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04O - Fèiza System Empty 04O - Fèiza System

Post by Omni on Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:16 am

"Warning! Warning! Descent velocity exceeds maximum safe parameters!"

"Will you shut that thing up? Gāisǐ de!" Oratu shouted to his copilot. This was unnecessary- Jas was right next to him. Of course, given the stress of their current situation, the mistake wasn't really relevant.

"Bit busy right now, Orat!"

Oratu and Jas were the only crew of the Freighter Devil's Jewel. They were bringing supplies bought from the Caliphate to aid the war effort. Something had gone wrong during FTL. They weren't quite sure what, though. As a result, they were about to crash onto the surface of Fèiza III, a planet just barely in it's star's habitable zone. Of course, none of the planets in the Fèixū system were particularly cozy. In fact, the word "Fèiza" literally translates into "uninhabitable wasteland" in Vahallan Mandarin.

// Will finish this after a nap.

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