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War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
Bertrand Russell

OOC Note: This is the third roleplay I wanted to launch with the move to new forums, but I made some edits along the way. It's what you would call "lazy man's RP". No application is required, nor much maintenance. Just a medium-to-long post every few days. Your characters will be introduced through the roleplay, and a specific twist detailed below makes sure that whatever backstory you think up for them will be presented however you want.

Just read below, and if interested, simply start writing! If you have any questions, you are free to contact me via forum message or STEAM.

Available roles:

Rifleman (Infinite)
Heavy Machinegunner (2)
Designated Marksman (1)
Medic (1)
Tech (1)

By 2060, humanity had been united into one super-nation known as the United Nations of Earth. With science and industry booming since the dawn of the digital era, there was nowhere else to go than up: the stars. Antimatter reactors became common-place by the end of the 21st century, and true artificial intelligence became available shortly after that. Bodily augmentations, both mechanical and genetic, were no longer a taboo. World hunger was solved by automated farms, cancer was cured with nanotechnology, and humans begun to enjoy expected lifespans of over two hundred years. Man had entered a new era of prosperity.

In 2126, the first colony on the jovian moon of Europa was established. After the failure to discover extraterrestrial life on Mars, the people of Earth had become desperate to find it on the promising satellite. Following ten years of research, the excavation teams concluded that any life on Europa had died long before man evolved into his current form. The desperate search for any signs of alien intelligence continued. With faster-than-light propulsion a simple theory, exploration of the solar system progressed slowly, and over the span of generations.

Interstellar conflict erupted for the first time in 2168, in the form of a rebellion by the Titan colony on the identically named moon of Saturn. Feeling oppressed by the colonial administration, the colonists overwhelmed the crews of the frigates that guarded the moon from pirate attacks and commenced a defensive war against the advancing UNE Navy. More and more colonies on the outer planets joined the campaign, and the result was a devastating war between the two fleets. While the UNE emerged victorious, it did so at great cost. After the decade-long war, the United Nations Military was formed to counter the remaining pockets of resistance and hold the outer parts of the solar system under harsh martial law.

Your character is a member of the United Nations Military. Awoken from cryostasis, they remember nothing; their training and military experience is there, but they know nothing about themselves. Something dark has happened.

UNV Saratoga
Saratoga-Class Stealth Destroyer
27 Days Into Space

Nothing of significance had occurred aboard the Saratoga for the past month. Traveling at staggering velocities through space, the kilometer-long warship had so far managed to steer clear from any resistance pockets or pirate gangs thanks to its stealth systems. A hull refrigeration system kept the external armor at the ambient temperature of space, and the angled panels coated with radiation-absorbant materials ensured that active radar pings did not come up with any useful data. The main drive had been deactivated after initial acceleration, and the RCS systems were cooled to such a degree that observing them with heat detectors was impossible.

A decade ago, stealth in space had been considered impossible. With RADAR and LIDAR systems having been fully integrated with artificial intelligence, even the tiniest of rocks could be tracked by planet-based installations. Warships were much larger than said rocks, and by extension, easy to find. Shielding their nuclear power plants alone would have been a nightmare for engineers. And so, ship builders around Sol did not even bother to try.

And then, the rebels came up with an elegant solution: more, smaller reactors. Each could be shielded much more efficiently, and thus solved one of the greatest issues of ship detection. By the time the skirmishes evolved into a full-out war, the problems of RADAR and heat detection had been countered, and LIDAR detection was on its way out. Many of Earth's frigates were lost to surprise attacks as rebel ships fired at them with their point defenses down. With the war's end, the technology was passed along to Earth's engineers, and within a year the first stealth destroyer was brought into service: the Saratoga.

Thanks to the almost zero risk of detection, the Saratoga did not need to have more than a dozen people on watch while the rest slept in cryostasis tubes. Every week, the watch would be rotated, and the original caretakers would get their chance to get a long, dreamless nap. In fact, the AI took care of most ship functions, and so it handled navigation while the caretakers watched after the cryo systems and the maintenance drones.

The ship's dark corridors turned red in an instant as the entire ship shook. It was not the light shake of the thrusters firing; it was an impact.

"Warning: micro-meteorite impact alert. Direct hit to starboard coolant tanks."

"Warning: cryo coolant tube breach."

"Warning: stasis interrupted."

"Warning: fire in stasis compartment epsilon. Away the fire and damage control teams."

Stasis Compartment Epsilon held over thirty tubes; an entire platoon of the Saratoga's marine complement. And now, the chamber was on fire. The cryogenic alcohol solution that was used to sterilize the compartment before a revival was leaking into the room, and catching fire through its contact with the electrical circuits that had been breached. The emergency shutters had closed fast enough to contain the atmosphere, but that only provided oxygen to the fire.

"Warning: stasis interrupted."

"Initiating emergency response protocols."

"Warning: automated sprinklers offline. Damage in plumbing system."

"Commencing emergency revival."

"Emergency revival in progress."

The rows of cryotubes were mechanically tilted to a thirty degree angle from their original vertical placement, and the temperature in them begun to rise. The cryogenic fluid was drained and replaced with a warmer mixture of water and saline, while nutrient flow stopped and oxygen flow intensified. Before long, the marines inside the pods were jolted with several electrical discharges, and the machines did not stop until they awoke.

Finally, the last of the fluid was drained, and the doors opened; the marines were dumped onto the floor in nothing but their cryo underwear, made out of a white carbon polymer.

The revival had been successful.

But something was wrong; aside from the normal confusion and disorientation after a revival, the marines could also remember nothing.

The fire continued to spread throughout the compartment, approaching the tubes themselves by the second. The fire extinguishers had nobody to operate them.


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