Gods and Goddesses.

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Gods and Goddesses.

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While many mortals don't believe in or see the influence of these immortals, they exist. They each have their own personality and powers. Your nation may choose to worship a specific set of gods, and it is possible that they may gain bonuses from this. You can create your own nation-specific, race-specific immortals as well. But be wary of your attempts to try and contact the otherworldly beings that shape our realm.
The Triumvirate.
The big three who started it all.

Puritus, God of Justice.
A real human favorite, Puritus is seen as the one God that rules over everything and anything. Humans will often misuse him as a justification for crusades, wars, etc. In reality, he favors those who uphold justice and sacrifice themselves for good. He does little visible deeds in Mortalis, however.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

Magi, God of the Magics!
A mysterious and unknown God, he created Mortalis, the five elementals, animals, mortals, did things such as gave mortals the ability to use magic, his ability to channel the great powers of the arcane storms to bend reality. He is not known by mortals, and only beings such as Dragons and few Elves know of his existence. When he gets bored, he reincarnates himself as a mortal of any race, and will live a lifetime as a great inventor, before dying and returning to his immortal state.
Aligntment: Neutral.

Kaotika, Goddess of Darkness.

The origin of all evil. Originally a Goddess obsessed with creating balance, she was turned to madness and evil by her brother, Puritus, who nearly killed her. She is mistress of all things evil, the whisper of madness in a man's ear, and the seed of corruption. It is rare for an official nation state to worship her, as it would instigate an immediate war from its neighboring kindgoms fearing the influence of Kaotika. Mostly she is worshipped by those who wish to gain an upper hand in daily life through curses or evil deals, or secret organizations and cults. She resides in the dark realm of hellish creatures, Nesrati.
Alignment: True Evil.

The Five Elementals.

The keepers of nature and the elements. They aren't worshiped much, if ever, and are more like perpetual construction workers/guardians of their elements.

Goddess of Fire, Infernia.

A chaotic misfit, fallen under the influence of Kaotika by her nature alone. She plays a limited, mischievous role in Mortalis, mostly starting large fires. But she is also characterized as the Goddess of Change, as she has influenced many coup d'tats and regime changes, just for the fun of it! Magical users who like to play with fire might be visited by her, and given unique abilities over fire.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

God of Stone and Rock, Sierrus.
Sierrus doesn't play around. Sierrus doesn't have time for your shit, he's making mountains and stuff. Sierrus is a stalwart, calculated, and emotionless God. He stares for eternity at the mountains, making small changes in tectonic plate shifting to make vast canyons, mountain formations, rocks, etc. He also gave birth to Stone Golems, literal walking piles of stone. That's pretty much it. Got a problem? Fuck you he's Sierrus.
Alignment: Neutral.

God of Water and the Seas, Aqueas.
Aqueas oversees the.. seas. He is both a friend and an enemy to sailors. Those who don't properly respect him might have a bad trip, and receive a couple of rogue waves. Those who pray to him and offer him gifts might have a sunny, happy little cruise to their destination. For nations who believe in the Gods, their navies are often full of Aqueas-specialized priests that bless ships and try to out-bless the opposing country's ships.
Alignment: Neutral.

Goddess of Nature and the Forests, Arbora.
A beautiful Goddess that happily lives amongst the furry little critters. She protects the deep jungles and forests, and will protect them if necessary. Don't be fooled, she isn't some tree-hugging hippy, she can influence and take the form of any animal to defend the forests, such as bears, tigers, lions, oh my. However, she has been weakened by humanity's, and other race's, expansion and requiring her wood to make more houses. She is a minor Elven goddess, as well.
Alignment: Neutral Good.

God of Ice and the Cold, Tundrak.
The God that guards the cold, unexplored north. He is very solitary, like Sierrus, and keeps mortals out the best he can with terrible snowstorms and blizzards.
Alignment: Neutral.

Puritus-affiliated Gods.
The goody-two shoed panzies that follow Puritus.

Knightlord Tiberius, Leader of the Order, Saint of Sacrifice.
Tiberius is a mortal who died heroically and was given immortal powers and responsibility. He was a leader of the Puritian Knight's Order, a long dead society of Knights that protected any and all nations from evil. He watches over brave young men and women who set their lives on the line to defend against Kaotika's evil. He is often prayed to before large battles against evil.
Alignment: Good.

Leonus, Goddess of the Sun and Blessings.

Leonus is the Goddess of light and blessings against evil daemons. Puritus-aligned priests use her magics to defeat daemons in this realm and banish them back to Nesrati.
Alignment: Good.

Kaotika-affiliated Gods.

Taax'loc, Lord of Daemons and Suffering.
Taax'loc is a demon lord that was created by Kaotika to rule over the masses of hellspawn that she made. He also does a lot of her dirty work, like plagues, unholy wars, possession, and general suffering. No one knows his true form, as he can become any unspeakably horrid and terrifying demon he wants to be while in his realm.
Alignment: True Evil.

Luun, Goddess of the Outcast and Moon.
Luun is the Goddess of the Moon, Outcasts, and Otherthings. She created the incurable curses of Vampirism and Werewolves, and influences their actions. She is ruler of all things not related to daemons but are still evil, such as ghouls or zombies. She is also the supreme sorceress of dark magic for mortals, and those who wish to gain dark magical powers pray to her.
Alignment: True Evil.

Miscellaneous Gods.

Nexis, God of Death.

Nexis doesn't really bother anyone, he just goes about collecting souls for either Nesrati or Ethereius. He was put in place when Kaotika was still Archadea to regulate death. Since his incarnation, the number of people who have cheated death remain at zero.
Alignment: Neutral.

Arkan, God of War.
Arkan loves war, he thinks it's the best way to settle disputes. That or he just likes watching it. He favors cunning commands and strong warriors.
Alignment: Neutral.

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