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Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP) Empty Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP)

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Formal Name: Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures

Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP) GERM0100

Informal Names: The Federation,  UCFP, Unified Prefectures.

Abbreviation: CFP

Technology Tags:
Shield doctrine
Cruiser doctrine
Kinetic doctrine
Superheavy weapon doctrine

Advanced FTL
Sturdy hull
Advanced sensors
Heavy bulkheads
Advanced kinetic weapons
Heavy planetary defense

Cramped bays
Light armor
Primitive fighter replenishment
Primitive heatsinks

Humanity (~4,500,000,000)
S'Quojizah (~10,000,000,000 including unaffiliated tribes and raider bands)

Homeworld Name: Hunsrück

Homeworld Location: 001G

Homeworld Description:

Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP) Worldgen

Hunsrück is a very mountainous and desert planet, thus its name which derives from a German mountain range western side of the Rhine. Other than that, it resembles nothing of the once proud nation’s homeworld of the lands around the Rhine, green and luscious. This planet is a huge sandbox, save the mountain ranges of course, it resembles nothing of the Rhineland, something more akin to 2013 Afghanistan. The winters are cold and harsh, as well as the nights, snowfall is fairly common in the higher elevations of mountains, a place where The Federation has found it fit to place their cities and towns, that due to the indigenous life not being able to survive in such altitudes.  Though some have taken it upon themselves to settle lower upon the mountains, or even at “sea level,” this being unheard of, and with that, the armed forces of The Federation have been patrolling the landscapes in order to keep their citizens safe.

Another reason for the more frequent military patrols would be something bizarre going on with the local populace. The populace being a race of humanoid insects dubbed S'Quojizah, a desert faring people. Males stand between 5’8’’ and 5’11’’ whereas females tend to be on the shorter side, 5’6’’ to the size of a shorter male, 5’8’’. Humble in nature, they are a peaceful people, most of the time. Some have taken it upon themselves to scour the desert and pillage and destroy villages of their own, these raiders often traverse the ground level of the planet, not venturing much into the mountains, that has changed, they seem to be targeting Federation settlements and patrols further down the mountains, at this time there are no sighting near the summits or the higher altitudes. This has caused increased involvement between Federation forces and S'Quojizah tribes.  

With the increased contact, the various tribes have agreed to unite under one banner (The Unified Coalition of S'Quojizahian Peoples) and help the Federation drive back these degenerates. Though, some tribes have taken it upon themselves to steer clear of the foreign influence of the Federation in order to keep themselves from being modernized by the space-travelling people of the UCFP. Various S'Quojizah cities have written law prohibiting humans from entering without the proper clearance from the “officials” within the province, such as various elders or young self-proclaimed princes. This resulting in all human travelers being restricted to the cities of The Federation, officials wish to keep the friction between their allied tribes and the rest of the S'Quojizahian people to a minimum. That doesn't seem to be the case, BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst or Federal Intelligence Service) operatives down on “sea level,” have noticed increased dealings between the tribes who seek refuge from modernization and the raiders that some have joined The Federation in order to protect themselves from. That has resulted in increased friction and talks of détente between the factions on the planet.

Culture/Politics: The culture of the humans of Hunsrück is that of national pride, arts, and sciences.  The men and women of the planet’s subterranean cities are well into these, having various parties in regards to many of the national holidays in place by the government, this also propels them to serve longer in the armed forces than their regular four year term, some make a career and other to their bid and leave. There is also a sense of duty towards those that are also human, this being part of their culture for over 300 years, since the first interstellar war as many of the originals settlers have felt the wrath of the Alarei, the destruction of their home planet being the reasoning for the colonization.

Many leave the armed forces and go to one of the many universities on the planet, the most prominent and prestigious being the School of Fine Arts, Philosophy, and Mechanical Sciences. This school is found in the capital city, Krüger’s Landing. Krüger’s Landing is a sprawling underground metropolis with various parks, playhouses, art galleries and other commodities that cities have to offer. It is also home to the Federal Intelligence Service’s HQ, it is located in the northern part of the city, a large structure that has many floors that spans up and out of the mountain, it also has its own spaceport and secure train station for employees. There is also the school of Physical and Medical Sciences in the city of Rhine.

The government of the Federation is headed by the King, otherwise known as the Kaiser. He is the main figure head of the government; his say is final, though he takes advisory from the Federal Council and allows them to make laws regarding the nation. Then, comes the Prince or Princess, being another figurehead and though they maintain a position on the council, the Federal Council is next, being composed of the many Ministers of the Federal services, such as the Ministry of the Treasury, Ministry of Intelligence, so on and so forth. There are also elected officials that are part of the council, though they have less of an impact on the votes and are mainly for communication between the government and the citizenry.  

The King’s policy of isolationism has just ended with becoming sick and “retiring” from his position. The Crown Prince had proposed to the council that the act be lifted and the people of the Federation be able to traverse the stars once more.  

Important People


Kaiser Isidor Krüger I
Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP) Terenas
The reigning Kaiser of the Federation, loved by his people and respected in his court.  He has recently fallen ill and receded into his castle to live out the remainder of his days; all power was relinquished to his son and the proceeding council.

Prince Isidor Krüger II
Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP) Prince
The Crown Prince of the Federation, he has recently been granted power by his father in his weakened and ill state, now the regent lord of his nation.

Bridgette Hoefler
Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures (CFP) Callisto_by_Obsidian_Eyes
The Director of the Federal Intelligence Service and Chief Delegate, she reports directly to the council only second to the royal family.  

Military overview:

Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures Armed Forces “Bundeswehr”

The Unified and Collective Federation of Prefectures Army is based heavy off its predecessor’s army, the Bundeswehr. The structure remains the same, going from enlisted, to non-commissioned officers, and finally officers. It is also made up of countless corps, including but not limited to: Special operations, maritime warfare (which doubles as a marine corps), armored, military intelligence, and infantry, each coming with their own corps color or “Waffenfarbe.” Combat positions are closed to women due to the third world ideal that women won’t be able to pick up the slack of their male counterparts on the battlefield, but they are still welcome in the service. Foreigners are also allowed to be in service with the Federation’s armed forces, this opening up the possibility for citizenship after eight years of service, foreigners as well as S'Quojizahian peoples.

Federal Infantry


The Federal Army
The army of the Federation is composed of nearly 3.5 million active duty personnel, this being due to a mandatory conscription at the age of eighteen, while this conscription is only 4 years; it contributes very much to the numbers of the army. Military police act as the congenital police force in the cities of the Federation, this is in order to have the army down on a public level.  A marine corps does not exist within the Federal Armed Forces, but instead the army takes care of maritime operations, such as accompanying the battle-groups by being on board most of the vessels in said groups.

The 542nd Orbital Drop Regiment
A regiment of the army, though they tend to be classified as a special force given the prolonged training every man or woman in the regiment goes through. The men and women of the regiment are deployed through large drop pods shot from the Federation’s troop transport cruiser, the Marie class. They go through a nine month training in order to understand, practice, and excel in the tactics and procedure of high orbit, low orbit, and combat tactics when on the ground. Members are expected to excel in physical fitness, marksmanship and even their MOS; after all they are regiment and should act as such. Many members of the BND sponsored paramilitary force are recruited from this regiment due to the soldier’s training, skill and discipline.

Federal Intelligence Service Paramilitary Forces
Lacking a formal name, they are more commonly known as Special Forces. Their training is rigorous, as they carry out missions regarding counterterrorism, diplomatic security, direct action, and guerrilla warfare, the training of insurgent forces in occupied lands, and black operations that do not see the light of day. They are selected from the ranks of the Federal Armed Forces, mainly the army’s orbital drop regiment, but intelligence and communications trained soldiers from regular army units have been known to be recruited. They operate under the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and do not hold ties with the military. They act as an independent force; they also utilize various cybernetic implants and augmentations, though augmentations are rare and hardly seen.

Federal Armory



Adler Rüstung MK IV
Developed after the landing at Krüger's Peak, the Adler Rüstung incorporates various kinetic shock absorbers as well as integrated CBRN deterrents, which makes MOPP obsolete, the armor’s visor also has an implanted re-breather, as well integrated thermal, night visions and short range radios.

Schildkröte II
The average Special Forces soldier is equipped an exoskeleton that offers the same advantages of the Adler Rüstung MK IV of the standard infantry such as the filters that make MOPP obsolete, as well as the visions, though the difference would the lightweight and strength of the materials, kinetic dampers, and the cybernetic implants that are required for such a suit. These implants act as a barcode within the soldier, allowing them access to various installations and requisitions that are only available to BND personnel. These implants are not limited to identification; there have been documented cases of soldiers being fitted with implants that give them quicker reaction times, improved eyesight, or even undying loyalty towards the BND. The Schildkröte II is the premier armor in use by the UCFP’s forces.


HK KR-24 Battle Rifle Platform
This rifle fires a 9.62x51mm cartridge and has an effective range of up to six hundred meters, this being due to the coil accelerators within the weapon’s barrel, also giving it a devastating power. It is magazine fed and ejects shell through the right side of the weapon; a spent shell deflector is in place to keep to keep brass from striking the left handed shooter in the face. It is capable of being fitted with several optics, flashlights, and under barrel attachments such as shotguns or grenade launchers.

Cartridge: 9.62x51mm
Action: Gauss.
Rate of Fire: 675 RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 1100 m/s.
Effective Range: 600m.
Feed System: 50 round magazine, 100 round C-mag.
Sights:Flip up sights, holographic, telescopic, rifle.

Jäger MK I Adaptive battle rifle
Bullpup in design and using the same gauss technology as the main force’s assault rifle, this rifle fires an 8.8x63mm caseless projectile. This rifle can be fitted with almost all the attachments available to the armed forces of The Federation, as well as being able to be customized for the needs of the forces at the time.

Cartridge: 8.8x63mm caseless.
Action: Gauss.
Rate of Fire: 750 RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 1000m/s.
Effective Range: 900m.
Feed System: 30 round box magazine, 45 round extended.
Sights: Flip up sights, holographic, telescopic, rifle.

HK KR-36 Assault Rifle
This rifle is in use by the Federation’s Orbital Drop Troops, being reliable and having interchangeable rounds to fire.

Cartridge: 6.7x30mm caseless; 8.8x63 caseless.
Action: Gauss.
Rate of Fire: 725 RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 900m/s
Effective Range: 700m.
Feed System: 30 round box magazine, 45 round extended.
Sights: Flip up sights, holographic, telescopic, rifle.

HK KR-12 Carbine
The weapon is loaded from the front of the forward guard, making a rail there rather pointless and convoluted, so no forward grips or grenade launchers may be attached. This weapon is usually issued in place of the KR-24 for tankers, air craft pilots, or to those on float on one of the many ships in the Federation’s two battle groups.

Cartridge: 6.7x30mm caseless.
Action:  Gauss.
Rate of Fire: 700 RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 900m/s.
Effective Range: 500m.
Feed System: 40 round helical magazine.
Sights: Flip up sights, holographic, telescopic, rifle.

HK KP-45

Cartridge: 10.50x20mm.
Action: Rail.
Rate of Fire: 500 RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 600m/s.
Effective Range: 300m.
Feed System: 45 round stick magazine.
Sights: Flip up sights, holographic, telescopic, rifle.

The HK MP10A2 is the premier personal defense weapon on the civilian market, as well as military and paramilitary use. It is chambered in a 15mm cartridge, where as its counterpart, the MP10A3 is chambered in a .70 Auto cartridge and is only available to government personnel, most notably the bodyguards of the royal family.

Cartridge: 15mm; .70 Auto
Action: Gauss.
Rate of Fire: 1000 RPM.
Muzzle Velocity: 800m/s.
Effective Range: 250m.
Feed System: 40 round standard box, 70 extended.
Sights:  Flip up sights, holographic.

Mantis MK V
The Mantis MK V is a weapon that had just passed trials with the Federation’s Special Forces and is on its way to be integrated into the general armed forces.

Cartridge: 10.50x20mm.
Action: Rail.
Rate of Fire: --
Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s.
Effective Range: 100m.
Feed System: 16 round box magazine, 25 round extended box.
Sights: Iron sights.

Seyer 336
The Seyer 336 is the current sidearm in use by the Federal armed forces, usually being issued to military police, officers, platoon sergeants and special operators, though it is being slowly replaced by the Mantis.

Cartridge: .70 Auto.
Action: Gauss.
Rate of Fire: --
Muzzle Velocity: 300 m/s.
Effective Range: 125m.
Feed System: 8 round detachable box.
Sights: Iron sights.

Federal Motor Pool/Air Corps
Mercedes C-780
The Mercedes C-780 is the standard four wheeled vehicle of the Federation’s armed forces. They can be fitted with various weapons such as a 9.62x51mm mounted machine, an 8.8mm mini-gun, or even grenade launchers. Armored plating is also attached if the situation calls for it.

Vorkuta T-7
The Vorkuta is the main artillery element of the federation’s armed forces, fitted with two 140mm rocket pods, they have three sets of stabilizers in order to keep the weapons platform stable while firing the rail accelerated payload. It is either guided by lasers in the field, or coordinates inputted on the system’s onboard targeting computing, it has an effective range of 70 miles. They are usually supported by an infantry element due to their lack of self-defense.

Weight: 50 tonnes.
Armor: 60mm.

Main Armament: Two 140mm rocket pods, each containing 80 rockets.

Secondary Armaments: N/A

Crew: Five.

Schützenpanzer Puma

The Puma is the main IFV and APC of the Federal armed forces, it is fitted with treads in order to accommodate to any terrain the Federation is deployed in. It has a max speed of 65km/h.

Weight: 37 tonnes.
Armor: 70mm.

Main Armament: 40mm auto cannon.

Secondary Armaments: 8.8mm coaxial mini-gun.

Crew: 3.

Passengers: 10.

Leopard 4A5

Weight: 70 tonnes.
Armor: 800mm.

Main Armament: 140mm smoothbore gun.

Secondary Armaments: Coaxial 8.8mm mini-gun, mounted 9.62x51mm or .50 Cal machine gun.

Crew: 4.
Air Corps

Calvarian VI Dropship
Several are not armed unless they are going into “wild” provinces. Many are also on the civilian market for transport between cities, villages and spaceports on the planet’s surface; they can fit up to 15 persons.

Main Armament: 40mm auto cannon.

Secondary Armaments: Flares.

Crew: 3.

Passengers: 15.

Zima XI Dropship
The Zima is the main drop ship in use by the armed forces, it is usually used to deploy troops to the front lines, hence the mounted 8.8mm mini-guns mounted on either side.

Main Armament: 8.8mm mounted mini-gun.

Secondary Armaments: Flares, chaff.

Crew: 3.

Passengers: 8.

Zima XI Gunship

Main Armament: 80mm auto-cannon, 60mm missile pods.

Secondary Armaments: Flares, chaff.

Crew: 3.

Panavia Typhoon Fighter Craft
Used for air to air combat, as well as CAS on sea-level of the Federation’s home planet, this atmospheric fighter is hardly used in space combat, given the Federation’s use of larger warships, such as the various cruisers they have in service.

Main Armament: 2x 20mm cannons/.50 caliber cannons.

Secondary Armaments: Various air to air and air to ground missiles if the situation calls for such. Flares, chaff.

Crew: 1.

Panavia Tornado Bomber
Used for devastating CAS runs against enemy armor and infrastructure, the Tornado is armed with 8 under-wing slots for a variety of ammunition depending on the mission that it will be going on, they are usually escorted by 2-3 Typhoon fighters to ensure that their mission is complete.

Main Armament: 30mm cannon.

Secondary Armaments: 8x under-wing bombs, ranging from bunker busters to nuclear weapons.  

Crew: 2

Many of the armed services of the Federation have taken the concept of mechanized walkers into consideration, and they have come to life. There are currently two brands of mechs serving in the Federation’s armed forces. One of them being a mobile gun platform that was designed to replace SAW gunners of the infantry, it has been tested on “sea level” and has been proven useful.

Spinne I

Main Armament: 40mm auto cannon, 2 ATGMs/TOW missiles.

Secondary Armaments: Smoke.

Spinne HI
A larger version of the Spinne I, this in still in prototype and the company hopes that mechanized weapon platforms will soon replace the main battle tank of the Federal army.

Main Armament: 80mm auto cannon.

Secondary Armaments: 8.8mm mini-gun, smoke.

(Still a WIP)

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