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United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) U_e_s_s__flag_by_acfierro-d2drbge

Formal Name: U.S.S.A (United Soviet States of Astonia)

Informal Names: The Soviets, Red Storm, The Reds, etc.

Abbreviation: U.S.S.A. (Just put U.S.S. on the map)

Population: 6,329,163,231

Technology Tags:

Primary Systems:

Heavy Weapons Doctrine

Armour Doctrine

Frigate Doctrine

Kinetic Doctrine


Advanced Kinetic Weapons

Heavy Armour

Spacious Bays

Powerful Engines

Sturdy Hull Design

Advanced Sensors

Primitive Heat-Sinks

Primitive Energy Weapons

Primitive Point Defense

Light Shields

Species: Humans.

Homeworld Name: Astonia.

Homeworld Location: 014, 0F

Homeworld Description:

Astonia is essentially a winter wonderland, with nearly 76% of the world being covered in water, and the rest in snow covered dense forest and mountains, which provides most of the planet's oxygen. Over years of colonization, the planet thrived almost 39% of the land has been covered in heavy industrial territories, military compounds and research centers.

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) Cea2af2c42b0ce548dfa509907097968

Political System: Socialism.


Pre-Astonian History

The year is 2138 and space is on the minds of every man, child, and government on Earth. The Eastern Bloc made a unanimous decision to colonize space, formally addressing it as The Exodus Project had been initiated. The planet of Kuteznagrad was discovered by a Polish cosmonaut, and shortly after, much debating had begun and eventually the Russians agreed to lift their regulations on colonizing Kuteznagrad. A ticket to go to Kuteznagrad was so low that even the poorest families could afford to go, within a month or so, colonization had begun.

The First Interstellar War had completely erupted, the Eastern Bloc having been the only nations on Earth with a government structure outside of Earth, allowing them to communicate and organize the remainder of what little navies they had. Finally, the order was given and a massive evacuation effort was set forth, many watched as Earth was left to burn, rot, and ultimate die behind them.

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) The_Day_We_Left_Earth_by_88grzes

A piece of artwork done to describe the evacuation of Earth, showing a young slavic female staring back at the ashes.

After the evacuation the Slavic nations began to discuss unifying under one banner, there was a lot of tension behind this with the populace who still considered themselves to be part of their respective nations, this caused a small population of Kuteznagrad to leave elsewhere aboard the "Eastern Bloc" an old merchant ship that had be converted to a colony ship and embarked on a search for a new world elsewhere in space, on 2140.

It took them years of scanning and searching before they eventually found what may have been a suitable planet for colonization, eventually deciding it was worth the resources to get there, they fired up the FTL drive and arrived outside the orbit of the planet and looked back, even from space they could see the massive oceans that ruled the planet and what seemed to be massive storms that moved across the surface, half of the planet. Most of it seeming to consist of evergreens and a very cold climate, atmospheric scans showed levels Oxygen and CO2, meaning that it was capable of sustaining human life without having to use a "middle man".

A shuttle was sent down carrying a small group of volunteers from the ship security, once they landed their were met with knee high snow and a blizzard around them, giant trees rising up to three hundred feet into the sky and mountains all around. One of the men was famously reported for referring to the "Russian Winter", which was notorious for the old-world nation.

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) Snowy_landscape_wallpaper_by_vuenick-d57zlix
The landing zone of the small team of men who first stepped into the snowy lands, and also what would be come Katalia, named after a beautiful Russian actress from Earth.

The Eastern Bloc eventually landed on a rather large clearing and colonization had begun, finally after decades of searching they had set foot on their planet in July 1st, 2162. The small colony of about two hundred thousand began build civilization, formally naming the planet Astonia and adopting a government; The Republic of Astonia was born from the ashes of old-world nations. Independent and alone, left to survive for themselves.

Astonian Era History

In the early years of the newly formed Republic, it was considered a hazard, unknown wildlife traveled the surface, vaguely resembling massive bears that were an estimated six hundred pounds and if they stood up tall, they could reach heights of 9' - 14' tall. The Astonians officially call it a "bear", but in fact it's quite different. Despite issues with wildlife, disease was another big issue and it became apparent that they needed to were hazardous containment suits from the start.

Despite these hardships the Republic thrived and by 2213, they had three massive cities, Katalia, Skavodsk, and Roga. Each of them were assigned specific tasks, Roga was a heavy industrial center for the young nation, producing nearly 69% of the world's manufactured goods, Skavodsk remained the agricultural center, it also became rich with culture in terms of cuisine, many new exotic plants had been grown and old ones adopted for the new environment. Now, the beautiful city of Katalia... a oasis in the snowy wastes, also the population has thrived to a massive three hundred million in the last fifty years or so.

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) First_snow_by_Klocjusz

The beautiful city of Katalia, a thriving civilization in the snow.

The society was met with a sudden realization on July 23rd, 2214 that the nation and planet as a whole was left undefended against an outside threat, what if they ended up like Earth? It was decided by the high council of elected officials that it was of utmost importance that they protect their homeworld from threats, domestic or foreign. They started to spend large amounts of resources, money, and time into military funding. By 2223, they had over seventeen fortresses, a military of about one million and a rather large navy orbiting the planet, though at the price of the economy, protesting had begun and unemployment hit about 37%, the Republic recovered, but not without scars.

Throughout the twenty-third century saw an economic rollercoaster, like in 2231, 2253, 2267. 2272, 2291, and the last crisis of the Republic, 2299, unemployment hit a record high of 47%, nearly half of the nation was below the point of poverty, a new party emerged back in 2296, called the Anti-Astonian Socialisty Party (AASP), headed by Boris Goraya. The AASP rose in power by late 2299, as tensions grew and the Astonian Government started enforcing martial law, it was only a time before the world erupted into revolution, on the dawn of the new century January 1st, 2300 the AASP's newly formed military, the Socialist Liberation Army, SLA forces marched into Roga and completely destroyed the 3rd and 1st Astonian Army, over the next seven years, bloody battle after battle happened. In the end, an estimated one billion dead. Though, the SLA marched into the President's home, captured him and his family, before executing all of them two months later.

The Socialist resistance turned to a political agenda, disbanding most of their military and working to restore the world back to it's old nature, formally adopting the name, United Socialist States of Astonia, the U.S.S.A. A new era had begun for the new century.

Modern Soviet Era History

Ten years into the new Soviet era, 2317, the Soviet Government led by Alonsofy Levik were passing a series of new laws and regulations to help control the people, within the first three years they had brought down the rich and raised up the poor, essentially destroying the social-economic classes and forming everyone on an equal economic level, taxes were pouring into the government and in return being released back into the populace, propaganda spread as they still divided amounts of money into military research, mainly researching advanced body armor, mechanical limb assistants, naval construction and planetary defense.

As time passed, generations died off and the world prospered, by the mid twenty fourth centry, 2355, the population reached a massive four billion and industrial and agricultural cities expanded, now it was estimated that 49% of the land on Katalia was covered with industrial, military and scientific facilities, they focused on mass-production and adopted the ideals of quantity over quality, creating reliable and robust design.

Eventually, as the population grew and grew, the government created regulations against reproduction, eventually developing birthing centers, where women volunteered to be pampered and impregnated, and once the children were born, if deemed physically fit they were sent to the military, if they were not good enough they were sent to nurturing centers were they were raised and tested again, if deemed fit sent to the military, if not they were given to families and raised into Soviet citizens.

It was almost a Utopia, but as many know this is impossible for a human civilization, people began to grow in unrest by 2381 and started protesting, eventually in 2398 rioting started, the Soviet Government deemed this unsuitable and sent in a company of loyalists to settle the issue, but once the rioters turned onto the soldiers they fired into the crowds, it was said blood ran through the streets of Roga for weeks.

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) Soviet_Utopia_by_JaimePosadas

A propaganda poster showing the famous Russian actress who the capital was named after, Katalina.

The public was outraged by this, but over time more regulations were passed and more propaganda campaigns were forced against the people and overtime, it worked. People began to think the Soviets were invincible and a sense of patriotism sweeped across the nation, the population hit a record high of around six billion and the government has sent out scanners to search for other life in the first time, finally discovering what appears to be other life in this dark ocean of space. The government has called for the men and women of his planet, to rise up and prepare for a new era. The famous speech Vladimir Zanovich has proclaimed that the U.S.S.A. is destined to stretch across the galaxy, to claim the Universe for their own, men and women have flocked to enlist and the Astonia has prepared for a massive storm. A Red Storm.

~Important Information~

Important People


President Vladimir Zanovich

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) 2169_killzone-2-scolar-visari-wallpaper

Standing at five feet tall, sixty five years old and brutal. He rules with an iron fist and is often referred to as the Iron Hand, raised as Alonsofy's protege he was brought up to love the cause and support the cause of the Soviets, he has said that hte Soviets will reach out and conquer the known universe, loved by the masses.

Field-Marshall Artyom Borichev

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) Admiral_orlock_by_billym12345-d3d59dn

The Marshall stands at an abnormal seven feet tall, the man is often called Papa Bear for his sheer size, even at the age of forty seven, the man could still knock down any many in the Red Army. A true soviet at heart, he is short-tempered, prideful and loves his men, he often foolishly likes to be in the thick of it, often travelling along the front-lines to check over his man. He has been decorated with some of the highest medals, including Hero of Astonia and the medal of the Army.

Admiral Dimitry Akileev

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) Oficer-final-1200-optim_original

Akileev standing at an average five foot ten, his build is average, except his broad shoulders and jaw structure, considered a naval genius by many he is the commander of the Navy and captain of the flag ship, U.S.S. Motherland, an honorable man in nature, and a radical Soviet, just as all of the high-ranking officials are.

Soviet Armed Forces

The Red Army

United Soviet States of Astonia (USS) Helghast_by_spectre207-d4ttysi

The back-bone of the U.S.S.A. Military, wearing the very cheap but effective CEHPA-3 (Combat Effective Hazardous Protective Armor), it has a system that manages to maintain body-heat in the harsh temperatures on Astonia, soldiers often wearing winter jackets for extra warm, mainly consisting of bear fur from the many bears that still populate the planet.

The Soviet Navy

The Naval Might of the U.S.S.A., consisting of robust design with armor and heavy weapons used as primary focus, the massive flagship is approximately four and a half kilometers long, making it a massive spacecraft in space armed to the teeth with top of the line Soviet weapons.

Soviet Intelligence Division

The U.S.S.A's elite unit of intelligence agents, special forces and homeland security, armed with the best equipment in the Soviet Arsenal, they are the best of the best, ready to deal damage where damage is needed.

The Soviet Armory


V-TAR 2438: Developed by Viktor Rigorov, it was a two decade long project, originally being planned in 2422, it had many issues in the beginning and jammed often, the original concept being scrapped, but in 2230 they hit a big breakthrough with the design and immediately began working on a prototype, by 2235 it was ready for display, the Soviet Military Council adopted the rifle as a standard issue weapon in 2438. Capable to be equipped with multiple attachments, such as sights, under-barrel shotguns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers, suppressors and various others.

Weight: 7.6kg.

Cartridge: 7.62x50mmSR.

Action: Gas Operated.

Rate of fire: 600 RPM.

Muzzle Velocity: 900 m/s.

Maximum Range: 650 - 800 meters.

Feed system: 60 Round Drum Magazine.

Sights: Ironsights, Holographic, and PSO-55 4x.

RHMG-2440: Developed by Viktor Rigorov, it was made to be a defensive weapon but was adopted by power-armored units and squads alike. Officially research began on November 14th, 2437 and was finally completed in 2439, but was not adopted by the military until 2440, which it was then named after the year of it's adoption.

Weight: 37.3kg, 42.1 w/ Tripod.

Cartridge: 14.39x81mm

Action:Gas Operated.

Rate of fire: 800 RPM.

Muzzle Velocity: 1,400 m/s.

Maximum Range: 800 meters.

Feed system: 500 round belt.

Sights: Ironsights and Holographic.

Makovich 22: The Red Army first saw the need for shotguns as a fast means of taking down door-ways, and rather than just making a door-breaker, they developed a full blown CQC weapon. They began development of the weapon in 2398 and it has gone through three different weapons to reach it's current form, now it stands as a pump-action shotgun with a eight shell capacity.

Weight: 7.6kg.

Cartridge: 20x70 Buckshot, Slug, High Explosive, and Breaching shells.

Action: Gas Operated.

Rate of fire: Pump-action.

Muzzle Velocity: 1,200 m/s.

Maximum Range: 300 meters.

Feed system: 7+1 internal tube.

Sights: Ironsights.

RPG-43: As the ideals of expanding the Soviet's reach spread in the later 30s, military funding sky-rocketed and the RPG-43 was produced, they wanted a multi-purpose rocket launcher.

Weight: 34.3kgs.

Cartridge: 250mm.

Action: Gas Operated.

Rate of fire: Single fire.

Muzzle Velocity: 300 m/s.

Maximum Range: 1,600 meters.

Feed system: 1 RPG Round loaded.

Sights: Holographic sight w/ rangefinder.

Vehicles of the Soviet Union

T-300 Main Battle Tank 'Mammoth':The T-300 was part of the U.S.S.A. military focus for the up-coming Red Storm. Developed by a team of Soviet Engineers in 2389, this tank was adopted as a T-250, but after facing multiple mechanical errors with the engine, it was scrapped and they came up with the T-300, a top of the line, nuclear powered MBT, with some of the thickest armor the Soviet Union has to offer, and a long powerful barrel. This tank is a beast.

SLAV-38: The Strelok Light Armored Vehicle was a rather quick project in terms of development, but it had formally been in the works for ten years, having finally been put into service 2432, it could reach up to 80 MPH. While it does not have the thicket armor, it carries a heavy 33mm auto-cannon on-top and is capable of fitting twenty men, including crew.


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