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The Black Horde Empty The Black Horde

Post by Donut on Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:26 pm

The Black Horde Ficomord

Formal Name: The Black Horde
Informal Names: The Horde
Abbreviation: TBH

General Technology Indicator: 40

Population: ~2,850,000
Size of Domain: The Va'ak Jungle

Technology Tags (Positive): Siege architecture, armor crafting, weaponsmithing
Technology Tags (Negative): Animal husbandry, architecture, magic, 

Race: Orcs
Ancestry: Seafaring orcs of the Va'ak Jungles.
Clothing: Orcs will usually wear leather and fur pelts hunted from the jungles which they call home. For soldiers, iron armor decorated with furs and paints are the norm.
The Black Horde Just_Orc_by_ShWaK
Black Orc warrior
Kingdom Name: The In'Teka Jungles
Kingdom Type: Jungle
Kingdom Geological Analysis: Coal, Iron, Lumber
Kingdom Description: Mostly undisturbed jungled save for the area surrounding the Citadel, a massive structure made of black iron and lumber that sits at the shore of Bulrok's Lake, at the southernmost end of the kingdom. The orcs have been harvesting lumber en mass, and their expansion is pushing into the rest of the continent.
Where on the map are they?
The Black Horde TADLSHU

Political System: Dictatorial chieftainship.
Economical System: Market
Language: Orcish
Culture: The culture of the Black Horde is a strong one, as you might expect from orcs. Every man, woman, and child is meant to hold their own. The Black Horde venerates the god Kaotika, creator of orcs and goblins, and rituals are a common practice. Music involves beating of one's body, the ground, and war drums, with ritualistic chanting. The theme of songs are mostly the horde's religion or war. 

The Black Horde has no written language, believing written language to be a weak human and elvish custom, and trusting in their own, rich oral tradition to continue to pass down the Horde's history. The Horde's leader, Blade Master Tar'bok the Stout, rules his Horde with an iron fist in order to reign in any riots and keeping every orc's loyalty strong.

With the close proximity of the elves to the northeast, orcs have made it a common practice, almost a sport, of hunting them. In the Black Horde, elves are considered game first, and neighbors second.

The Black Horde Orc_by_ShWaK
An albino orc with elf head in hand.
History: A brief history of your kingdom.
Religion: The Black Horde's religion revolves around the worship of Kaotika.

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The Black Horde Empty Re: The Black Horde

Post by Donut on Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:28 pm

The Barracks

The Black Horde Barrin_lake_barracks_by_garretaj-d5dmkez

Lord of Blades Tar'bok the Stout

Orc Grunt

Orc Fireslinger

Orc Juggernaut

Orc Hound Rider

Goblin Skirmisher

Goblin Archer

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