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Coalition of Cleansed Territories (CCT) Empty Coalition of Cleansed Territories (CCT)

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Coalition of Cleansed Territories (CCT) Fascist_britain_flag_by_htilden42-d2xsov9

Formal Name: Coalition of Cleansed Territories.
Informal Names: Cleansers.
Abbreviation: C.C.T.
Population: Around ten billion.

Technology Tags: Armour doctrine, Frigate Doctrine, Kinetic Doctrine. Planetary Forces Doctrine.

Species: Humanity.

Homeworld Name: Leonis.
Homeworld Location: 12M
Homeworld Description: A nuclear wasteland by any name, large living centers dotted around the surface. Though most of the population lives under the ground in the multiple governmental and privatized bunker homes, the land came this way from years of combat for control of the lands owned by the predecessor of the C.C.T. It is around the size of Mars in the sol system, with patches of 'clean' lands near the poles of the planet. In orbit are defenses and space debris, as well as two notable ship yards.

Political System: Fascism, anti-communism. Civilians believe that the Terran's are gods compared to Xeno races.
History: Leonis and Malcarri started out as European colonies, housing upwards to 8 billion humans without homes. Most ethnic backgrounds were English, German and Swedish. It followed the political style of the U.S.A with four year long terms and chances at re-election. Eventually a group would rise for an attempt at the candidacy, though they would sit well with the popular votes, the sitting government decided their fascist ideals would be harmful to the population and the group was suppressed and outlawed. This would only fuel the populaces desire for the Fascist government leading the nation, riots would break out, the police forces trying their best to hold back the tides of brainwashed citizens.

The rioting and protesting would go a month before real violence broke out. After paying-off a police officer, four members of the Fascist party would break into a police armory and take the whole station, executing each receptionist, officer and janitor. Labeling them oppressors and encouraging the actions across the cities. Over the coming months, military assets would side for and against the Fascist movement. Eventually the sitting government would threaten to clean out all Fascist held cities to dismantle their forces or face extermination. Fascist focus would change to protecting their populace and expanding the bunker systems for living spaces. This would take nine months, meaning both sides were at stand-still. The sitting government not wanting to follow through with their threat. After bunker systems were capable, all civilians were ordered down to the bunkers. The Fascist army marching again to take even more military assets, then the governments threat became a reality, the Fascists retaliated. The war was over in three hours, both sides decimating the others with ISBM's designed for orbital defense. There is no winner in nuclear war, but the Fascist movement was able to dig through the rubble and assume control of the Netus system.

Now using what is left of the stockpiles left from the war, the Fascists, now named the C.C.T. Have been cleaning house in the Netus system. All non-terran life-forms were taken into custody and studied. Biological superiority becoming a large belief for civilians. Due to the numerous speeches made by the High-Authority of the C.C.T. Military patrols are common-place within Metroplexes, the threat of Democratic insurgency being too large to be ignored. After multiple attacks on military factories on Malcarri, the moon of Leonis was terraformed and the northern pole now a large factory spanning around 75% of the pole, if it were destroyed C.C.T infrastructure would be crippled.

Most of the Fascists parties beliefs stem from the genocide performed by the Alarei, finding their retaliation unjust. Most of what's left of the Alien population in the Netus system are held in various camps or research facilities around C.C.T held planets. Though clean up efforts from the Civil-War have down their part, some major slums have popped up in larger cities (Save the Capital) filled with refugee's, they are nicknamed Down-Zones for their lack of progression with neighboring areas. Though these down-zones are regularly checked by Gestapo Strike Teams there are no dedicated police forces for these slums, making them havens for Democratic rebels. -wip-

C.C.T Armory.
-wip commonly changing-

Type 877 Infantry Assault Suit.
The basic Coalition troopers sword and shield. The armor is designed to take the brunt of ballistic weapons fire and give the user time to get into cover if hit. The Type 114 assault rifle that is often the weapon used by soldiers on the front-line fires the experimental 8.14mm explosive round, deadly to un-armored targets, slightly effective to armored infantry. The helmet gives the user a direct link to command during battle and movement sensors can be turned off and on regarding to user preference.

Type 426-I Recon Armor.
The combat suit of Gestapo officers working in hostile territory, as with all Gestapo issued suit's it has some form of optical disorientation device. These suit's in particular allow the user to blend with his environment through the use of micro-cameras. Almost invisible.

Type 515 Elite Armor.
Reserved for those at the rank of Lieutenant or those who join Gestapo Strike Teams, these suit's are able to take the brunt of high-caliber ballistics and shrug it off. In combat the helmet seals, covering the users head from incoming small arms fire, higher calibers can easily penetrate the helmet however. It is also quite resistant to plasma weapons, development of these suit's a age old process.

Type 516 Shock Trooper Armor.
Heavy armor distributed to squads of the Malcarri Shock Trooper regiments, they are designed for leading the way. Capable of shrugging off heavily ballistics and almost impervious to small arms, these suits are the downfall of whatever trench line stands in their way. The one problem is the only facility capable of building them is under Democratic control so they are in short supply.

Gestapo Officer Uniform.
The average Uniform of the Gestapo, fitted with all the equipment they would need. As always, a optic disorientation device is equipped with the uniform. Often making the user very hard to notice or pay attention too, or in some extreme cases, invisible depending on how well the affected users eyesight is. Padded armor is present all around the torso, normally hidden if the trench-coat is zipped up. The uniform is extremely light-weight, allowing quick maneuvers to be pulled off without lugging around armor plating.

Type 331 Gauss Sniper Rifle.
A heavy duty sniper rifle used by basic sniper teams of the C.C.T, capable of punching through most body armour and most vehicles. Long ranged.

Type 62 APC.
The main armored transport vehicle of Coalition, can fit one whole squad and has a large amount of composite and spaced armor, highly resistant to IED's.

C.C.T Vehicles.
-wip while i get my excel sheet of space craft-

Type 528 Multi-Terrain Combat Vehicle.
Designed to handle tough environments and outfitted with either basic dumb fire missiles or two .50 caliber HMG's. The Type 528 is designed to either, drop off infantry, support infantry, anti infantry roles, anti tank roles and scout roles. Making it a useful tool in combat situations.

Type 4 Tank.
A tank commonly produced for the C.C.T military, forming the backbone of any tank battalion. These hard hitting, low profile armored vehicles can be a serious threat to any enemy tank charges, their low to the earth silhouette letting them hide easy behind fences and walls. As assaulting tanks their advantage doesn't leave either, working like snipers with their accurate cannons as Type 110's charge into the fray.

Type 110 King Lynx
The new MBT of the C.C.T that makes the Type 4 look like a light tank. Armed with a large 220m Hybrid Rifle, using coil-gun technology to make the armor penetration even more devastating. The armor has withstood basic artillery rounds at a close range. 50 caliber machine guns are located on all sides to give it anti-personnel capabilities, even useful on lightly armored targets like scout vehicles. A air-intercept missile pod is located on the turret, able to lock on to most air targets. Flare and chaff systems are also located on the tank, alongside smoke canister launchers, which can just as easily launch tear gas. Some physical anti-missile systems are located, launching small projectiles to impact with AT missiles.

Luthfansa B-1
A heavy lifting aircraft, capable of carrying large quantities of heavy vehicles of infantry, entering a trail stage under the Luthfansa corporation for mass deployment in various theaters, the fifteen trial products are present on Kotunga currently.

Type 2 Dropship.
One of the oldest serving Vehicles of the C.C.T, having seen action during Democratic wars, the Civil War and any conflict the C.C.T has started will most likely have Type 2's decorating the skies. Their heavy lifting capacity and large cargo bay can hold a full platoon or heavy armored vehicles.

Type 36 Fighter Bomber.
A Fighter/Bomber capable of fulfilling both roles, commonly used to escort Merkis craft. Can be armed with AA or CAS loadouts.

Type 14 Utility Truck.
A simple utility truck for movement of supplies or wounded.

Castle-Class Missile Cruiser.

Fortress-Class Air/Drone-craftcarrier.

Monastery-Class Battleship.

Type 9 Ground Attack Aircraft.

Notable People.
-all is wip-

High-Authority Holbach.
The leader of the C.C.T and head of the Lord-Authorities, his choice is final and his and the Lord-Authorities work have remade Leonis and Malcarri into modern metropolis's, at the cost of oppression of most people and the manic belief of biological superiority spread throughout the populace.

Lord-Authority Fortnum.
The Lord-Authority overseeing the Gestapo, old and soon to be replaced, he has multiple successful operations under his belt. Knowledge on many alien races stashed away in his office may retire with him, following tradition of Gestapo officers leaving the organization. Able to authorize anything concerning the Gestapo without Holbach's approval.

Lord Authority Rohner.
Leader of the C.C.T Navy, normally on the Capital Ship which stays in orbit around Leonis but has lead battle-groups from other craft, the Capital ship commonly staying in orbit of Leonis.

Lord Authority Finley.
Overseer of Coalition planet purges, normally aimed at removing one sole minority of non-terran species for what reasons seen fit, grand strategist and covered in medals, a true Coalition hero.[i][b]

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