Northern Border of Sipeos - City of Tillion

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Northern Border of Sipeos - City of Tillion Empty Northern Border of Sipeos - City of Tillion

Post by Bospy on Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:43 am

"News of the Frontier! Northern Plague strikes the villages of Anharm, Darus, and Gopoli! Plague heads towards city of Tillion! Heir apparent of Sipeos sends army to quarantine the north! News of the frontier, hadasti! Trade roads of the North closed by decree of the Emperor! Army of Sipeos reported to be seen outside of Tillion and preventing travel on trade roads!"

A crier in the busy hub of Tillion screams in the central square, the city already suffering from the disgusting blight, some streets line with mucus, some streets quarantined by the City Watch. In the distance, for several days, massive amounts of smoke have been lining the skies to the South. A clear indication that a large force is waiting South for the sick. Many have tried to flee out of the mountains or make their way to the hills to the Southeast, but no reports have come back from them. Several times a day, a cart arrives from the North with dead bodies affected by gangrene and infection, signs of the blight, and poured into a ditch outside of the city. Those who manage the carts are men dressed in huge layers of black cloth and have the iconic beaked mask of a plague doctor. They appear in the morning, dropping off those who had tried to escape further South, keeping the quarantine in motion. 

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