The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC)

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The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC) Empty The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC)

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The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC) Southern_pacific_union_flag_by_cyberphoenix001-d5wc9jh

Formal Name: Lartian Trader Conglomerate
Informal Names: Lartians
Abbreviation: LTC
Population: 5,600,000,000

Technology Tags:
Evasion Doctrine
Frigate Doctrine
Kinetic Doctrine
Light Weapon Doctrine

Powerful Engines
Advanced FTL
Advanced Sensors
Advanced Point Defense
Heavy Planetary Defense
Advanced Kinetic Weapons

Light Armor
Light Shields
Light Bulkheads
Primitive Energy Weapons

Species: Human.

The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC) Worldgen
Homeworld Name: Larte
Homeworld Location: [009;0A]
Homeworld Description: Larte is a largely oceanic terran planet that has been heavily industrialized since it was colonized. A number of large cities sprawl across both the larger main landmass and the islands and archipelagos off the coast. Large expanses of open water remain uninhabited by the human population, save for those working for the underwater mining corporations. Larte is rich in minerals, especially under its huge ocean. It has a rather strong magnetic field, protecting the planet from the common solar flares and strong solar wind originating from the binary star system the planet orbits.

Political System: The planet of Larte is ruled by a loosely allied group of megacorporations. There is a central government in which representatives of each corporation get to voice their opinion, but it does not hold much power. In terms of planetary defense and military operations, there exists another organization, called the Lartian Defense Initiative (LDI), that commands the LTC's navy and other military forces. All corporations desiring protection contribute to this organization with funding, manpower, and technology.

History: Larte started as a target for Earth corporations to colonize and exploit for natural resources over 320 years ago. It started with a population of a mere 500,000,000 people, but this quickly ballooned into a huge population of 10 billion people due to the efforts of corporations to get people to move there. People moved there because corporations promised wealth and a good place to live, but this was not always the case. Early on, there were numerous uprisings and revolts by the workers, leading to a decade-long civil war. When the dust settled, it was quickly stirred up again when the Alarei attacked Larte as a part of their war against humanity.

6 billion people were killed in the Alarei attack, cutting down the planet's population significantly and throwing its remaining inhabitants into disarray. Remnants of the corporations that reigned struggled to pull themselves together. In an effort to provide for the masses, small corporations were assimilated into larger ones, effectively creating large "countries." From the hundred or so corporations when it was colonized, Larte now had only 4 megacorporations in control of the people. The lessons from the civil war preceding the Alarei attack had been taken to heart, and they provided for their citizens fairly, as long as they were able to work for the corporations. This unification process took about half a century, with mineral extraction getting kickstarted a few years after that. Within a decade, the corporations formed the Lartian Trader Conglomerate, and from that the Lartian Defense Initiative was created.

When the Alarei attacked, Larte was totally defenseless. 60% of its population was wiped out, a number that could have been reduced if they'd invested in planetary defense. One of the first goals of the LDI was to establish a defense grid over the entire planet. Large amounts of resources were funneled into the creation of this, and it remains one of the strongest planetary defense systems ever created. Under this shield of protection, Larte prospered. It became an economic hub, with millions of trade ships entering and leaving the planet every day. There are numerous trade stations in orbit around the planet, and a large space elevator links the LTC's main space station to its capital city.

(ship information and other assorted info coming soon)


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The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC) Empty Re: The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC)

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Where did you get that gif.


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The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC) Empty Re: The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC)

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i look forward to your completion.

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The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC) Empty Re: The Lartian Trader Conglomerate (LTC)

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