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Post by Haze on Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:02 am

Q: What the hell is Futurism?

A: Check out Update# 1 and our promotional picture for some basic information about Futurism. If you have specific questions, there's a thread for them in this discussion board.

Q: Why is there only a "Discussion" board for Futurism? Where's the boards for factions, equipment and lore?

A: We've got a bunch of stuff we're itching to reveal, but we'll mostly be doing that in daily updates. Stay tuned for those updates and you'll find out more. Closer to launch we'll be revealing more boards which you can explore to your heart's content, nerd.

Q: Who are the "Futurism Team?"

A: Update #2 will include a "meet the team" section, so you can get to know who is working on the project, and what they're doing. For now assume they're an infinite number of chimpanzees typing on an infinite number of keyboards.

Q: What about content?

A: We've had our experience with bloated packs, and we're going to work as hard as possible to keep the size to a minimum. Additionally, certain features we'll be unveiling in later updates are designed to increase stuff like character customization without bloating the pack.

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