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Orc horde of Alto Empty Orc horde of Alto

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Orc horde of Alto O3DWtrh

Orcdom of Alto - Alto - KoA

General Technology Indicator: 39
Population: Three-Five Million Orcs

Technology Tags (Positive): Iron weapons and armor production.
Technology Tags (Negative): A severe lack of Agriculture. 

Race: Orcs
Ancestry: Primitive Orc tribes.

Biology: The Ancestry they follow where commonly warriors, raiders or pirates. This had led their genes to make them into formidable warriors.

The Male usually clocks in at about, 6,5ft - weighting around 375 lbs.
The female is a lot smaller but, not weaker. 5,10 ft - 252 lbs. 

The Orcs have a strong resistance to humidity and heat. They have developed to be quite basic thinking creatures, most of their advanced thought goes into tactics or weapons crafting. They carry a pretty vicious bite, they can clench their jaws at amazing speeds and force- Easily able to take a regular human finger in a swift bite. The Orcs are carnivores, they do not digest flora; including vegetables and fruits- this causes them to have disgusting bowl movements. They can eat meat completely raw.

Several Orcs are born with disgusting skin mutations and conditions. Some Orcs are born to be completely albino whilst others are born with no flesh at all. This remains a mystery to the local Orc population and causes thousands of deaths every year.

Clothing: Leather lion cloth, with strong leather and iron bound leggings and boots. They usually wear some basic head protection such as an iron helmet or leather cap.

Kingdom Name: Alto
Kingdom Type: Mountainous jungle
Kingdom Geological Analysis: The area of the jungles have an overabundance of stone and coal. Through recent discovery the Orcs have found strong deposits of iron as-well.  
Kingdom Description: The dense and mountainous jungle makes hell for mounted travel. A system of draw bridges and homes are built in the trees to compensate for the impassable jungle floor. Canyons, crevices and cave systems open up on the jungle floor, huge orc mining facilities have been installed around the edges of these holes. The coast is completely overgrown jungle. The temperature is hot- this makes the jungle humid.
Where on the map are they?  
Orc horde of Alto NV2Ffys

Political System: Monarchy
Economical System: Market
Language: Orcish and Common
The believe that the strong survive and the weak die. They have based their entire warrior culture around these teachings. The average Orc is taught survival skills and basic weapons training. The Orcs like to prove themselves strong by taking large raiding parties,laying siege to coastal cities and towns. They used to come from a separate clan system, this has completely flooded their culture with thousands of different methods on teaching young boys or the ritual of when a boy becomes a man. The tribal system is one of the first examples of how the Orcs of the Va'ak jungles are very much in crisis many of the old tribals used to be enemies of one another and local insurgencies are not uncommon.
The Orcs used to be split into thousands of smaller, weaker and vastly different tribes. These tribes would rise small armies and pettily fight over land in a swing for dominance. It is suspected that a large Elf expeditionary force attacked some of the tribes close to the shore of the Va'ak Jungles in an attempt to scourge the Orc population and this is what is what of thought to have brought about the fearsome Orc king, Chunnak. Chunnak went around different tribes and challenged the leader to one-on-one combat. These combat rituals are how new tribal command comes about and its considered a great dishonor to the leader to ever turn down a challenge. Chunnak used the ritual as a quick way to gain forces without any loss in military ranks among tribal Orcs. The Orc leaders were defeated, the command handed over to the new War Chief- Chunnak. Chunnak was a competent military commander and managed to teach basic anti-infantry tactics to stubborn Orc warriors.
The Warchief won small skirmishes against the Elf expedition force by using fast, hit and run raiding tactics. These mobile attacks is what turned Chunnak's small number of Orcs into a pressing advantage against the Elf forces. With a smaller number to hide, Chunnak took up hiding in the overgrowth of the jungle and mounted ambushes from the dense jungle floor. Chunnak was praised by different tribes, some even swearing loyality to join in on the raiding and this made Chunnak's forces grow.
Chunnak forced the Elves into a crushing retreat by using his impressive tactics, the Elves - forced to believe that Chunnak had more forces than he advertised, the Elves have since gone back to their far-off homeland and have not returned since. Elves not coming back proved to be wonders for Chunnak's campaign to dominance and helped his political position when he conquered new Orc tribes.

Religion: They worship a wide system of gods,
Kaotika - In their mind Kaotika is the one true god- the master of all gods and swear to follow her.
Infernia - Orcs are scared of fire. They just want it to like them so it stays away.
Aqueas - Water is deep and Orcs can't swim.
Arbora - They have lived in Jungles for most of their existence and have learned to love it. They often praise Arbora by preforming massive rituals in their tree-cities.
Arkan - They bless Arkan during any time of day or night. They honor that they can fight and honor the God that makes fighting glorious.

Heros of Alto

Name: War-Chief Chunnak
Age: 22
Race: Orc
Allegiance (if any): Orcdom of Alto, his Orcdom.
Appearance: A brawny, tall standing Orc. He wears a fearsome Iron crown. Rotten Elf, human and Lizardmen skulls hang from his belt on his torso. His clothes are made from, what looks like, heavy pelt. He wears no shirt. Scars, badly healed and fresh wounds cover his body.  
Backstory: Chunnak started his life as a victim of Elf Invasion. He has now become the Invader.

He has managed to pool together an impressive army of Orcs. 

The rest is simply a mystery.

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Orc horde of Alto Empty Re: Orc horde of Alto

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I made some changes and made it actually make sense. It was such a cluster-fuck of the same information before.

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