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Post by Double D on Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:41 am

Upon entering the Jadeda Mecca System, even the most primitive sensory arrays would be pick up the dozens upon dozens of satellites orbiting the planets and moons of the system. At the center of the Jadeda Mecca system sits the ever bright star Asfar Shams. At only 2.135 billion years old, Asfar Shams isn't going anywhere in any hurry.

A mere 27.4 million kilometers away from Asfar Shams, Khuwaylid 1 is a blistering 606 Kelvin. With no atmosphere of which to speak of, it's not hard imagine that their is no life on this barren wasteland of a world. It's mineral makeup is poor to say the least, a result of an over-sized core and an underdeveloped crust layer. Volcanic eruptions are common place, along with rivers of lava.

In terms of livability, Sawada 2 isn't much better than Khuwaylid 1. Keeping at a constant 454 Kelvin, the planet struggles to keep what little atmosphere it has left. Judging by its chemical makeup, it can be assumed that Khuwaylid 1 and Sawada 2 were at one point the same planet before being struck by some unknown source. In terms of size, Sawada 2 is just a hair larger than a sixth of the Earth.

Without a doubt, the most important planet in the entire system would be Abu Bakr 3. Despite being only two thirds the size of Earth, Abu Bakr 3 is only cover in .5% water. With an atmosphere made-up of about 76.3% Nitrogen, 21.5% Oxygen and the other 2.2% made up of trace elements, Abu Bakr 3 would appear to be a favorable place for human life, were it not for the scorching heat. Even in the deepest valleys in the dead of winter, lows only reach 54 degrees Celsius. On average, Abu Bakr 3 remains a blistering 70.3 Celsius. Despite being mostly bedrock, dust storms are not unheard of, though they rarely last for more than an Abu Bakr 3 day (Which is roughly 19 hours). Only a few indigenous types of wildlife roam Abu Bakr 3, most of which bear a striking similarity to those found on Earth’s deserts. Even with probes, only a few radio towers, solar panels and small settlements would be detected. With such conditions, it’s hard to imagine Abu Bakr 3 being anything more than an outpost. But the ever adapting man found a way.

Underneath the bedrock, tunnels stretch miles upon miles where the temperature is dramatically cooler. Bustling railway systems, massive factories and commercial cities all thrive under the protective grounds of Abu Bakr 3. Acres upon acres of hydroponic fields sit underground, all powered by the system’s sun and the planet’s core. It is only through a few airlocks that anything may enter or exit. The mountain ranges that cover the planet have been hollowed to some extent, making them massive defensive structures as to defend the planet should it come to that. Even under the vast bedrock plains exist mobile firing platforms, ready to rise to the defense of the Holy Land. Because of the nature of the tunnel, personal vehicles are almost unheard of. These tunnels are the remains of the ever growing mining operation on Abu Bakr 3. Whether caused by greed or devotion to Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), miners work non-stop in hopes of discovering the next deposit of valuable ores and metals.

As the only moon of Abu Bakr 3, Aisha 3 was the second terrestrial planet to be colonized by the Caliphate. It's chemical makeup is similar to that of Abu Bakr 3, as is its atmosphere. The planet itself is rather flat, though there are some mountain ranges large enough to appear on a map. Several large cities exist on the planet's surface, though just like Abu Bakr 3, a majority of the population is underground.

After Abu Bakr 3 comes the massive planet Umar 4. Nearly 16 times the size of Abu Bakr 3, Umar 4 is capable of holding two moons, which it does. Fatima 4 and Hafsa 4 are those moons, and both of which have been colonized. Despite the lower temperatures, Umar 4 and its moons all have atmospheres that are unfriendly to human life. None the less, this has not stopped mining operations for uranium and other valuable metals.

Last, but not least is Umaimah 5, the last planet in the system. Just as it is the only gas giant in the system, Umaimah 5 is also the only planet in the system named after woman. It is Umaimah 5's moon that is worth noting. Despite being eighteen times smaller than Abu Bakr 3, Zaynab 5 is a hotbed of odd and unique elements. The outpost on Zaynab 5 is small but ever growing.

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A simulation of the Jadeda Mecca system, excluding the moons.

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Post by Hades on Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:48 am

A shady sensor contact would suddenly be picked up near Abu Bakr 3, coupled with a radiological detection. It would be difficult to say what the most worrying part was; that a capital-size ship has managed to silently jump into orbit, or that it was loading nukes?

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Post by Double D on Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:11 am

Zulfiqar – Secondary Heavy Gun Battery

The entire battery turned in flawless mechanical unison, or so Taymullah assumed. His display screen showed the system’s newest arrival, naked for all to see. Compared to his previous station, the nearing ship was a monstrous beast, nearly seven times its size. Even now, aboard the mighty Zulfiqar it wasn’t hard to admire the sheer size of ship. But he wasn’t on the Sarawat anymore.

The Zulfiqar wasn’t big. It wasn’t large. It wasn’t massive. It was freakish. If asked how big it was by a civilian, Taymullah would have answered that he hadn’t a clue. But he knew the ship, if it could even be called a ship, was a massive forty kilometers in length. Bristled with guns in a variety of calibers capable of destroying nearly any ship, the Zulfiqar was the Caliph’s gift to the people of Abu Bakr 3 and Aisha 3. It had never been used, but the sheer amount of firepower and armor insured that anything that had the misfortune of fighting the Caliphate would suffer dearly.

From what had been reported, the First Fleet had made contact and still wasn’t certain about those they had met. But the arrival of the unknown contact put them from high alert to full alert. Full Alert had been hypothetical since the station had been put on paper, and the drill was often treated like a joke by the crew. Most of superiors would even leak the dates and times of the drill. But when Amala, the ships AI system, announced it around mid-night Taymullah and his crew knew it was something more.
As he thought about, Amala spoke up once again, her voice clearly a digital production.

<:: All crews prepare for immedaite contact; Fire on given marks; ::>

Questioning what he had heard, he called to his calibrator to confirm. With his ears not deceiving him, Taymullah turned his back to the dash. As he typed in the coordinates and estimated time of arrival with one hand, his other thumbed one by the one the beads of his misbaha. As he waited for the order, he prayed in silence.

He prayed to the Protector so that he and his friends may stay safe.
He prayed to the Judge so that those who would perish find peace in the afterlife.
He prayed to the Pardoner so that his sins and the sins of all may be forgiven.
He prayed to th-

<:: Secondary Heavy Gun Battery, Firing as ordered; Three; Two; One; Fire Ordinance; ::>

Jadeda Mecca nearspace

In what could be described as only the most dazzling lightshow in the Jadeda Mecca system since its creation, Zulfiqar’s guns fired. Battery after battery opened up, their guns alight with flaming death. From its many hangars came swarms of fighters, like locust on a delicate crop.

Abu Bakr 3 – Ibrahim ibn Ya’qub District – Nili Bazaar

“Even if I were twice the fool your wife was I would never pay those prices!” called Hamal as he left the coffee dealers stand. That wasn’t entirely true, for only moments earlier he had been serious about buying a hundred kilograms of the bean, but he could never allow Aswad to know that. Readjusting the corner of his keffiyeh, Hamal set out into the depths of the bazaar.

Set nearly three miles from the surface, the Nili Bazaar should have been a good forty degrees cooler than the surface. Instead it remained nearly 31 degrees Celsius. Even with a ceiling that was nearly a quarter of mile high, the heat of so many active peoples made the bazaar one of the hottest places in the district. It also made it one of the most dangerous for someone who wasn’t careful. Urchins ran up and down the alleys looking for the chance to pick a dinar card from an unsuspecting customer, while slaves of hashish prayed on merchants with large pockets and even larger profit margins.

As it would be, Hamal was neither an unsuspecting customer nor a large pocketed merchant. Unlike so many of the people around him, Hamal walked with purpose, his head high and his back straight. Standing nearly two meters even, the man stood over almost everyone in the bazaar with ease. His arms were as thick as his beard, which was impressive for someone a hair older than a half century. People moved to either side to clear a path for him, intimidated by either his sheer size or the large scimitar that hung from his size.

Finally he reached his desired destination. Dug in between a rug weaver’s den and a software developer’s studio, the café was a flawless example of new and old. On one hand elderly men sat smoking hookahs nearly three feet tall, the smell of rich shisha flooding the air around them. On the other, they discussed the latest strategy-simulation software. Nodding respectfully to the men, Hamal entered the café and sat himself down. Without being asked the waiter brought forth a dallah filled with Al-Qahwa, two fenjan cups and a plate of candied pecans.

Filling each fenjan with care, Hamal found himself greeted by a man half his age. The young man was stouter than most, but he still commanded respect. It had been nearly five and a quarter century since the end of the Great War, but if that was the case, no one had told the man, whose military dress uniform stuck out in a sea of white robes. Never the less, the soldier began to eat several candied pecans at once.

”Sabal el kheer Vice Sergeant Tabak. Please help yourself to my pecans and coffee. I only took time out of my day to watch you gorge yourself.”

Maybe the sarcastic tone had gotten to the young man or perhaps he had merely eaten his fill, though both seemed equally unlikely in Hamal’s eyes. Tabek dusted off his mouth and his beard, resulting in a mixture of sand and sugar to sprinkle onto the table.

”My deepest apologizes Emir Hamal. I have forgotten myself and will not allow it to happen again. As you know, I have only recently returned for a visit to jahnnam. I only had time to briefly shower and change before our meeting.”

”You are forgiven Tabek, but next time, at least greet me before eating.”

For the next two hours the men conversed over a wide variety of subjects, ranging from the newest hardware in the Caliphate’s Arsenal to local gossip on marriages. Despite the difference in age, the men only stopped talking to order and consume coffee and a hookah. They were nearly three quarters finished with a bowl of honey shisha when the Adhan sounded across the bazaar. The two old friends smiled to one another, laughing as the both put down money for the early morning snack.

”I can afford it, so put it away. Anyways, you’ll need it sooner than later if you’re to buy that apartment.”

The younger of the two frowned, putting the money back in his wallet. For a moment, the two stared at one another before embracing one another. They kissed one another on the cheeks, giving formal farewells.

”Stay out of trouble, or at least try.”

”It’s you who needs to watch out.”

Still smiling as they went their separate ways, Hamal headed into the sea of people, off for Zuhr.

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