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The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles Empty The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles

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The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles Skyrim

Formal Name: The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles
Informal Names: Kingdom of Dragonstone, Dragonlords, North Islanders
Abbreviation: K.D.I

General Technology Indicator: 67 - Late Middle Ages

Population: 450,000
Domain: The Dragonstone Isles

Technology Tags (Positive): Nautical Warfare, Nautical Navigation, Crafting, Stone Masonry
Technology Tags (Negative): Agriculture - Specifically Crops, Magic

Race: Humans
Ancestry: Northmen

Clothing: Islanders are well known for often wearing padded cloth and leather, similar to their mainland counterparts, alongside fur garments in the higher, colder regions of the mountains. Soldiers are also known for wearing heavy chainmail and, in the case of Knights and wealthy mercenaries, heavy armour adorned with the sigils of their respective Houses.

Kingdom Name: The Dragonstone Isles
Kingdom Type: Rocky and Mountainous
Kingdom Geological Analysis: A vast abundance of stone and iron. Silver and gold are both somewhat uncommon materials, whilst diamond is rare but not at all unheard of. Mithril, surprisingly, is found in large deposits in the northernmost regions of the Isles.
Kingdom Description: Dominated by mountains, rocky hills and patches of tundra close to the shoreline, with strong, unforgiving icy winds which sweep across the terrain, the Dragonstone Isles are reputed for being unforgiving to all but the hardiest of men.
Where on the map are they?

The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles Gvm05GG

Political System: Monarchial - The line of succession is based on the eldest child in the family, regardless of gender.
Economical System: Feudal System using a metal-based currency, similar to the Mainland North.
Language: Common Tongue, though the 'Old Tongue', which dates back to the first settlers, still persists in some regions.

Similar to their mainland cousins, Islanders are known as a hardy, tough breed who hold the comforts of the warm, "soft" south in disdain.  They are enthusiastic warriors, moreso as sailors, and can be found all over Mortalis.  They excel in all manner of warfare, especially nautical warfare, in which they are often seen to have no equal.  They are often thought of as an incredibly stubborn people, and are both renowned and berated for their sense of honour.  They are also renowned smiths. And, they also have an understandable reputation as hard drinkers and unruly folk, particularly at feasts. It should also be noted that the ruling classes in the Isles are known for being somewhat informal, amongst each other, to the point that the King may allow those closest to him to address him by name.

Islanders have also been known to be quite tolerant of foreigners, both Human and Non-Human, with the latter primarily due to their mutual dislike for the former Ilonian Kingdoms. Indeed, whilst not in any way a majority, a number of dwarves from the South have settled in the Eastern Mountains in a small hold, and have contributed to trade with the Islanders, which in turn has generally led to more tolerance amongst both parties. It should also be noted that gender equality is not an issue here, and some of the Isles' greatest warriors and most powerful individuals have been women.

And if there's one thing the Dragonstone Islanders are known for more than anything else, it's that they're the most fearsome and skilled sailors of the Eastern Sea. Their vessels are unmatched by most, and are known to be capable of outmanouvering most over vessels. The Islanders' religious beliefs also mean that they do not fear the sea whilst other men would, and as such are more willing to take risks and act recklessly in battle, going as far as to don full heavy armour at sea, despite the risk of drowning.

In short, the sea is deeply ingrained into their culture to the point that it would be highly unlikely for an Islander to have not spent at least some time on a vessel during their lifetime. Even if one does not partake in war, fishermen and merchant ships are still vital to the Islanders' Livelihood.

Various myths and tales of strange sea beasts and leviathans are well-known amongst fishermen and their families, and they are almost as superstitious as their mainland brethren when it comes to tales of strange creatures wandering the mountains. Dragons in particular have become the most famous of the so-called 'myths' across the Dragonstone Islands, as a living dragon has not been seen in over a century, save for a few rumours and 'mad men's tales' of explorers who climbed the Northern Mountains. Still, whilst the matter of whether or not the Dragons still live is something to be debated, what is known is that they were once greater in number.


An ancient people from well before the time of Illonia, the inhabitants of the Dragonstone Isles first came as fishermen and shoreline pirates from the mainland who had been blown to the Isles by the strong northern winds. Gathering around the coastal areas, the early settlers established small fishing villages and over centuries developed into tribes, city states and alliances of their own. These groups soon began to wage war upon one another over various matters, from honour to territorial dispute.

However, along came one Braevn Arristone, better known as the 'Warrior King' for his tendency to charge into battle with reckless abandon alongside his own men. Under Braevn's leadership, a legion of islanders  conquered or formed alliances with the remainder of the islanders until they were all united under the banner of the silver Dragon. Following this, Braevn spent the next fourty seven years of his life leading the first Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles into a new age of peace and prosperity.

As the land was poorly suited to the growth of crops and inhospitable to all but the hardiest of livestock the likes of which only seen in the north, the Islanders turned to the mountains and the vast resources they held within their depths, and created a vast network of mines which tunneled deep into the rock in a way that would almost make a homesick dwarf feel more comfortable. Vast deposits of various precious resources, including the ever mysterious Mithril, which some believed to have a connection to the similarly mysterious Dragons believed to reside on the highest peaks of the Isles. Of course, these discoveries allowed for the Islanders to make trade, primarily with the mainland Northerners, in exchange for resources which were practically unseen on the Isles such as lumber and crop produce.

Many years passed, and this same peace and prosperity continued on, until the time of the Ilonian crusades. Like their mainland brethren, they were declared heretics for their different religious beliefs, and found themselves facing a war with the Holy Ilonion Legions. However, this was where the Ilionians had made their first mistake; Where the Islanders had been fierce, hardy individuals on dry land, they were thrice as much over water, and when the Ilonian Navy was sent forth their ships were decimated by the Islander's vessels, who easily outmanouvered the slow and relatively inferior Ilonian Vessels.

And where the Ilionan Sailors wore only leather clothing out of fear of drowning, the Islanders' lack of fear of the seas meant they wore heavy armour and charged in with reckless abandon, shredding through the crews of Ilonian vessels like dragonfire through ice. In other words; The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles dominated the Eastern Sea, and with the aid of their Jotun brethren they successfully kept the Ilonians at bay. Since then, relations between the two Kingdoms have been on good terms.

Centuries later and this still rang true when, during the Jotun Civil War, recently coronated King Robert Arristone came to the aid of the Royalist forces by providing Naval Support alongside the North's coastline. Whilst the presence of Dragonstone Islanders on land was kept to a minimum, the support proved to be vital in repelling the usurpers from the East, and this has allowed Robert to remain on good terms with King Jon Callistan.

Religion: Whilst the Islanders do share some beliefs with their mainland brethren, such as the balance of the gods 'Nocta' and 'Sol', they otherwise differ in that they pay homage to 'Vann', their own vision of the god Aqueas. However, where other sailors might fear Vann, the Islanders do not, arguing that to drown at sea is to be accepted onto the 'crew' of Vann's vessel and feast in his halls, and that it is their enemies that should fear Vann. To a lesser extent, they also pay homage to 'Joro', their own vision of Sierrus, god of stone and rock, often carving symbols into mineshafts and stone constructions so as to 'communicate' with them.


Name: King Robert Arristone II
Age: 42
Race: Human
Allegiance (if any): The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles
Appearance: The Kingdom of the Dragonstone Isles Eddard_stark_by_teiiku-d4byent
Backstory: TBD

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