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The Companies

Post by Haze on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:05 am

By 2100, almost all products are designed and made by four companies. Each has a distinct approach to design, and a distinct reputation.


Havok have made their reputation partly by making rugged products with unique features, and partly by adopting an advertising strategy no other company would dare mimic. Havok's slogan: "Because we can asshole" sums up their approach to design, production, and public relations. The Havok Pocket Flamethrower, Acid Fountain, and High Explosive Fart Cushion are all examples of products created for a niche market which never existed. Despite the fact that most Havok products have very little day-to-day relevance, they are some of the most sought after on the planet. No other company manages to generate quite as much enthusiasm about the launch of a new product.

Despite its massive financial success, Havok generates surprisingly little profit. The reason for this is the sheer number of lawsuits filed against it.


Guardian made their mark producing gear for the military, and the various Private Military Corporations employed by EarthGov. The Guardian workforce mainly consists of retired military personnel. They have a reputation for producing heavy duty weaponry and armour. By 2090, almost all equipment used by EarthGov forces was made by Guardian. Because of this, Guardian was barely hurt when EarthGov disbanded and banned all Private Military Corporations. Whilst Guardian products are some of the most high tech and hard wearing, they are often out of the reach of civilian budgets.


Intrepid are Earth's main scientific force. In 2083 they bought out most of EarthGov's research projects. The money for the purchase was commonly known to be laundered cash from mass criminal activities, but EarthGov were desperate for funds at the time, and used the money to finance an army of PMCs and mercenaries. By 2087, not even the most inquisitive researcher would be able to find any hint of dirt on Intrepid's records. As of 2100 they fund practically all research projects, and produce extremely high tech products mostly geared towards researchers and engineers. Most of the EarthGov grants related to the new generation of exploratory space vessels are owned by Intrepid. Whilst the company lacks presence in the field of armour and weaponry, Intrepid dominates production of advanced machinery and computer systems. Currently, Intrepid's main project is the construction of a truly massive solar farm in orbit around the sun, which when complete will be used to mass produce anti-matter.


Yverin products are the most accessible to most of the world's population, they are also by far the most robust. Yverin's Hammer Modular Environment Suit is the best selling MES on the planet, out scoring every other suit combined. Because of this, Yverin products are some of the most iconic. Communes and raider groups across the globe base their flags on Yverin's suits and weapons. Simplicity and redundancy are built into all Yverin products, giving them high value as well as low price. Because of this, Intrepid, Guardian, and even Havok products often outclass Yverin products on paper. Despite limited functionality and lower performance in their suits and weapons, Yverin is the undisputed king of production.

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