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The ship was awkwardly quiet. Vinkov sat in the cockpit, idly monitoring the controls. He looks back to the door leading to the rest of the ship. Sighing, he pulls himself out of the chair and moves through the ship, the automated doors opening. He walks past several doors in a bleak, brightly lit grey hallway. He turns a corner and walks up to a door marked "LIVING QUARTERS B." He knocks on the door. No reply is heard. A moment later the door opens. Koschei sits in a chair, a multitool for augmentation adjustment and repair in her right hand, her left arm lays limply on a table as she fiddles with it. Vinkov leans up against the doorway and crosses his arms,"What are you up to?" Koschei ignores him for a couple of seconds, sparks flying from her arm. She pauses the welding to reply with a matter of fact statement,"Creating the illusion that my cybernetic systems have been sufficiently damaged. It is already a doubtful idea that you would be able to capture me, dead or alive." Vinkov smirks,"I'm tougher than I look." Koschei brings the multitool up from her arm, it appears to be gashed in several areas, wiring and hydraulics exposed. She looks up to him again with a dead stare,"You are facing the Blacksharks, not Zeleniyan grunts." She pauses, raising her multitool to her face, she then looks at him again, holding out the multitool. "Take this, decommission my left eye." He uncrosses his arms and takes the multitool, sparking up the welding tool again. He grips the back of her shaved head and slowly brings it in, firing up the welder against her cybernetic eye. As he does this he speaks,"Why did you leave them?"

She sits with a blank face as he destroys the left eye,"Because I fear what they search for, and I would not assist them in their goal." Vinkov brings back the multitool, looking down at her with some amusement,"Afraid? That's surprising for someone named the Deathless." She swerves her head up at him suddenly, speaking with a tone of frustration and anger in her otherwise calm and blank voice,"What they search could make them the Gods that they've tried in vain to sell their souls to become." He raises his eyebrows, she snatches the multitool from his hand. He takes a step back, inquiring,"Little hypocritical for someone who used to be one of them? Koschei looks down at her right arm, beginning to cut the artificial skin up. She speaks in a solemn tone,"I was given a choice. Perish in the dark depths of the homeworld, or evolve. I chose to evolve." Vinkov's eyes drift off, pondering this. Suddenly, an alarm rings twice throughout the ship, a calm male voice speaking,"ATTENTION, EXITING JUMP IN 5 MINUTES. EXITING JUMP IN, 5 MINUTES." Vinkov glanced down at Koschei, who did not return the gaze and continued to create the illusion of her dismantled augmentations. He moves through the ship to the armory, taking out the ZShG demolisher. It folds up into the size of a football and he stuffs it under his trench coat, moving towards the cockpit.

He sits down in the pilot's seat, gripping the joystick. The ship jolts, exiting the jump. The viewports in the cockpit open up, revealing a dead planet with a ring of asteroids. He moves the ship to descend into the atmosphere. A minute later, a deep, emotionless voice hails him,
"You know very well where you are. Turn around." He presses down on the transmit button,"I have captured the Deathless." There was a pause, as he hung in space around the asteroids. A few minutes later a reply is heard,"Proceed, pad one." The ship descended into the atmosphere once again. It shook heavily as it descending through the dark clouds. Thunder echoed throughout the sky, and a flash of lightning struck the ship. It shook heavily, and the ship's shield console let out a high pitched whine. Vinkov jumps at the lightning, cursing loudly,"Shit! Who the hell makes this place a home? This is hell!" He exits the bottom of the clouds, rain streaking across the viewport. He guides himself down further, seeing some lights shine through the low visibility. He presses on the autopilot button, and the ship swerves around. It does a 180, levels out with the ground, and descends. Bright floodlights shine through the viewport into the cockpit, he raises his hand to shield his eyes. A medium sized metal bunker sits in front of him, with landing pads adjacent to it in all cardinal directions. Three figures stand in the bright lights. They are large, obviously wielding huge weaponry, and stand stock-still in the heavy rain. He squints at them, then closes the viewports, he sighs and mutters under his breathe"Time to meet the family." He takes the high-tech handcuff braces off the dashboard and walks into the main hallway. Koschei stands at her intimidating six foot three, waiting for Vinkov. She looked like shit. From her burned out eyes to her limping right leg. Vinkov had to hand it to her, she was pretty convincing. Now all that was left was for him to be.

The ramp of the ship drops, Koschei is stumbles down, her hands cuffed together in front of her. Her hands hit the rocky planet's surface, she grunts through her gasmask. Vinkov walks down the steps, wielding the ZShG demolisher in his right arm, centered down on Koschei. He kicks her square in the back,
"Up, up, come on." She reels forward onto her feet. The guards stand like statues. Vinkov moves her forward, approaching the middle guard. He speaks in a condescending tone towards Koschei, the microphone in the gasmask speaking clearly through the rain,"Our beloved Sister returns. I knew you'd get homesick, dear. Come.. He would like to speak to you and your captor." Koschei limps heavily, following the man through the heavy rain. As the two pass by the large guards on either side of them, they turn in unison and follow behind. They enter the bunker, and walk onto a cargo lift. The gasmask of the main guard folds back to reveal an aged Rhg'Zezian that had retained his youth through his augmentations. Vinkov tore off his gasmask, and Koschei's as well. The shadowy figure turns his head to Vinkov, speaking in an enlightened tone,"Your reward will be great, hunter. This one has troubled us for many years, and to show up unannounced with her.. It would garner you many gifts. It is remarkable that someone so unpurified by cybernetics could capture this one." Vinkov shrugs, maintaining a careless face,"Whatever, I came for the rubles." The figure then nods once, and does not speak of the matter again. The lift creaks and halts as it reaches the bottom floor. The guards shove Koschei out, dragging her along. Vinkov pulls his arm out of the demolisher, it folds up automatically as he packs it away into his trench coat.

The large, grand entrance of the Blacksharks lair was elaborately built. They went up the large stone steps, to a set of ornate wooden doors. Above the doors, a huge banner was hung, light by two search lights. The doors opened automatically, throwing themselves inward. Vinkov walked into something he did not expect of a mercenary group. A large, dimly lit palace. Stone steps, huge pillars, an ornate roof with a modified version of the Sistine Chapel. The man reaching out was a weak, pale Rhg'Zezian. God was a super augmented being reaching out to his hand. The dark mercenaries of the Blacksharks walked around in hoods and robes over their large augmented bodies. They stopped in their tracks to watch as Koschei was dragged across the palace. They made their way straight through the church-like entrance and into another set of doors. Vinkov was led down many hallways, and it was nothing remotely Rhg'Zezian. There was no lifeless, sterile, grey-panel walls and industrial lighting. It was a comforting, almost holy environment. Finally they approached a vault door. It swung open, and they entered. It was a dark room. A light shined in only the center, a man on a throne. However, in the back of the room, there is a light cast over the Ignition. His heart sped up as he saw it, the legendary piece was within his grasp. He wears a dark blue robe with a hood, casting a shadow over his face. The guards shove Koschei in the center, in front of the man on the throne. Vinkov stands in the dark, watching.

The man stands slowly, opening his hands towards Koschei. They were a deep black, with synthetic muscle surrounding them. He puts his hands on her cheeks, raising her head up.
"Sister Koschei.. at last I see your wonderful face in person again.." She looks up at him, mouth agape in feigned shock, her eyes blanker than ever. He drops her head, letting it droop down in front of her again. He walks around her,"You betrayed your family, Koschei, after we did.. -I- did, to purify you. Your sin was so great, Koschei.. I could sense it. I tried to help you, I tried to purify you with the pile of wasted limbs and cybernetics you have become. I tried so hard to enlighten you. But I fear that even if you had my purifications.. your blood would still be tainted. It saddens me greatly, while we are so close to purification.. You could be free of the evils that taint you once we Ascend.. But it is too late for that now. You betrayed us, dear sister. And now you must pay the ultimate price." All at once, Vinkov sensed the escort group was not the only other people in the room. Dark figures closed in a circle around the two at the throne, brushing past Vinkov's shoulders. Vinkov began to sweat profusely, this was not going how he had planned. He reached into his trench coat slowly, his arm sliding into the demolisher. The man on the throne pulled out a hand held device, it seemed to be loaded with a dart filled with clear liquid. He raises it above his head, light shining on his cybernetic face. "O' Machinefathers, hear me. I unwrap this sinful one's mortal coil, for she has betrayed us. Never will she see the greatness of the Ever-Melding, nor feel the serenity, the harmony of man and machine working as one. She is of the dying generation, and so, with this devious elixir-" Vinkov's grip tightens around the weapon, preparing to pull it out. "-I release her from her--"

The entire facility shudders, a loud echoing explosion is heard through out the whole underground structure. The cult's ceremony is halted, the priest-like man lowering the injector. The five guards that stand in a circle around them turn towards the door, where the echoing explosions are heard. Suddenly, Koschei looks up. She pulls her arms apart, the brace opening easily. The 12 inch blades above her fists extend, and she stands and twirls at the same time with her arms extended. The priest man ducks, but the other five guards are slashed across the neck. Blue-grey blood sprays from their necks as they collapse, gurgling and choking on their blood. Vinkov pulls out his demolisher, and aims it at the escort group. The escort guards aim their weapons at Koschei, not seeing Vinkov. The HMG unloads the 4.7mm caseless at super high speeds and an extremely high rate of fire at their backs. The first one collapses, the second reaching up behind his back, groaning loudly, he falls onto his side. Suddenly, the patriarch swings at Koschei's face. She grunts and collapses to the floor, Vinkov points the gun at him, gritting his teeth. As he fires, the man leaps onto the darkness of the ceiling. Gunfire and explosions echo from the rest of the palace, but Vinkov doesn't pay attention to it. He sprays the roof blindly, walking swiftly in a circle around the throne as he does. He fires until the gun goes click. The HMG's barrel is red hot, steam coming off of the water cooler on the front.

Koschei gets up, readying her blades and moving in a crouched stance through the dark. Vinkov hurried to reload, as he got the magazine in he was forced onto his stomach suddenly. A powerful hand gripped his head and he screamed in pain as another gripping his jaw. He knew what was about to happen, the man was about to snap his neck like a twig. Koschei urgently ran to them, stepping onto the throne and jumping off it as she kicked the super augmented man. He rolled off of Vinkov. As Vinkov recovered, he heard the blades sing through the air, as the two silently scuffled across the room. Vinkov got up onto all fours, grabbing the machine gun. The man spoke calmly to Koschei,
"You were always the best fighter, Sister, but sin clouds your very form!"

She increases in speed and agility, he continues to block her every move. Vinkov stands up, centering the gun on the man, but he doesn't fire, the two are moving around so much he might hit Koschei. He only watches with his finger on the trigger, eyes darting between the two. He suddenly grips both her arms, headbutting her forcefully. She reels back, and as he advances to hit her, she quickly forces the blade into his chest. He grunts, gripping her wrist as she digs it deeper into his body. His hood falls as he looks up into her eyes suddenly, his glowing blue eyes glaring in the darkness. He kicks her, the blade seeping out from his chest. She ups the ante, swinging even faster, as he was only able to block a portion of the attacks now. He was getting small gashes and cuts all over his cybernetic body. Finally until he had his back to the throne, she kicked him into it. He collapsed into the throne, she readies her blades to make the final cut. His surprised eyes stare into hers, and just as she is about to strike, he presses a button on the throne. A orange shield rises around the throne in a egg-like shape. The chair begins to descend into the floor as he laughs,"Farewell, Koschei. Die with your unpurified scum of an accomplice." Vinkov furrows his brows and fires onto the shield, but the rounds only disintegrate against it as it descends. Once it makes its full descent into the floor, the large metal sphincter shuts around it. He pants heavily, looking to her,"You okay?" She stares down at where the throne once stood, spitting out blue blood. "Yes. Get the Ignition."

[i]Vinkov moves over to the glass panel containing the black and orange veined, two-pronged, arm length device. He smashes the glass with the butt of the gun, handing the gun to Koschei. He takes the Ignition out, wielding it carefully. The explosions and gunfire outside become more imminent, as he looked towards the door,
"What's going on?" She looks as well, wielding the weapon,"I don't know. There are few who would go against the Blacksharks." They make their way to the vault door, Koschei presses a few buttons on the panel, it swings open. The muffled sounds are amplified as the door swings open. They make their way down the hall quickly, the lights flickering every time a loud explosion goes off. They look down into the palace, where black-ops operators wielding high tech Zeleniyan weaponry and armor engage the super-augmented Blacksharks. They use the pillars and fallen pieces of the ceiling as cover, the intruders establishing a front near the grand wooden doors. While they look equally matched, the out numbered Blacksharks are piling up at death toll of the invaders. Vinkov curses,"Shit! Spetsnaz! Why the hell are they here?!" Koschei then looks at the Ignition device, then gives Vinkov a look. He glances at her then nods,"Oh, right." She looks around, pointing to a door behind the Blackshark line of defense."There, that leads to the hangar. We'll steal a stealth ship." He sighs, shaking his head. "Well, we survived this far.. let's go."

Koschei then sprints off, firing the Demolisher with precision accuracy at the Zeleniyan Spetsnaz. Vinkov follows behind, gripping the ignition under his arms. He starts to take fire, and as he makes it down the steps his is shot in the thigh. He collapses, yelling in pain. Koschei turns suddenly, running back to him to pick him up,"Come on, Vinkov, we can't stop here!" She pulls him up and helps him limp along. The automatic door to the hangar opens, and Koschei fires instantly at two Blackshark pilots that were readying to join the fight. They cry out in pain and drop dead, and Koschei throws Vinkov through the doorway, he collapses onto his side and screams,"Agnh, what the fuck Koschei?!" She runs into the door, turning around and firing at the Blackshark soldiers that noticed them moving into the hangar. She slams her hand on the control panel as a couple rounds bounce off her chest plate. The door slides shut, and she fires at it with the demolisher. It sparks and lights on fire, some loud banging is heard on the other side of the door, as Koschei picks up Vinkov again and begins to limp with him quickly as possible down the hall. "You could apologize at least!, he says to her in a pained voice. She quickly replies,"Suck it up, we're almost there."

They walk through a pair of sliding metal doors, to see a huge open hangar with many stealth ships in it. They look around, and Koschei decides to move to the nearest ship. Suddenly, a Koschei collapses, taking Vinkov down with her. He hits the ground hard, losing his breathe. He is turned over to see the patriarch's face. He smiles,"Thank you for delivering this to me." He takes the Ignition from him forcibly, smirking. Vinkov weakly raises a hand, but the patriarch stands up. Vinkov glances over to the Koschei, who lays motionless on the ground, he then looks up to the Patriarch, who is now in front of a control panel for the stealth ship. He presses some buttons, talking calmly to Vinkov,"I should have figured out who you were sooner. Agent Vinkov.. or.. former Agent Vinkov I should say. The vigilante of the Republic. Oh, how I despise you. You've muddled my plans for too long, spread the keys to the great Melder so far from my reach. But now, it is time for the Ascension. And I'll do you a favor, I won't kill you, Vinkov, oh no. You'll live to see our Greatness, and once you have, you'll regret ever going against Us. Too bad you'll be witnessing it from a jail cell in Mirovka." The ramp for one of the ships drops slowly, and he smiles,"Oh sweet technology, deliver me from this imminent danger to the Melding." Gunfire echoes from the doors of the hangar, followed by loud metal banging. Very loud metal banging. Suddenly, the doors are ripped open, a Blackshark soldier is thrown through them.

The Patriarch reels towards the door, cradling the Ignition in his arms. A hulking Rhg'Zezian steps through the door, looking down at the bloodied and beaten Blackshark mercenary, then up to the Patriarch. His gasmask retracts into his shoulder pauldrons, revealing his identity. The infamous and legendary, Volok Gorod. He slowly approaches the Patriarch, his footsteps creating a thumping echo through the hangar. The Patriarch sets the Ignition down, approaching the soldier.
"You shall not taint the Melder!" He swings a fist with great force at the hulking soldier, but Gorod catches it with his left hand. He squeezes the fist tightly, and the Patriarch's hydraulics sputter and shake, his confident face turning to one of fear. Suddenly, the fist shatters and breaks, it is crushed into a pulp by Gorod's grip. The Patriarch stumbles back, gripping his arm as it leaks hydraulic fluid,"Im-Impossible! None are purer than I!" Gorod swings his right fist at his face, and he pirouettes, falling onto the ground. His faceplate shatters on his left cheekbone and jaw, showing the artificial jaw and some preserved organic parts of his mouth. He gets up onto his knees, stumbling to stand. Gorod grips him by the neck and raises him off his feet. The Patriarch tries to pry Gorod's hand off with his only remaining hand. He then looked at Gorod's face, his cybernetic eyes widening. "You have.. been M-Melded?" Gorod scowls, his grip becoming tighter around his throat. The priest chokes out his last words,"It is.. is.. beautiful.."

The soldier crushes his windpipe, and drops the man. By this time Vinkov has gotten onto his knees, shaking Koschei, who remains unconscious."Get up.. fuck's sake get up!" He then turns to the sound of heavy footsteps, and sees Gorod wielding the Ignition. He rears back a fist and punches Vinkov, who is knocked out immediately.

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