The Black Drums Sound

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The Black Drums Sound

Post by Donut on Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:56 pm

Smoke churns out of the iron pillars of the Black Citadel as orcs labor furiously to build their massive reaping machines, which roll out of the Citadel almost endlessly and into the jungles that surround it. The thunk, thunk of axes and the whirr of the reapers' saws are heardd, accompanied by the monstrous THUDS of the towering, ancient trees that plummeted to the black dirt below. As rain tink'd off the black iron of the citadel, the loud beating of drums echoed through the trees, vying with the other sounds for supremecy.

From his tower atop of the Citadel, Blade Master Tar'bok appeared in glory, black iron armor dripping with rain. He raised into the air both of his blades, Elf-Render and Elf-Grinder, respectively, and called out in a voice that surely put all other sounds to shame,

"My brothers! On this day, the gods weep! The reign of the Northern Elves is drawing to a close! Ready yourselves, orcs - the dawn of our glorious era approaches! Stand firm, and embrace destiny! Druk'ta bo'gar! For the glory of Kaotika!"

And the thunder of a thousand orcs yelling their approval silenced the night.

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