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Post by EyesofMarch on Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:26 am

[???;?] A Lost Mother Cries... The_Golden_Egg___Myth_by_ThisYearsGirl

The egg lay dormant.. Prettied and decorated by those who had worked so hard to keep it uncracked; safe from the dangers of this world. It was beautiful, a sign that innocence remained within' this universe; and it brought hope. And even as a small clicking noise was heard from within' the egg, and a gentle, ever so soft tapping noise was heard.. One's hope was never cracked.

Even as the egg's shell cracked, and a small, blue-skinned finger slowly pushed it's way through the hardened shell.

The gentle tapping continued, for hours it seemed... One was mesmerized as life took hold of reality, and slowly pushed it's way into existence before beholding eyes. Before long, the shell began to fall away, collapsing against the many luminous rocks holding the egg in place; it soon began to fall apart. Four bright, luminous eyes slowly grew from the darkness, in innards of the egg filled with youth, with an innocence unparalleled by anything else. These four purple and silver eyes silently looked up at another set of similiar, yet older eyes; filled with tears of happiness, yet of a sadness he could explain only too well.

The father lowered himself down, slowly grasping the egg's outer shell, and yanked it apart.. Exposing the two twin Kal'Bavakorian babies within'. The sudden sunlight surprised them, and their cries only made the father smile a sharp-toothed grin.

He grasped the two soaked babies, one boy and the other a girl, and lifted them to his armored chest; holding them tightly against himself as they wailed. He bounced them, shushed them softly as he caressed them.. Washed them off, and dressed their minute-old bodies.

Before leaving the birthplace, intent on returning home, the father turned towards a small mound nearby. Upon it was a simple gravestone, carved from the remains of the Terran worlds' many rocks and stones, and upon it was a few simple words; written in hieroglyphs read only by one simple species. With a soft, yet sad smile, he remembered.. He remembered only good, happy times. And she would live on in the twin children that he held within' his arms.

As he turned to leave, one of the children within' the arms of the father gazed over at the tombstone. As lightening flashed above in the grey, threatening sky.. The angel opened her eyes, and did not look away until the father had carried them away...

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