The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN)

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The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN) Empty The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN)

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The Second Sultanate
The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN) 180px-Trandoshan_logo.svg

"Shake yourself from slumber, we have risen again, and we have declared war. We are aware as individuals. We are powerful again. We will strike without mercy at the invaders.

Colony/Government Name: The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar

Informal Names: Lizards, Zar'Nabs, Aranek.

Abbreviation: 2nd-S.Z'N.

Population: ???
Size of Domain - Colonies:
The Homeworld, Unoccupied rebel territory, Zaa'Nabar - 12H

Technology Tags (Positive): ???

Technology Tags (Negative): ???

Homeworld Name: Zaa'Nabar

Homeworld Type: Jungle/Rainforest world.

Homeworld Geological Analysis: High in resources.

Homeworld Atmosphere: Oxygen.

Homeworld Description: A pre-space travel world with few cities. Surrounded by the unconquerable jungle, vast ancient ruins, villages, rivers, an expansive ocean. The homeworld is occupied by the Rhg'Zez scum who wish to exploit the Aranek kind. Firefights are not uncommon in Zaa'Nabar.

Political System: Monarchy/Theocracy

Economical System: Market based.

Language: Aranek'ii, a mix of clicks, growls, grunts, and actual spoken words.

Culture: Surrounded by a deep belief in the Gods and one's connection with nature and the universe itself. Seasoned with warrior tradition and blood lust. Until recently Zaa'Nabar has shunned outsiders and has been very traditional and xenophobic. It is slowly opening up to the outside world through its religion and through the wars. Super advanced technology and cyborg-like technology akin to that of the Rhg'Zez are still feared, however.

For many centuries the Aranek ruled the planet of Zaa'Nabar. They alone rose from the unforgiving jungle, and became civilized throughout their history, albeit slowly. The first clans and tribes were formed, and as they expanded throughout their world, they found strange ruins and temples. They came to base their religion off these ruins, and built their towns and eventually what would become their cities around them. The Aranek culture mirrored its upbringings in the jungle; violent, unforgiving, and evolving to survive.

Their countries rose slowly but surely, and although the fast learning and adaptive race had the potential to raise itself technologically with break neck speed, it was slowed by years of war. The mass of kingdoms and clans had to uphold to their Warrior's Creed, an essential part of their religion. Back then, it was a very sensitive set of rules, and was very easy to allow someone to duel you or declare war on your country with an incorrect gesture. There was no cease in war. While it was not an all-out planetary war at all times, a new war between two or three countries would spark every other year.

This was not until the Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar, lead by the warrior and experienced leader, J'sar ik-Zaa'Nab, rose in force to amend the Warrior's Creed for the good of his people. He was called a heretic, a traitor to all things Aranek. But his people stood by his side valiantly, and it was a long campaign of diplomacy and if it came to it, war. As he toppled the regimes of the war-mongering, technologically defunct kingdoms, other leaders who thought like him but dared not to speak of their opinion rose to join him. His leadership was a calm, peaceful one, but he knew when to use force and how necessary it was for his people. For forty years he led his growing empire across the continent, all joining to his cause or falling by his army's might.

The Sultanate then, with its supreme control over all religious heads, amended the Warrior's Creed. It was much more logical, peaceful, and put self-defense before Honor. The first lecture of the new Creed says,"A good warrior slays many beasts and enemies for his ancestors and his Clan. A great warrior strives to do all in his power to not have to resort to violence." J'sar ik-Zaa'Nab, now the aged and sickly 'Great Prophet Zaa'nab-ar', was nearing the end of his life. It was said that after the Great Prophet finished the ceremony amending the Warrior's Creed, he stated,"My life's goal, my work.. it is complete. My people.. are united." He then hobbled back to his personal quarters, shut the doors behind him, and was later found dead of old age in his resting nest. In his honor, the people named their lands 'Zaa'Nabar'.

The Sultanate enjoyed a rule of roughly three hundred years, the 'golden age of Zaa'Nabar'. A great technological advancement and peace and prosperity. At the end of the three hundred years, the empire split. While the Sultanate was gone, none dared to amend the Warrior's Creed to its old ways. It continued to develop until the Rhg'Zezian invasion of 2416. The Zeleniyans cracked down and within hours decapitated many of the great countries, and either claimed the city for itself or placed a puppet Aranek leader in charge. For years they lived in oppression, watching as the Zeleniyans stripped their ruins and took their holy artifacts. The unofficial Aranek rebels fiercely fought for their temples, and some are still hidden in the depths of the jungle.

It was not until recently that an Aranek country has risen to represent itself and officially declare war on the Rhg'Zez. Khe'lik Selan, a nobleman from a country now controlled by the Zeleniyans, rose to lead the rebels and named them the Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar. He wages a guerilla war on his enemies, and uses his secret weapon, the super-advanced tachyon transmitter hidden deep within the jungles, to call for help to other aliens. He knows not if this will help or hinder him.

Important People

Sultan Khe'lik Selan.
The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSj_2-BNkyUAfAvLHG8ADIlej4nzxASzfp0RaRc-inpZ32MGLYjttEfOCR4
Sultan Khe'lik Selan is a charismatic noble that has risen to power among the Aranek rebels in the unoccupied lands. He stirs his people to rise up against their oppressors on all fronts, and destabilize their military structure. He is a strong and passionate leader, determined to rid his planet of its invaders, no matter the cost.

Duke of the Malak Peninsula, High General Qar-zu Na'baz.
The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN) 1338529697664
A general of the same country that Sultan Selan originated from. He directs the military under Selan's orders, his main weapon is his knowledge of the land and his enemy's protocols.

Orok An-S'zliz
The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN) Th?id=H.4585578657482589&pid=15
An honor-bound warrior-assassin who learned the ways of space travel and various other technologies. Spends most of his time time at Klub Navadniy. However, is employed by the Sultanate as a hitman to take out Zeleniyan key targets. Very violent, brash, and stubborn. An echo to the old tribal-warrior ways of the Aranek.



The Second Sultanate of Zaa'Nabar (SZN) Templeguard
An Aranek noble leaps from the brush.

The Aranek are the conquered reptilian species of Zaa’nabar. They have smooth dark blue skin, horns protruding from the side of the neck and running down their spine, and a long whipping tail. They have long, sharp talons, a muscular physique, and long snouts with large sensory organs. The Aranek can often smell something before it can see it, and have hawk eye vision to match. These sensory organs give the Aranek a high perception, but it makes the skull a very sensitive area. If hit in the skull or tip of the snout hard, the Aranek will become disorientated. An Aranek stands around 6'8''-7'3'' in height. Females are often taller.

Some Aranek have a rare trait that allows them their scales to blend in with the colors around them.

Second Sultanate's Armed forces.

At the moment the Second Sultanate's armed forces are comprised of rag-tag fighters and former soldiers of various countries. They employ guerilla tactics and use a mix of Zeleniyan weaponry and equipment as well as their own. They have no space navy.

Second Sultanate's Armory.


Misc. Equipment.

'Kar-su' anti-kinetic tribal vest. The Kar-su anti-kinetic vest was developed from retrieving the body army of dead Zeleniyan soldiers. While it may look like a simple bone and iron tribal chestpiece, it is a tightly woven bulletproof vest underneath the decorations.

Fire Arms.

Takar Submachinegun
The Takar SMG is a highly unreliable, prone to jamming gun that is of original Aranek design and make.
Cartridge: Around a 30 caliber.
Rate of fire: 400 rounds per minute.
Action: Blowback, open bolt.
Muzzle velocity: ???
Effective range: 100-200. meters.
Feed system: 48 round magazine.
Sights: None.

Chek-Chek rifle.
The chek-chek is also an original of the Aranek forces, it is a high-caliber rifle capable of engaging enemies from a very long range. It has the capability to be used as an anti-tank rifle against thin-skinned vehicles.
Cartridge: Estimated to be above a 50 caliber.
Rate of fire: 50-60 rounds per minute.
Action: Bolt action.
Muzzle velocity: ???
Effective range: 400-500 meters.
Feed system: 6 round clip.
Sights: Ironsights.

Nakir Stubber.
The Nakir stubber is a very powerful automatic shotgun, and can blow away several enemies with a single shell.
Cartridge: 10 gauge shotgun shell or lower?
Rate of fire: 150-200 rounds per minute.
Muzzle velocity: ???
Effective range: 100-200 meters.
Feed system: 13 shell external belt
Sights: None.

Loymar Machinegun.
The Loymay Machinegun is based off of the mounted fifty caliber machineguns on Zeleniyan light-skinned vehicles. Aranek are strong enough to wield these without proper mounting however.
Cartridge: Above 50 caliber.
Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute.
Action: Gas operated reloading.
Muzzle velocity: ???
Effective range: 400-500 meters.
Feed system: 88 belt fed.
Sights: Ironsight.

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