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My eyes are only getting worse, I thought to myself. For years now, my diabetes has been slowly degenerating my eyes and with Earth Gov’s new imposed rule on medical bills- I let out a sigh. It always piles up and it comes in faintly. Something small like a check up or payment then, the heavy weight on your shoulders. I have been taking anti-depressants for three months now. I was prescribed the anti-depressants after a shift at my work. I was headed home and it was rainy- I could remember- I pop the cap off my pills and rise them almost to my mouth when something calls through my house.

My door bell rings and it makes me jump. I’m already for work- My gloves are worn and barely work. My hardhat is filled with holes and my vibrant high visibility jacket does not work in the dark anymore. I open my door- immediately greeted by a blue orb shining in my face. ‘Citizen Nikitin - Number’ as its voice drones on, I feel nothing but dislike to these machines. I snap in its face, ‘What?’ The robot is quickly taken back, ‘Citizen Nikitin, Number One Seven Eight Nine’- I await through the massive string of numbers, my shoulders tighten along with my eyebrows. Hate and rage floods my veins. The rusted, weary and buzzing machine gets to its point eventually, ‘You are summoned to attend your scheduled eight-thirty work assignment.’

I walk down the slums, muddy water quickly fills the soles of my boots and the rain splashes down through my faulty hardhat. Naked children play in the mud, I feel nothing but sympathy for the Children and disgust for EarthGov’s system on poverty. A lot of families choose between a food or cloth ration for children. You can suspect what most pick. I work as a construction worker. My job is to assist breaking down previous up-market houses and replacing them with low income poverty units. Work assignments are immediately given to the low income unemployed. You do not accept to be paid from work assignment - it is considered a public service.

I was about, for the first time in my life…I was going to be paid for my work!- The job I done was so remorseful, we had to move people who had lost all the money they had and move them to new poverty units. Once the Citizens had left the medium poverty blocks we broke it down. It got to me sometimes, just again it caught me- The heavy heart and the hard breathing. The lump in my throat that feels like a mountain. I reach for my pills to take them but- A voice calls out, in a robotic cold tang- It starts to clicker with my number identification and my new assignment.

“You are suspected to report to the on-site foreman immediately”. I shiver, I never even knew we had a foreman. In Earthgov lower poverty work assignments are usually governed by automated Citizen advise ‘bots to be superiors if the work force is faced with a situation when a change of standard protocol is needed. I take the short walk to the office blocks they always have on site where a construction zone has been placed. I feel a tough, rigid hand on my shoulder and I turn around. A blue orb shines in my face. ‘No, board the hover unit’ its synthesized voice tangs through my ears for a second as a I stare in disbelief. “What?” I stubbornly reply, my head turns before I get the answer. A small silver floating booth had appeared beside me. Oddly enough, it reminded me of an ancient British chariot and made me shiver. I stood inside, it was open very much like a phone booth of old but, with a small plastic seat pressing into the side of your leg. A metal shutter, (Which I barely noticed) in-front of my face flew open.

When I saw that a small blue screen with a black head silhouette greeted me, I blinked. It spoke fast, hard and without any stops. It had a lot of things to say and too fast for me to make any sense of them. After what the head had to say, the screen blanked black. In seconds, a flicker of static was responded with a double chin and a wide smile. 'Eddward Nikitin, on behalf of EarthGov I-' I feel uneasy, color fades from my face and I feel myself shorten a couple of inches. 'I wish to discuss your current career in EarthGov on your time, of-course!' I feel even more uneasy, I shake in my boots and the rain starts to get colder. I call out, quite loudly so I can hear myself over the rain, 'H-huh? W-whu-when?' - the rain is not that loud now that I come think about it. My nerves are really getting the best of me. 'Now', the double chin replies. The silver chariot spurs to life, the doors close along with the shutter covering the screen. A rain cover is placed over the hover unit. I sit down in a plastic chair and hold my helmet in my hands.

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