with the Leaders Mark tattooed along his right cheek, symbolizing the power of the Ru Family, and it's right to rule as the Emperors and Empresses' of the Systems Republic. The Emperor, in his matted black Imperium-Mark One Armor, an armor created specifically for the current Emperor, held his helmet in one hand, and his daughters chin in the other, gently pulling at her mandible line as he did in a loving manner. He smiled weakly at his ten year old child, she who was just beginning her life, and she smiled back, happy to be with the man who she looked up to, yet hardly ever saw. Hanging limply in the water-filled tunnel leading to the exit of the Grand Council Chambers, and guarded by many an Imperial Paladin, the two had their moment of privacy.

With a weak smile upon his face, the Emperor honked quietly to his small child, whispering ever so softly to her.

'My child.. We have come upon hard times for our people. I know you are young, my daughter, and you do not understand well enough, but you will, in time.. If you are to lead as I have. As I walk outside, and step before the many angry religious men and women, I will be in danger. But I know, as I do so, I do it not only for our Republic, for our people.. But for you. Without your mother, you have been my life. My love. My heart.. And may the Goddess damn me if I were ever to let harm come to you. So... Before I go, my child.. Remember always that I love you, so, so very much.. And all I have done, as Emperor, is for you. For the people, and for the Republic.. But at heart, always for you.'

With a small giggle, the child leaned in and kissed her father, her mandibles pressing tightly against his cheek, and the Emperor laughed. He then rose, and as his Imperial Paladins rushed to hold onto the girl, he turned to swim away. Before he opens the door to the chambers, and steps before the rising shrieks and angry cries outside, he turns to speak one more phrase to his child, and to his loyalist followers, who had assembled around him.

'..The Zealots may have their day today, my friends, and loyal subjects of the Republic. But Mel shall never fall to these rebellious fools. Shall I fall today, I fall in peaceful manner, and in honor!'

He then turned, and pushed the doors open, and swam outside. The girl did not understand the use of the word 'fall', nor did she understand the reasoning for the angry shrieks, screams, and cries of angry Kals outside. But she did understand, few minutes later, the sound of ionized-laser fire, the deathly screams, the explosions, and the single shout that forever haunted her soul.


As she was grabbed by the Imperial Paladins and taken for safety, young Elena Ru forever relived the memory that day in her dreams, as her childhood, her world, and her Republic, came crashing down before herself...


OB-014, Un' System
Kal'Bavakor, City of Mel, Empress' Chambers

Elena Ru, current Empress of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor, awoke with a start. She felt as though she had been sleeping outside, amongst the squids and eels and weary travelers who frequented the areas outside the Mel Imperial Palace, since she lived inside where humid, cold air was her friend instead of pure water, but she instead noted she had sweated during her sleep. The temperature was even a bit cold, around fourty units, or two degrees F, and yet still the dream made her sweat practically to death. It was humid within' her quarters, so she wasn't near hydro-asphyxiation, but she did require some water. Shaky from her horrid dream, which seemed to frequent her the last few nights, she rose to make her way to her luxurious bathroom, and prepared to take a hydration bath. She had ordered her servants to leave the night before, not having enjoyed explaining her dreams and her waking state afterwards, so she undressed herself, set her clothes to be taken for a later time, and stepped into the nice, cold bath to soak in the water. Her gills, six total that alternated three on each side of her abdomen, just like every Kal, sucked in the nice, cold water and flowed it through her respiratory system, which gave her a feeling of relaxation.

She had poured herself a glass of Basa Soda, not enjoying the usual achoholic Hum'nu Juice she usually drank during such baths, and slowly sipped down the powerful concoction of sugars, Valaka Squid milk, and various other thickened formulas. It was a mild stimulant at best, and wasn't illegal like the powerful Pink Ice Battle Stim's reserved for military use, so she felt much better after drinking it and didn't feel guilty, which was a plus.

She had looked over her schedule for the day. She had to attend a meeting for a discussion of recent meetings with non-Kal races, as well as perform a ceremony for the newest induction of Imperial Paladins. Not a very long day, and she wasn't looking for ward to such. She had recently gotten back from the rebellion on Ruthor, and she had had her fill of slicing through cut throat Zealot whores.. And it wasn't very relaxing after having to clean her Emperius Synthetic Battle Armor every time the Slot Sword she used didn't cauterize their wounds before they fell in two. Daddy would be proud; him being the previous Emperor of the Systems Republic... At least, she hoped he would be. Just as he had done all of his work for her, she had done all of her work for him, and now her two daughters, as well. They, as well as her husband, were away on vacation to Oasis to get away from the busy life as the Patriarch, her husband, and the Children of the Republic, her daughters.

And she was stuck doing the work of the great Empress of the Ru family. Hrmph. It wasn't like she hated it.. She was the leader of the greatest government in the galaxy, and she loved her work. The professionalism, the war, the honor! But she couldn't always be proffesional. Sometimes she just had to sit down, exhale, and do something stupid, like every Kal. She was a Kal'Bavakorian, not some goddess who had the ability to repress emotions, sexual desires, and her damned feelings..

As she sipped at her drink, and let her breasts sink beneath the cold waters of the hydration bath, she let out a slight growl, her mandibles vibrating in frustration. She could hear the sound of a Data-Net message approaching. The data packet, a semi-solid holographic unit that traveled through the holo-projectors of the Imperial Palace, was like mail except that it needed no deliverer, it did it itself. Keeping her nude form beneath the waves of the water, her silvery-glowing eyes watched the passageway of her bathroom until it spiraled open, and the holo-package zipped inside and presented itself to the Empress. With a snarl, she muttered a few choice words to the package, which prompted it to open with her honk-vibration recognition.

It 'unfurled' and opened to reveal a message from the Svu'Kavsi Intelligence Initiative, and the honking and chirping begins, followed by a helpful message of Kal hieroglyphs as well..



[MESSAGE]-: We have discovered a new race, named 'The People'. They are a strange new force, scavengers of old technology, hive-minded in the sense that they do not care for their own safety, but instead that of their 'people'. We are currently dissecting images of their biology and attempting intrusion as this message is relayed. We determine that, as this race has offered their own 'dear leader' to initiate communications, and that they could assist us as a powerful new ally amongst our human USC allies, we humbly ask you to perform as 'ambassador' for the Systems Republic. It will not be long, and we assure you it is entirely safe. We will have our best battalions to protect you, and this meeting shall bring about great strides for the Republic's foreign influence and respect.

Most Humbly, Your Serveants,

The Svu'Kavsi Intelligence Command


She couldn't say no. Just couldn't. Seems her 'vacation' of sorts had been cut early, and she was back to the serious strides of her position... Almost. With a small, toothy smile, she realized she still had a few good cycles until she had to prepare for departure. And so, with a simple 'I understand-ish' message in tow, she sent the data package tumbling back to it's original senders, downed her Basa Soda, and slowly sunk into the rich waters of the hydration bath for some personal relaxation.

Soon, her job would demand most of her. She had to get the lack of seriousness out of her system now, before she was to represent her entire species! And she was rather good at lacking in seriousness when permitted!

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor 2cht5ye

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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OB-014, Un' System
Club "Zahllamua", Humu City, Planet of Oasis

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor C9rcle_by_ianllanas-d5k7bbq

Ba.. Ba dun. Ba.. Ba dun dun da dun...

Feel the base?

The singing?

Feel the energy.. Flowing through you? It ain't just the Pink Ice residue in the air, or the achohol, or the Basa Soda if you're a bitch..

You just entered Club "Zahllamua", owned a brute of a Kal'Bavakorian named.. You guessed it, Zahll'Amua. Zahll managed to bribe the Humu City drug detection forces to keep their sniffling noses out of Club "Zahllamua", and allows the club to be one of the only 'legal' centers for drug use on Oasis. The club is one of the hottest spots on Oasis for travelers, visitors, tourists, and people who actually live in the massive land-based metropolis, with buildings that tower in a U-shape all the way into the bright pink skies of the Republic's "party world". Kal's smoking electronic hydro-cigerettes in the corners, snorting or smoking pure Pink Ice, and/or dancing themselves practically to death on the dance floor; complete with an array of heavy semi-solid holographic arrays, and flashing lights. Indentured servants serve drinks or clean puke off the floors of the nightclub, while synthetic OI's and slaves perform the more difficult tasks, or meet the more 'base' needs of some male, or even female, patrons. The party continues all day, all night; all the time..

'So what's cha' name?!?!?'

Shouted Jaba'Kas over the sound of the heavy base and the band up on the stage, grunting as another beam of red flashing lights flashed right through his glowing eyes. Even though it was dark, with the strobe lights going on, Jaba'Kas could still see the shining glow of everyone's eyes within' the club.. But one set always caught his own. He saw them as the brightest, the funniest, and the greatest eyes he had ever lay his own upon.. And they reflected her personality perfectly. He knew her name, and she knew his; it was just an old inside joke they had for when they first met, back when she had just arrived after her indentured servitude contract was sold to Club "Zahllamua", and he was looking for the bathroom after drinking a bit too much Ju'Sa Achoholic Juice. One thing led to another and.. Now he was here, staring into her glowing, wondrous eyes. Her gold and silver hair flashed in the darkness of club, and she flashed him a sharp-toothed smile as she bent over behind the bar to grasp a cup of Basa Soda, which Jaba'Kas personally enjoyed.. He wasn't one for getting himself piss drunk while speaking to someone special. It didn't help with self-confident, and it only made one look stupider than usual in this place.

'Magga'Tus... What about you, heh..'

'Name'z Jaba'Kas.. You ca' call me Jaba though..'

Magga let out a small, bubbly giggle as she smiled at him, her glowing eyes narrowing a tiny bit as her pale blue cheeks turned a darker, blackish color.. A blush. She slowly pushed herself over the counter, her small, four foot three form short even for Kal'Bavakorian standards, and especially for her age. She was a full grown, fifty seven year old Kal'Bavakorian; a young and barely mature Kal fresh out of Advanced Schooling, and from what she had told him, she had taken up Indentured Servitude so she could pay for her schooling on Nalla. Jaba couldn't help but lean forward on the Kal'Bavakor Ocean-Wood and Plasteel counter top and rest his scaly, horned chin on his three-fingered, balled up hand. With a soft series of honks, he muttered a small comment to her as he grasped for his drink, and deposited his Kredit Khit on the counter for Magga to take, which she did.

'..Y'know.. I should be able to pay off your con'tact soon. I'd like to show chu' the town, y'know? Yer' too beau'ful to stay cooped up in this crappy club, hon..'

She smirked, and chirped and cooed softly back to him as she extended his khit back to him, which he grasped and slid back into the pocket of his leather and rubber-based jacket, which carried a few organic-interaction units for quick access to the Data-Net.

'I wish you could honeys.. But I can't get it paid off for a few more weeks. I mean.. I don't want you paying me off..'

She smirked, blinking her eyes softly as she leaned forward for him, and he did so in return; smiling back.

'...I might run off on you.'

Jaba's cheek fins rustled and extended outwards, opening out fully.. And he could feel his chin-tusks rattle. Her tongue slid out, as did his as their lips met in a quick embrace; a kiss between lovers held yet at a distance. It lasted but for a moment before they pulled away, and the music seemed to die out as they chirped and honked between themselves.

'..I don't think you'd do that.. Too special of a gal.'

'Mmmm.. You bush'kora, you..'

'Hey.. Harsh lan'gage much?'

She giggled a bubbly giggle once more, before a sudden honk pulled her attention away from his oogling. The short Kal'Bavakorian girl suddenly winced, as she spotted a growing line of Kal patrons on the far side of the countertop, their shining eyes glaring in a frustrated manner their way. With a groan, Magga leaned in and kissed Jaba once more before she darted off, and with a sigh, Jaba allowed the heavy ringing of the club to fill his ears again. He caught a few of her words as she ran off, and he flashed her a sharp toothed grin as she did so.

'I'll see you later Jaba!'

'I'll see you later too, Magga.. Call me on the Net once your off work..'

'I will! See yah!'

And with that, Magga dissapeared amongst the crowds of drunk, high, and thirsty Kal patrons that crowded the bar around himself. Suddenly displeased with this situation, Jaba slowly pushed himself off the countertop.. With a bit too much force. Due to the intense natural strength of Kal'Bavakorians, he accidently dented the side of the bar with his rough push.

Uh oh.

With a weak smirk on his face, he rustled his mandibles; appearing when a Kals lower lip and jaw separates into two sections, creating a sort of lower set of mandibles.. And with that, Jaba darts off, hoping he wouldn't attract the attention of any of the armored, and armed, guards who watched over the club. They certainty wouldn't be happy with the frustration-induced damage he just caused, and he didn't want to be all bruised and beaten up for meeting Magga later.

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un' System, Kal'Bavakor
Unknown, Fringe Space Security Bureau

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Commissionmedikcz_by_crimson_nemesis-d5bjvnu

'Jubassa.. You have better be telling me a damned joke.'

<::'I am most afraid this is not the case, Lord Protector. Republic exploration units have detected alien colonization forces on Republic fringe space.. Rather close to systems we have earlier selected to be future colonization sites..'::>

Lord Protector Zakma'Jasou of the Republics Fringe Space Security Bureau, slammed his three-fingered, webbed hand against the visor of his enviro-suits helmet rather hard before waving her personal Organic Intelligence assistant away, and fly away it did. He stood within' the FSSB's Watch Center, where the main security forces that consisted of Republic Svu'Kavsi intelligence gatherers, tactical military officers, colonial administration officers, and an array of other military and citizen officers who watched over the massive hologram that orbited around the center of the massive, spherical room; which they all stood below, and looked up at. The massive hologram displayed the Milky Way Galaxy or, more specifically, the arm of the galaxy in which the Republic and her neighbors resided in. Hundreds upon thousands of glowing dots upon the massive, blue hologram depicted the many stars of surrounding systems, and the zooming features was pushed to the limit to show the seven systems controlled by the Systems Republic. Not far beyond them was three systems, their stars marked by a strange purple-like color; signifying them as a hostile or unknown race. Not humans or The People, from what the scouts had reported, and that was the current extent of alien life the Republic had in it's knowledge banks.. So they had new races to deal with. No radio channels or quantum comms left the systems to connect themselves between eachother, so that made maybe two or three different races in a single area.

A dangerous mix, indeed.

Slowly running his hand down his visor, Lord Protector Zakma'Jasou slowly lowers both of his blue-armored hands down to the holo-console in front of himself, which he quickly interfaced himself with. He stood on the Lord Protector's Stand, which sat a few feet above the rest of the hundred or so Kal'Bavakorians who made up the security detail who kept careful watch over Republic Fringe Space. Sliding his hands along the holographic control sphere, which controlled the key commands and hieroglyph keys of the console, the Lord Protector began to communicate with the large hologram that glowed brightly over the array of shouting, rushing Kal'Bavakorian soldiers and officers. He zoomed the hologram in, focusing in on the three separate star systems, and locked their positions into the local data-base. With that, the Lord Protector activated his console's communications network, and began to honk and chirp loudly into the open comm system; allowing himself to communicate with those who inhabited the room.

'Attention all Bureau Members, we have sighted unknown alien forces initiating colonization efforts on the fringe space of Republic Territory, grid-coordinates D,F,and H-10, respectively. All stations will initiate high-alerts in their sectors, and Svu'Kavsi are to begin immediate intel-gathering operations against these alien forces. We need to know what they are, what their intentions are.. And most of all, we need to keep a watch on these creatures. Any attempt to push into Republic territory, and we will need to alert High Command to possible military action. That is all...'

As the Lord Protector disabled the comm system, he gazed over his perch to eye the many Kal'Bavakorians below, some dressed in military uniforms, others in comfortable civilian clothes, starting to begin their intense and important work. Their many glowing sets of eyes stared at their holo-screens, or stared powerfully into one anothers eye as they spoke about important matters. They all shared in common a desire to save their Republic from disaster, and a border dispute between three or four alien races was certainty a good start..

One could not be more proud of his soldiers than himself.

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un' System, Kal'Bavakor
Unknown, Fringe Space Security Bureau
6 Months Later...

'..We just lost contact with Kess'Mel, Lord Protector. We have pings from Hallo'Wai, Amarath, and Bassi'Ma, though. We cannot reach them due to the Data-Net crash, my Lord...'

'Right.. I see. Carry on.'

The situation was dire. Contact had been lost with most of the colony worlds, and the fleet was scattered, as far as he knew. Lord Protector Zakma'Jasou had kept the Colonial Administration happy up until today.. He dealt with the Rhg'Zez colonizers, and had allowed a somewhat rugged peace to remain between the two factions as they attempted to expand towards eachother, but this.. This was something else. FLEETCOM and High Command had utterly taking over all communication systems, and were constantly sending new directives over encrypted channels. Apparently, the Alarei had struck every single Kal'Bavakorian world at once, and the defense net had been utterly overwhelmed. Hell, even 'DEFENSE OF US' had been initialized; a top secret military defense program that was set up in the case of mass rioting, loss of government control, and a crumbling economic system.. Which was what was happening.

From what Zakma'Jasou could tell from the remaining unhampered Data-Net channels he was receiving from his holo-console, above the large stretch of the Fringe Space Security Bureau's main operating floor. After having waved off the soldier who had come to speak to him, he had settled into his chair, and the Lord Protector had weakly begun listening in. Food riots on Oasis had already broken out.. The bastards hadn't rationed; they never did. The Home Fleet had stopped the Alarei attackers over Kal'Bavakor, so that was good.. But he wasn't sure about the rest of the Republic. He could only receive information regarding the Un' System.. And most of it was about food riots, rebellious activities, and rescue operations.

The Republic was spread too thin.. How would it survive now?


Un' System, Planet of Oasis
City of Humghavis, Open Foot Market, Topside

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Riot__by_Hobo_The_Dinosaur


It was a rainy day upon Oasis.. And a bad one at that. The food riots had grown horridly, as news of the loss of the Cam'Jasnugai System, and the other systems as well, grew around the remaining Data-Net nodes. Food was already running scarce in the overpopulated Un' System, which relied upon other planetary systems in the Republic for food supply.. And Oasis was one of the most wasteful worlds of them all. They partied, they ate, they partied more to get rid of the extra calories, and then they partied again! And now, there was no more food to buy..

So they fought for it.

The Kal'Bavakorian crowd, some of them even Warriors of the Grand Army of the Republic, roared and raged at the line of Shield-Protectors who stood in front of the City of Humghavis's Open Foot Market, which was already down to rations. The open market's many stands were abandoned, some burning or destroyed due to attacks from protesters, and the rioters marched forward while the Protectors marched back.


A protester roared, his mandibles flaring violently, and his cheek fins rattling loudly over the sounds of the screams and shouts. A flaming bottle of brandy was chucked from the center of the crowd, flying violently over the crowd and slamming violently against the energy shields of one of the armored Protectors. The crowd roar'd at this, and charged.


And soon.. The first shots were fired. Screams overtook the crowd of protesters as the plasma bolts flew from the barrels of the frightened line of Protectors, impacting against the attacking, starving crowd. Black blood was launched across the floor, and the crowd began to scatter...


Kal'Bavakor Orbit
Empress' Shuttle

Tears were streaking down her face.. Not only for her family, but for her people. She did not care about if her guards women saw her cry; some of them knew her pain. The attacks had effected the entire empire, and no one was unaffected by the pains of this attack. She blamed herself.. She was not prepared, she had left her worlds open to attack by the Alarei.. And now, her world, and her people, were falling apart. Councilors dead, food running low, the location of their republic exposed.. She was not even sure that the 'DEFENSE OF US' Program would be able to hold the impending fall of the Republic.

But she could not lose hope. The Kals were resilient people; stubborn bastards, at that. They were a water people who lived on land.. They defied nature itself! She would go to the Council, as per protocol in case of attack... And they would pay. They would all pay; for the average Kal, for... For Kassi'Ru, For Backi'Ru.. For.. F-..

And soon, the Empress felt the silent, sparkling tears slide down her face; her armored body shuddering silently within' the luxurious hold of the Imperial Shuttle as she remembered her babies.. And her husband, Rasma'Ru. Goddess.. She would make them pay..

They would all pay for this..

Within' the hold, her Royal Guardsman merely turned their armored heads away, now simply standing besides the gates of the main exit to the inner working chamber of the shuttle. Their helmeted heads merely exchanged simple glances, the soft illumination coming from their helmets lighting the dark area of the ship. Simply shaking their heads, they looked away from their Empress, one merely standing there as she fingered the hilt of her Slot Sword; the other hungrily snatching a tobillo fish pastry from one of the hold's refrigerators..

She was starving.. Just like everyone else. Even the Empress.


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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

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Un' System, World of Kal'Bavakor
Orbit, SRNC-07 SuperCarrier 'Liberty' Bridge

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Lemurian_supercarrier_by_peterprime-d56rfri

She thumbed the receiver on her command console, and the message slowly played from the Svu'Kavsi Information Center on the ship's bow.

<::'The search was void, Admiral. The Alarei ship was extremely primitive, and their dreadnought was picked clean of information systems and secondary weapons. We retrieved their kinetic cannon for study as well. Otherwise, we are sending our report directly to FLEETCOM... Also, the Empress' shuttle has arrived. Home Defense has given you permission to use the jumpgate.::>

With a mere snarl, Admiral Karas'Caan slaps the three dimensional image that represents the 'OFF' command, and she deactivates the comm channel. Admiral, commander of the largest and most powerful ship in the Systems Republic Navy.. And she still cannot even leave the system on her own accord. Then again, she could not blame them.. The recent attacks against Republic territory were horrid, and billions had died. The mere thought had sent a shudder through her youthful heart..

Karas'Caan was the youngest Admiral in the Systems Republic Grand Navy, being only fifty seven, and daughter of Lord Admiral Caan. A prestigious position, although many Scribes would write in the history books about her desire to 'up' her father.. And she was also commander of the newest ship in the Grand Navy.. The Liberty. At three kilometers long, housing some of the most powerful plasma batteries to date, some of the most advanced engine systems, shield defense emitters, and a CIC that would make the United Systems Coalition cry, no Kal could ask for a better craft to command, and with it, she hoped to make the Alarei pay for the deaths of her people.. The fucks.

As she prepared to pull up the holo-command system on her command console, which was suspended in mid-air in front of her command chair, so she could open up a holo-image of the Alarei dreadnaught.. She was suddenly interrupted.

'Miss Admiral!'

A voice rang out, hooting above the busy sounds of the Liberty's bridge. Many Kals were rushing about, moving from station to station, or chatting.. And not all of it was simple, fun chatting. Some honked of their homes, which had been decimated; others cried, like the female Kal in the weapons logistics chair, holding her helmet'd head in her hands as she sobbed softly to herself. She had received word that her family had been decimated, Kara'Caan knew, and the girl had received her family's funds to her Data-Net account. She was being comforted by their comrades of the weapon systems crew, and while there was work to be done, the Admiral did not have the heart to tell them off.. So she turned instead towards the new voice that had picked up over the sounds of the busy bridge.

A male crewmember, a simple deckhand, dressed in a simple enviro-suit, had stepped up to the bridge command chair. With a quick, graceful bow, the soldier begins to speak, honking and chirping softly from behind the hidden view of his mask; although his eyes glowed brightly in some strange manner of excitement.

'My Admiral, the Empress' shuttle had set down within' Habitat Three's Section Hanger Five. She brings with her a special cargo she has ordered to be brought to the Drop Bays...' With a quick motion, the soldier retrieves a small data-package from his enviro-suit's grav-belt, and slowly extends it to the Admiral in a graceful manner.


'Thank you.' Replies Karas'Caan in a brisk, orderly manner, and retrieves the data-packet. As the soldier rushes off back to his position, the Admiral slowly snaps the data-packet into the side of her enviro-suit's helmet.. And watches a single bit of data slide across her HUD..


By the Empress! The LEVIATHANS? They were being deployed? This... This was worse than she expected. Billions was horrible.. A horrid amount of deaths.. But this.. This changed everything. With a sudden vigor in her voice, the Admiral releases a sudden snarl out into the open bridge.

'Attention Crew! The Empress is now onboard the Liberty! We have to escort her immediately to the Grand Council Station! Engine Power to one hundred and five percent, and bring us through the jumpgate! Let's test this baby out!"

'Aye, my Admiral!'

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[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Empty Re: [OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor

Post by EyesofMarch on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:19 pm

Un' System, World of Kal'Bavakor
Capital City of Mel, Grand Council Chambers

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Council_chamber_by_aaronwty-d4aeshg

It was almost silent within' the great chambers of the Grand Council of the Systems Republic. Many Councilmembers were missing, lost in the great fires of the Alarei attack, whilst others had resigned in shame of the losses of their people; now simply replaced with new Councilmen and women who deemed themselves strong and honorable enough to handle the important job of the reconstruction and defense of the Systems Republic. Unfortunately, with the Empress gone for travel and ambassadorial duties, the Empress' personal OI 'Magnificent Director' remains behind to speak in her place within' the Council. Even more unfortunate are the whispers within' the very Grand Chambers as the Councilors, totaling in around thirty eight, four for each planet, plus an extra two for special purposes including Svu'Kavsi Intelligence and Colonial Affairs.

The whispers had continued in the quiet mulling before the session for the Systems Republic Council had begun. How will the Republic recover from such a devastating attack? How will a memorial be prepared, and where? Will there be a service? If so, will it be religious or not? Even more important are the questions regarding war and preservation. War is coming, so will the new fleet be prepared and organized by then, even with the overproduction and overuse of slaves and labor? And could they put their full faith in an Empress, and a family, who had let this become of them?

These questions remained in the hearts and minds of all the Councilmen and women as they took their seats within' the circular, liquid-filled chamber of the Council Chamber. The most legendary and veteran of councilors swam upwards into the upper sections of the Council Chamber and take their seats; watching and preparing to present their knowledge and wise attributes if necessary. The less veteran of the Councilors, including the newly elected, swam towards the lowest seats and sat, their internal air bubbles leaving their gills to allow them to casually drop into their seats without worry of floating. Their gills inhaled and exhaled the soft, cold currents of water as, within' a moment of the session beginning, a new arrival present itself to the brightly light chamber..

'Magnificent Director'

[OB;014] Un' System - Seat of the Systems Republic of Kal'Bavakor Halo-3-Wallpaper-HALO-chapter-1080p-202-343-Guilty-Spark-RED-EYE

In a casual manner, the Smart OI gently expelled bubbles from it's internal flotation chambers as it swirled within' the waters of the Grand Council Chamber. Silently, the many glowing, silver and pink eyes of the Councilors watched silently, almost angrily, as it whisked over towards the Empress' seat at the very center of the congregation, and gently placed it's metallic, spherical body in place. Releasing a few high pitched, excited chirping noises from within' it's red-eye'd body, 'Magnificent Director' casually mulled over the day's session in a matter of mili-seconds.. Humming happily and cheerfully in such a dark time.

The Empress had asked for it to be cheerful due to the stress of her work, and it usually helped. Now... It was easy to see why the Councilors would hate the thing.

Nevertheless, after a few moments of silence, 'Magnificent Director' speaks up, releasing a few chirps as it glances all around at the gathered Council.

<::'Hrm.. Yes.. It does seem we have a few out of session today. Oh well, they will be missed!::>

Hands clenched, nostrils flared in anger, and the Councilors would have been seconds away from blasting the device to bits if not for it's importance to the Empress. And it continued,"<::'Very well! The Council session begins at 4:03 Kal'Bavakor Time. Today, we run over the importance of the launch of the dreadnought 'Eyes of the Empress', advanced mining protocols on Amarath, the war against the Alarei, and the terraforming and recovery of the outer colonial systems! We shall begin with the launching of the 'Eyes of the Empress', and it is now known that the USC President and the People's Leader will be there in the Orbital Starship Foundry for the ceremony of it's launch!

Immediately, a Councilman rose, Councilwoman Bjnora'Knas of Quadrant Three of Jubnas in the Vu'Kulmur System. As she rose, her heavy green and blue robes sway'd softly with the majestic jump to her feet, though her mood was anything but happy. With her mandibles extended outwards, she roar'd angrily towards 'Magnificent Director', almost as if accusing him.


Another voice rose in the sudden rowdy atmosphere of the Grand Council. Councilwoman Hbu'Nas suddenly leaps from her seat as well, swimming upwards a tiny bit to expell her honks across the water-filled depths of the chamber.

'I disagree! We must put our remaining resources, gathered during the Golden Age, to scavenge the remains of our lost colonies for future use! From information I have gathered from the Colonial Arm of the Council, we can use the alloys from our lost worlds to expand ourselves further! While it is a painful task, We MUST retake what has been lost!'

More voices began to expell outwards into the Council; chaos was taking over..


'Nooo! We must push for reconstruction of the economy! If we put too much stress upon it, the rioting in the Inner Colonies will continue! We must remain slow and thoughtful! Please, my sisteren and brethren, we must remain at peace! Let the Galactic Council handle the wa-...'

'Bah! The Colonies must be re-established vigorously! Using our back up supplies, we can jump-start the Republic's moral! If we hurry, the Republic may overcome the damage caused by the Alarei!'



A power move like no other.. But one that would cost thou who had spoken dearly..

Immediately, the chamber goes silent. All eyes turn, even that of 'Magnificent Director', turn towards the voice that had spoken. It was one of the newcomers from the Ru' System, a young Councilwoman named Jubnas'Kasi. Immediately after speaking, and with the eyes centered upon her sitting form, the suddenly embarrassed and frightened Councilwoman snaps her slowing eyes quickly to the floor of the chamber. She almost didn't hear as Councilman Varas'Nachuas, a veteran Councilman who had been elected to Quadrant One of Kal'Bavakor's Council Arm over a hundred years ago, slowly pulled himself away from his chair, and commenced his swim towards the main floor of the General Assembly. The figures dark, glowing eyes narrow softly as his large feet impact the floor of the Chamber, sending a soft current flowing outwards, before he begins to march towards the young Councilwoman. As he approaches, she shifts uncomfortably, a soft gulp heard throughout the silent room. All Councilors remain in place, their eyes centered upon that of Councilman Varas'Nachuas as he pauses next to the Councilwoman who had spoken, and with a swift, yet threatening tone to his voice, begins to speak.

'...Girl,' He says quietly, almost as if the word was that of a terrible taste in his mouth, and had to be removed,'..You know not what you say, for such words carry a power that could end you.. And the Empress. The Empress, as well as the Ru' Family, have sacrificed a deal many fathers, mothers, and children to the birth of this Republic.. And none deserve the position more than our current Empress. Do you know the stories of her victories? Her strengths? What she has done for our people...? Do you, little one..?'

The Councilwoman, shuddering softly in response to the dark, mocking tone of the Councilman, softly shakes her head. She was terrified, for such an act as she had just attempted did not only threaten one's political career.. It threatened one's life. Shaming a family, which she had almost attempted, was a grave insult and, while not written as one, was a great crime.

Satisfied, Councilman Varas'Nachuas barks once, and allows a few more honks to cross his lips before he simply waves her away.. Dismissing her.

'Remember now, how you grabbed for power.. And how you lost everything in the process. Leave this Council... You will be replaced soon enough. And if you leave quickly.. I promise not to squash you underfoot.'

Gasping weakly, the former Councilwoman, with shining, slimy tears in her eyes, pushed herself out of her seat and swam as quickly as she could towards the exit of the Council Chambers.

With a soft snarl, Councilman Varas'Nachuas turns around to survey the silent Council; all of which continued to stare at him silently in awe, and with respect. Most of them understood and agreed with him, and if they did not, they spoke not. Suddenly raising his hands into the air, he releases a soft, yet loud snarl as he begins to speak.

'The Empress has brought us through many trials, and we should continue to follow her example! Magnificent Director..'

The elder Councilman turns towards the Smart OI, which floats silently a few centimeters above the Empress' unused chair. With it's single red eye darting towards the speaker, it bounces in it's levitating place in the air before replying heartily,''<::'Oh yes, dear Councilman'::>?'

'What be the will imposed by the Empress?'

"<::'Well.. Before sending me these reports, the Empress had earlier declared her support for the restitution of the Bor'Der System, as well as it's salvaging for supplies. She declared that such areas should be mined for resources to complete the fleet's construction before it is fully re-terraformed. All other resources should be placed into jump-starting the economy, and restarting the expansion of the Republic into farther areas. She has also sent me dates and information regarding times in which we may begin a service for those lost, as well as information on a monument.. And new data regarding patrol and defense coordinates for the Fleet in case of another sudden attack by Alarei forces.. She wishes the Republic should never be caught by surprise again.'::>"

As 'Magnificent Director' watches on in curiosity, as does the rest of the Grand Council.. Councilman Varas'Nachuas slowly raises a single fist towards the ceiling of the chamber. With a powerful bark, and with his mandibles snapping wide open, his three-fingered, webbed hands clenches tightly as he proclaimes,''THEN IT SHALL BE DONE!"

The Council is suddenly filled with howls and barks, shrieks and cries. While some oppose, others cheer loudly, clapping their powerful hands against the resistance of the water with ease. A smile comes across the pale lips of the Councilman as he shouts happily, excitement and power in his tone.


And the Council went mad with excitement...

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Un' System, World of Kal'Bavakor
Capital City of Mel, Grand Council Chambers

Hours had passed, and much fighting had been done. Not fighting of the fists, or of the blade, but of word and opinion. The Empress, while not currently having been in the Council Chamber, as she was in the Kallan'Muya System, had her will understood and debated. Through the many angry, saddened, and exhausted Council members bickered and fought, and at times their opinions clashed with the force of Slot Sword against sword.. The end had arrived, and the final revelations of the Grand Council of Kal'Bavakor were being prepared to be sent via the slowly re-growing Data-Net to the Empress herself. As the many Councilors within' the chamber stretched their legs or massaged their scaly, armored, and very sore throats with their fingers; 'Magnificent Director' hummed softly as it rose from the Empress' chair, bobbling in the soft currents of the water-filled Chambers as it prepared it's finale speech.

<::'..The session's work is finished. While we must indeed thank our dearest Councilman Varas'Nachuas for maintaining order during this Council session, the work done today reflects us all. By order of this Grand Council of the Systems Republic; the Republic shall begin immediate operations to salvage what has been lost in the destruction of our colony worlds, as terraforming them back to operational conditions would cause us more harm than good. We shall instead push our borders, keeping a small military hold on these systems whilst we salvage the wreckage of the worlds, bury the dead, and place a monument on each and every effected planet. We shall maintain small outposts on these worlds, and in due time, they may become habitable again. Until then, they are to be referred to as Monument Worlds, and Mineral Worlds for salvage and consumption.'::>

A few grumbles flew out through the Council members. Many did not want this to happen.. For these worlds to be left forsaken, and only be scrapped. While the minerals and remains gathered from these worlds would help the Republic graciously, the strip-mining would cause damage to the already broken worlds. Even worse, these worlds were the burial sites of billions.. Was it not wrong to desecrate them? Or did the will and need of the remaining living Kals overwrite such a doctrine at this time? But by the will of the Council, and, after much thought for her, the Empress would indeed agree as well in time, the nuked worlds would be mined and salvaged to make way for hard times. The minerals would be used to rebuild the fleet, build new ships and planetary defenses, space stations, and would be used to make way for new colonial advancements into the stars; bypassing the destroyed planetary systems.

'Magnificent Director' continued, and unlike it's happy manner of hours ago, it too began to feel the exhaustion and pain of long hours of work, thought, and emotion. Even an Advanced OI like itself wore out after a few hours of continuous work..

<::'With support from the controversial strip-mining of our lost colonies, we shall receive an economic boost, as well as a place to send criminals and to give hazardous jobs. This should increase our capacity for war greatly, as the increased economic income from salvage, and the.. And I say this in the saddest manner possible, forgive me.. Lower population index, the economy should actually improve a bit. With this boost, we shall be better able to fight a war against the Alarei, and return Republic judgement to our enemy. In light of this coming war, the Empress has, as stated before, invited the United Systems President and the People's Leader to witness the flight of the new, improved Republic Fleet. They will also witness the massive ceremony we have prepared in light of our losses..'::>

A soft series of murmurs were heard within' the Council, nothing more. The entire Council, while most were discontent with the ruling regarding the destroyed colonies, were, while not at all happy, rejuvenated by the idea of revenge against a common foe. A ceremony, a time for mourning, would help the tortured souls of the Kal'Bavakorian people, and the new Republic fleet would be the very sword that sliced the slimy throats of the Alarei. Even as the Council prepared to end their session, new starships were already in construction in the Kal'Bavakor Orbital Foundary; not just the 'Eyes of the Empress', but battleships and cruisers.. A fleet more prepared to extend deadly firepower, while dismissing speed and maneuverability for energy shields and armor. A new age had risen for the Republic.. One of destruction, and with the Council, and the Empress, noting that the fleet's frigates were defenseless against the Alarei attack, new steps had to be taken. Even the Resolve and her support fleet had arrived from the Kallan'Muya System, and were undergoing refits in the Foundry, just as the Liberty. While Lord Admiral Caan and his crew took time for rest and recreation, as well as time to mourn for their lost families.. The Liberty and Resolve battleships were losing their extra engine systems, replacing them for the added firepower of an entirely new row of turbo-laser batteries.

The fleet was now a terrifying enemy to fight, or would be so soon...

And with that thought in mind, 'Magnificent Director' spoke it's last few words for the session..

<::'Everyone is now dismissed. You may leave the Chambers.. Return to your homes, and mourn for our lost ones.. But, in the words of our Empress.. Do not forget we still live today, and we must walk the path that is pain and hurt on our journey to happiness and freedom. And we shall carry our fallen brothers and sisters with us, until the ends of our universe..'::>

Enlightened, tired, and utterly crippled within' their Kal'Bavakorian hearts.. The thirty six Councilmen and Councilwomen rose from their many assortments of seats, and swam towards the exit of the Grand Council Chamber... Carrying the long days session within' their thoughts.

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