The Origins of EarthGov

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The Origins of EarthGov

Post by Bospy on Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:53 am

By 2100, Earth had long been under one government, The Earth Government, EarthGov. A massive super-conglomerate operated by four major companies known collectively as The Four-thought, each company literally using political puppets on Earth for their own gain. 

The origins of EarthGov reside in the combination of international trading efforts and a gradual reformation of ideas after many youthful rebellions and the replacement of the ancien regimes of the world with scientific minds. By 2040, much of humanity in developed countries began to realize that conflict over places like the Middle-East and Africa were useless, with the bickering and often useless parliaments and governments being ousted by favored votes and replaced with technocratic candidates that sought to decrease spending in often useless endeavours for the military but increase spending on archaic scientific organizations that had been neglected for many years. Much of the world was a fresh, youthful bunch, growing up in a climate of instability and war. By 2040, there were more people under the age of thirty per capita than old. Much of the world embraced the ideals of humanism and individualism by default, with cultures who did not embrace it often shunned or embargoed.

EarthGov was at first a trading center for goods and resources, slowly crawling up and gaining power between 2040 and 2060. Many companies governed EarthGov like a nation on its own, keeping a massive free market among the world and splitting territories to sell their goods in. Nation states often didn't manage their own trade and growth, leaving it to companies. In particular, in the United States of North America, the government was made mainly out of those who embraced scientific progress and peace among humanity, often funding and allowing Intrepid members into their branches of government. Places like the Asian Federation and Oceania often allowed the company Yverin to take government positions and build weapons factories in secret, not having embraced the ideals of humanism and peace like the United States of Northern America. Guardian, an organization formed out of PMCs like Blackwater, took on the defensive European Union's government as well as parts of the USNA and sold weapons, armor, and mercenaries to conscious countries who still saw the world as a threat. Havok, originally a company made as a joke by the comedian George "Havok" Stel in 2040, had been passed on to his somewhat unstable son who led the company from non-existent to a massive corporation that produced some of the strangest conflicts. Massive-scaled war never occurred on the planet because of massive trade deals carried out by EarthGov and the joint efforts by companies to keep trade and scientific progress flowing. Countries in Africa and the Middle-East who were hotbeds for war were often given aid by companies and EarthGov. By this time, companies sprung up into a huge, globalized economy capable of supporting humanity for ages. 

Soon, by 2060, Earth was no longer controlled by nation-states. Companies had literally taken government positions with puppets, and EarthGov was considered the global governing power, with all four major companies agreeing to take control of Earth with four positions of power, all unified under one law, one currency, and split among each corporation. They held a monopoly on every single trade, remaining the dominant powers of the world. They all agreed for mutual peace, but to this day still perform industrial and military espionage against one another.


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