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Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Flag15

United Valhallan Security Command
Valhallans, Forge-Born, Knife-Ears, Mutants, Grey-Skins

(Populations Listed are Estimates)

Total Population: 4,067,000,000


Valhalla System, 01N
-Forge (Valhalla II), Capital, Population 4 Billion
-Yin, Moon of Forge, Population 2 Million
-Valhalla III, Mining Planet, Population 5 Million
-Valhalla IV, Mining Planet, 2 Million
-Asteroid Belt, Population 12 Million (Mostly aboard mining stations built into asteroids)
-Jotan (Valhalla V), Gas Giant, Population 40 Million (Several habitable moons colonized)

Doctrines: Armour, Kinetic Weapons, Superheavy Weapons
Technology Tags (Positive): Powerful Engines, Heavy Armor, Sturdy Hull Design, Heavy Bulkheads, Heavy Planetary Defense, Advanced Sensors
Technology Tags (Negative): Light Shielding, Cramped Bays, Primitive Heat-Sinks, Primitive Point-Defense

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Hel2

Homeworld Name: Forge (Valhalla II)
Homeworld Type: Barren
Homeworld Location: 01N
Homeworld Geological Analysis: Incredibly rich in mineral and metal deposits.
Homeworld Atmosphere: Forge's atmosphere would be regular for Terran world, given that it weren't so thin. In addition, it's somewhat toxic. As a result of it's thin atmosphere, Hearth is very hot, and it is subjected to constant radiation from the system's sun due to it's thin magnetosphere. It's fairly arid, though there's enough moisture in the atmosphere to support life. There is a high quantity of unique, mutagenic compounds in Forge's atmophere, the most prominent Thorium Pentachloride.

Homeworld Description:
The source of the name 'Forge' comes from how the early colonists saw the planet; it was not the ideal place to live. It didn't coddle them. It 'forged' them into who they were. It's thin atmosphere not only makes it very difficult to breathe, but also does a poor job filtering out radiation from Forge's sun, Valhalla. It has roughly the same orbital period as Earth. Many of the native flora and fauna have some sort of exoskeleton to protect themselves from the radiation. Massive impact craters and gashes cover the planet's surface- many of which are now believed to the sites of major battles and warhead detonations millenia ago. In fact, some of these are over a mile deep. While mostly arid, the coasts manage to support a staggering array of life- most of which is dangerous. Surprisingly, it has polar ice caps, albeit small ones. The capital lies in the southwestern hemisphere- Valeria. Valeria lies in the deepest trench on the planet, the Serrenas Crevasse. Believed to actually have resulted from a 'near miss' from a massive energy weapon, It's almost a mile and a half deep at parts, and three miles wide at it's widest. The city is built into the crevasse and the surrounding rock; it's a vibrant (if a bit dark) metropolis. Once a horrific, barren wasteland (hence the name), Forge is now a metropolitan word rivaling many others; it has been described as 'the beating heart of a thriving people' by alien traders.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Valeria
A transport departs from a waystation in Valeria.

The planet contains ruins of an advanced civilization that appears to have been bombarded into extinction long ago. Using the technology left behind by these extinct warriors, the Valhallans have developed incredibly advanced ships and weaponry. These extinct aliens are referred to by the Valhallans as "The Lost", or by scientists, as 'Mithrans', after the 'lost' roman deity.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Daniel_Ljunggren_16a

Political System

The Valhallan government, usually referred to as the 'Valhallan Republic', is a bit odd; it is a republic, with a senate and court system, but the executive branch and the military are one in the same; the chief executive, the High Executor is given a great deal of power. High Executors are elected for life. The senate consists of representatives from each world in Valhallan space, the number of representatives determined by the population of the world. They handle the day-to-day running of the republic. The High Executor maintains the High Council, which consists of his or her own personally chosen advisors, in addition to department heads, generals, and the like. Every planet but Forge has it's own Executor (The High Executor serves that purpose), who essentially acts as a planetary governour.

Economical System: The UVSC maintains a vaguely socialistic economy. On a local scale, there is capitalist trade- however, the government has loose control of production for things such as space-craft and weapons. The UVSC uses a currency called "Kai", with one Valhallan Kai equaling roughly two-thirds of an earth dollar. Generally, very few live in extreme poverty on Valhallan worlds; the poor often join the Valhallan military, either by choice or conscription.


The UVSC has no official language- however, the dominant language is English. Additionally, most often speak a dialect of Manderin. An example being 'Shala Zhufu', which, in it's original form, loosely translated as 'Blessings of the Lost'. Many of the colonists have some Chinese or Japanese ancestry.

The closest Terran equivalent to the Valhallan culture that exists today would have been the Roman Empire, of ancient Italy. This is, at least partially, intentional. One of the founders of the republic, Alana Nolan, was fascinated with Roman culture. It influenced much of what she did, and thus, much of what Valhallan culture became. After the Rebellions, the Valhallans wanted to distance themselves from the cultures of their oppressors (a similar historical example being the French after the French Revolution). So, they, more or less, created their own culture. The result was a unique crossbreed of the Eastern culture brought by many of the original colonists and the Military focus brought by the rogue fleet; with elements of the Romans mixed in.

In the UVSC, culture is focused on Duty, Honour, and the good of many. Military training is part of basic schooling. Children are encouraged to spar each other by their parents. All citizens of age must complete at least one tour of service. Being a member of the military is seen as honor, and the good of the UVSC is seen as the duty of all. That is not say that there aren't other options- it's just that the predominant career of choice is a military one.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Watch12
A Valhallan Sentinel keeps watch outside a city on Forge. The Sentinels are the primary form of law enforcement on Forge and it's colonies.

This is not to say the Valhallans are without joy. In fact, this is the opposite of true. They often hold massive, city-wide festivals that include the imbibing of alcohol and dancing, along with riots. It's often said one that "never turn down a drink" is an unspoken part of the Valhallan code of honour. Most larger UVSC cities have some sort of Colosseum or arena, where one can often watch groups of Valhallan men and woman fight together against some of the larger beasts of Forge or Oratieu, or against each-other.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Valfas
A sampling of the Valhallan youth clothing.

Valhallan clothing is, outside of the military, actually fairly colorful- though, you'd never know it by the military uniforms, though, like in their military, they have a tendency to stick to darker shades. Valhallan clothing is often thickly padded. In addition, many often wear hoods to keep the glare and sand out of their eyes and face.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Juno3
Consul Vel Acerius, of House Juno

Valhallans are willing to do what needs to be done, and they always follow through. They are not easily spurred to violence, but when conflict is inevitable, they only understand a concept of "total war." The offical motto of the Valhallan military is "Ad ultimum miles, et pro adhuc modicum", which is latin for "To the very last man, and then a little longer". Valhallan soldiers are among the best in the galaxy. The Valhallan military is the center of their society. It is not just an armed force; it is an all-encompassing public works organization. The military police are also the civic police. The fire brigades serve the civilian population as well as military facilities. The corps of engineers builds and maintains spaceports, schools, water purification plants, and power stations.

Valhallan justice is swift and often brutal. The penalty for higher crimes, such as murder, rape, and the production or selling of illicit substances is more often than not death, and the penalty for lesser crimes such as theft and the like is usually indentured servitude. There are no public executions- the Sentinels often carry out the execution on the spot.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) FileTattoos
A Valhallan youth receiving her first tattoos.

Many often have elaborate tattoos reminiscent of the language used by The Lost, located on their upper chest, neck, and face, for the most part. These tattoos are smooth, crisp, and almost elegant in design; these started out as a symbol of hope during the resistance against Andara corporation and developed into something deeper- they're something of a rite of passage. Most receive them around the age of eighteen, signalling a transition into adulthood. They continue to add to these tattoos as they age, marking great personal victories and the like. They are often called Shenjei, from the chinese 'Shēngmìng hénjī', meaning 'signs of life'.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Star-trek-2009-planet-vulcan-architecture-establishing-shot
Natarre, A Forge city near the coast.

Prostitution, oddly enough, isn't illegal on VSC worlds. It is, however, tightly regulated by the Courtesan's Guild. Courtesans choose their own clients, and there is no stigma against it in Valhallan society- it is a trade, like any other. There is no stigma against display of female breasts; being a pragmatic people, it was long ago decided that it was no different than the display of the male chest. It doesn't occur often, however.

While the the Valhallans generally frown upon slavery, they maintain a form of indentured servitude. Criminals, to a certain degree, are allowed to work for their freedom- on Valhallan worlds, conventional wisdom generally holds that large-scale prisons are waste of resources and that it's much better to work the prisoners rather than let them rot. The less fortunate occasionally voluntarily enter indentured servitude, often becoming assistants to those with wealth. Inhabitants of occupied worlds, under their military doctrine, also fall into this category.

Religion: While, for the most part, the Valhallans are without a major religion, they venerate "The Lost", the aliens who previously inhabited Forge. While they don't treat them like Deities, per-say, they still hold them in very high regard, to the extent that, many of them, on their 18th birthday, receive tattoos inspired by the language of The Lost.



Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Valmalefemale1
An example of two Valhallan adults.

During the Forge colony's early years after the rebellion, these mutagenic compounds remained undetected for almost seventy years. Andara corporation had detected them, but had neglected to tell the colonists. It took twenty years after that to build the machinery needed to remove the particles from the atmosphere, and It wasn't fifteen years ago that the particles were completely removed from the atmosphere. However, much of Valhallan Flora and Fauna is still heavily saturated with the compounds, and so it is recommended that travellers from outside the Valhallan Republic avoid eating unpurified Valhallan food.

Descendants of the Forge Colonists are thus sufficiently divergent from baseline humanity to be classified as a subspecies- Homo Sapiens Sianus (from the Valhallan-Chinese word for 'Warrior', Sianu). They almost universally display sickly pale, almost greyish skin- this is due to a damaged pigmentation gene. They typically have sharper teeth, fingernails, and toenails than regular humans. Additionally, some of the younger generation displays slightly pointed ears- leading to the unfavourable slur 'knife-ears'. Their pupils appear unusually constricted at times. They are typically stronger and faster than more humans, but this is more related to their cultural focus on combat than a genetic mutation. Unfortunately, they also have weakened kidney function and difficulty seeing in dark spaces.

Due to their heritage, they are phenotypically limited; hair colour generally ranges from white (also due to a damaged pigmentation gene) to blonde, and from an unusually vibrant red to black. Eye colors (typically) include a pale blue, brown, red, orange, yellow, and, very rarely, green. Valhallans often dye their hair, however.

Because of Forge's thin, toxic atmosphere, Valhallans are adapted to low-oxygen enviroments. On worlds with 'regular' air composition, they feel energized and strong- but they tire easily. Having adapted to Forge's atmosphere, they process oxygen more efficiently than other humans. In addition, they can breathe atmospheres that most humans would struggle with due to toxicity and pollution. Interestingly enough, the mutagenic particles in Forge's atmosphere are not a natural occurrence. It is theorized that they were released in the atmosphere to cause specific changes in the humanoid species that inhabited Forge prior to the Valhallans- The Lost. While the compounds in the atmosphere accelerate genetic mutation, Valhallan biology eventually adapted to the compound, and it no longer has much effect on them.


Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Kisari1
A Kisari male.

The closest terran classification that could apply to the Shar'Khaan is possibly that of a a reptomammal. While appearing primarily reptilian, they are warm-blooded creatures that have what, at first, appears to be hair. However, it is actually, in terms of composition, much more akin to feathers. They do lay eggs. Their heads feature horned crests- often a sign of fertility in their culture. They have very dense musculature, which makes them excellent fighters, though they have reduced capacity for abstract thought.

This is because the Kisari that remain are members of their warrior caste. Before their defeat, the Kisari civilization employed eugenics and genetic engineering to change what was originally a purely cultural phenomenon into something very real. The warrior caste were designed to be efficient, powerful killing machines. However, during the closing days of the war, a large chunk of the warrior caste broke off, rebelling against the higher castes. These rebels were essential to the Vahallan victory during the war.

In the higher caste's hubris, they made a fatal mistake. They thought themselves above even speaking to the warrior castes, unless necessary. This, over time, meant that the Warriors developed differently, culturally. Unfortunately for the rest of the Kisari, the warrior caste had a great deal in common with the Vahallans. They sympathized with the Vahallans, and many eventually decided that they were not the true enemy.

After the war, the remaining Kisari had little difficulty assimilating with Vahallan culture. They had many common bonds- reverence of the Mithrans, the focus on honour, and their shared proficiency in combat. Today, while a minority, Kisari can be seen throughout the Republic. Many are soldiers, obviously, but there are quite a few in other positions. Kisari-Valhallan marriage is legal, but somewhat rare. This is because of the relatively short lives the Kisari live.


Rich with mineral wealth, Forge is founded as a simple mining colony, founded by Andara Corporation in 2114. Conditions are horrible. The outposts are built into the massive valleys and cracks that cover the planet, but the quarries are outside. Many of the colonists are lower-class individuals, and are essentially treated as slaves, kept in line by security mechs and hired mercenaries. Colonists are often lost to Forge's hostile fauna.

Discovering alien ruins and long-abandoned technology, Andara corporation accelerates colonization of Forge. The new colonies flourish economically, but the people struggle under Andara Corporation's grasp. Andara Corp discovers the mutagenic particles in the atmosphere, but does not inform the colonists for fear of a mass exodus. Choking under Andara's rule, an underground resistance forms. By 2130, the mutations that seperate Valhallans from baseline humans have begun to appear, though the colonists are unaware of why.

In 2138, Deserters from Earth's Navy arrive, disillusioned, lead by Commander James Nolan; they seek refuge in the Valhallan system, bringing with them a small fleet of human warships. Discovering the poor conditions on Forge, the deserters confront the regional governor. They come to blows, and violence breaks out between the deserters and Andara Corporation's security drones and hired mercenaries. Andara Corporation uses ties in government and the war already at hand to keep word of the conflict from spreading.

By 2142, The deserters, allied with a resistance movement lead by Alana Lysen, are losing the conflict. However, as much of Earth is rendered uninhabitable, contact with Andara Corporation is lost. The mercenaries are in disarray- some lie down arms, others become warlords. By 2147, The last remnant of Andara Corporation's forces is defeated; Alana Lysen and James Nolan, resistance leaders, elope. After much deliberation, the people of Forge establish an official government in 2149, electing James Nolan as their first head of state. They refer to themselves as the Republic of Forge; the Forge Constitution is drafted soon after. The Sentinel Guard is established; they are the primary peacekeeping force on Forge, to this day. Around 2250, the first generation of colonists is born that can breathe Forge's atmosphere without a breather apparatus.

The people of Forge begin to flourish, aided by the planet's wealth and the alien technology left behind by an alien race that they came to refer to as "The Lost". By 2190, Forge densely populated, the crevasses that crisscross it's surface now populated with massive, thriving cities. The people of Forge continue to evolve, both societally and biologically. The Valerian Academy is founded during this period by Alana Nolan, former leader of the resistance. She authors the Valhallan Codex; a set of guidelines that most Valhallan follow to this day. In 2198, they establish a colony on Yin, Forge's moon. By 2215, Yin's population is roughly equal to that of twenty-first century New York. By 2220, they have established colonies on several of Jotan's moons; Jotan itself has become their primary source of fuel. They establish an outpost on Oratieu in 2224. By 2240, cities spot the stormy, jungle world's surface. They go through an unprecedented era of economic expansion and peace. They establish contact with alien traders.

By 2278, major colonies exist on more or less every usable rock in the system. There is no unified government; each world is independent. The government of Forge makes a push for unification, and this dispute develops into the brief, but bloody conflict known as the War of Unification. The factions more or less are evenly divided between the inner and outer worlds. The inner colonies have the upper hand- the raw resources and industrial strength of Forge. Eventually, however, a treaty is signed and the outer colonies surrender.

However, in 2310, a fleet of vessels from a race known as the Kisari strike at the Valhallans. For the next thirty years, the Valhallans fight a prolonged war with the Kisari, who are obsessed with the technology of "The Lost"; the outer colonies suffer the most. The Kisari have no homeworld; having destroyed it long ago, the invading fleet is all that remains. Eventually, these invaders are repelled, but the people of Valhalla have been scarred by the conflict. Refit Earth Navy vessels are no longer sufficient protection; Production of the Valhallan Navy increases dramatically. Eventually, they expand beyond the Valhallan system. The Kisari remain a threat for some time, stragglers causing problems on the border worlds out of spite. While there are few left, the Kisari that still live are part of Valhallan society, as rare as they are. While some of the several thousand that remain continue to work in indentured servitude, some of them are members of the military, and there are a few prominent Kisari scholars within Valhallan space. While they face predjudice- especially in the outer worlds, they are generally accepted.

The current High Executor, one of the only elected officials in the Valhallan military, is Alexander Nolan, direct descendant of James Nolan. He is, uncommonly for a member of one of the great houses, immensely popular among the common people. Most of the higher-ranking officers in the military dislike him; he has a reputation of playing fast and loose with accepted military strategy and has several reprimands in his personal file- however, many have who have served under him speak of him highly. He is forty-five earths years of age. The Valhallan worlds are currently in a state of relative economic 'stagnation'- cultural disinterest in economics and a focus on loyalty and duty make Valhallans poor entrepreneurs.

Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Nolan1
High Executor Alexander Nolan

Valhallan Anthem

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Valhallan Security Command (VSC) Sigemblem
Valhallan Armory


A-12 Therm-Blade
Standard issue blade given to all VSC Soldiers. Edge of blade is super-heated.
Anyaht Armory A-5 Sidearm
Based on the standard tri-rail design used by most VSC Weaponry. Packs a heavy punch.
Delphis Weapons D25 Semi-Automatic Sidearm
Tri-Rail Weapon designed for use by VSC Special forces. Laser-Sighted and capable of wirelessly hooking into a 'compatible' soldier's implants to enhance aim.
Sentis Munitions 'Beast' Rifle
Standard-Issue Tri-Rail Anti-Armor rifle issued to all VSC forces. Heavily customizable.
Anyaht Armory V-14 Long-Range Rifle
Standard Issue Tri-Rail, long-range, Anti-Infantry Sniper Rifle, issued to scouts, special-ops, and snipers. Fires three 'rounds' in rapid succession, to optimize shield penetration.
X4-1 Guided Anti-Armor Missile Launcher
Capable of launching high-yield missiles that can guided either by the weapon itself or remotely.


Standard Uniform
The standard uniform of all VSC personnel. Light Kevlar. Holo-tool projector in gauntlet.
AV01 Rebreather
The breathing mask issued by the VSC to any Valhallan offworld; since they're adapted to very low-oxygen environments, they tend to hyperventilate in regular and high-oxygen atmospheres. These masks alleviate that problem; in addition, they filter out any poisonous gasses or the like.
Standard-Issue Holo-Tool
Standard issue holographic multi-purpose tool. Projected from gauntlet on forearm, integrated into many VSC uniform and armor designs.
Alpha-One Basic Armour
The standard enviro-suit used by VSC soldiers. Uses composite plating. Helmets can be linked into squad-leader's computer. Breather is integrated.
Alpha-Three Tactical Enviro-Suit
Designed for enhanced speed, shielding, and tactical abilities. Used by squad leaders and VSC Special Forces. Uses composite plating.
Alpha-Seven Advanced Recon "Hunter-Killer" Enviro-Suit
Designed for enhanced, speed, dexterity, and accuracy. Use requires connectivity implants to enhance accuracy. Used by VSC Special Forces. Lightly armored.
Theta-Two Heavy Exo-Suit
Designed for use in high-risk environments. Requires extensive cybernetics for use. Capable of exerting forces up to eight times that of a normal human. Uses composite plating.
Theta-Six Heavy Combat Suit
Advanced exoskeleton designed for use in both space and atmosphere. Uses composite reactive-absorbent plating. Requires extensive cybernetics for use.


Construction Drone ("Keds")
Small, multi-purpose machines designed to be capable of both deconstruction and construction. Feet are magnetized to ensure functionality on the outside of hulls. Stored in large quantities on UVSC ships to repair damage. Often used for mining purposes. Work in groups.
Advanced Construction Drones
Designed to coordinate Keds. When nearby, all nearby Keds become more efficient. Capable of heavy-lifting that keds are not.
Anderis Armory B-45 "Wolf" Recon Drone
Agile, quadrapedic machine designed for advanced recon on battlefields and in unknown environments. Often used by UVSC special-forces.
Sentis Munitions B12 "Toilet" Combat Drone
Combat Drone often deployed alongside UVSC soldiers. Integrated into squad-leader's HUD. Uses composite armor. Referred to as "walking toilets" due to design.
Sentis Munitions Heavy Combat Drone
Large, heavily armored drone. Controlled remotely. Equipped with reactive-regenerative plating. Main weapon is high-yield tri-rail cannon.
Multi-Terrain Advanced Combat Walker (MT-ACW)
Advanced walker used by UVSC troopers.
Multi-Terrain Anti-Aircraft Walker (MT-AAW)
Advanced walker designed as anti-aircraft weaponery.


Most Valhallan vehicles are equipped with high-powered particle-beam cannons, tri-rail guns, and varying degrees of shielding, depending on the ship. They're also, usually, equipped with what most would consider an excessive amount of armor.

Lion-Class Hoverbike
Fast, dependable, and capable of being deployed from high-orbit, these bikes are the vehicles of choice for VSC Scouts. Equipped with standard-issue semi-automatic tri-rail cannons and light shielding.
Stormrunner-Class Transport
Hammer-Class Tank
Heavily armored and surprisingly quick for their size. Equipped with a set of jets that allow it to 'bypass' difficult terrain.
Valkyrie-Class Fighters
Lightly armored and poorly shielded to make space for faster engines, Valkyrie fighters are incredibly quick. Equipped with a single, heavy tri-rail cannon. Capable of functioning in both space and atmosphere.
Warbird-Class Bomber
A larger, quicker vehicle designed for use on-planet. However, it is capable of use in space, though it is significantly less effective. It is lightly-armed for a vehicle it's size, and is thus commonly accompanied by a squadron of fighters.
Sword-Class Gunship
Shield-Class Troop Carrier
Shield-Class Troop Carriers are actually an older gunship model, refit with modern armor and tech, but stripped of most weapons and ammunition.

Ship Class Description Number of Ships in Use
Jiande-Class ScoutThe Jiande-Class Scout is actually a heavily modified fighter-craft, capable of FTL but lightly armed.1
Diodan-Class CorvetteFast, strong, and deadly, but lightly shielded.6
Xianke-Class DestroyerWhile not as heavily armed as a Quantou-Class cruiser, the Xianke's forward ORION batteries are capable of firing more frequently, making them still rather deadly.3
Quántóu Heavy CruiserSuprisingly quick for their size, Quantou-Class cruisers make up the bulk of the Valhallan fleet.9
Zhījià-Class BattleshipThe Zhijia-class is very versatile.2
Shiadà-Class DreadnoughtOnly one of these massive ships exists- the VSV Siege, flagship of the Valhallan fleet and personal vessel of High Executor Nolan. An Shiada-class dreadnaught's forward ORION batteries have enough firepower to destroy most ships entirely, or, alternatively, punch a whole clean through a small moon.1

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Valhallan technology is surprisingly advanced for such a militaristic culture, and this is not without reason. Much of their technology is adapted from alien technology found in ruins on their homeworld, Hel, and on the surrounding worlds. This is directly related to their reverence of The Lost- they immensely appreciate the gifts The Lost 'gave them'.

Accelerator Weapons
To generate ammunition, an accelerator weapon shaves a projectile the size of a sand grain from a dense block of metal contained within the weapon's body. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities using special, tri-rail magnetic accelerators. Thousands of these tiny rounds can be produced from a single ammunition block. Ammunition is never a concern because of this, but managing the weapon's internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of the weapon and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the weapon to disperse that heat buildup.

The Tri-Rail Accelerator design is used in nearly all Valhallan weapons. It tears through organic material and tends to be equally useful against armor- however, it's less effective against modern shields. Most weapons have removable heat sinks- in the middle of a battle, it's often easier to just eject a heat sink, rather than wait for it to cool. Accelerator weapons are also used on ships; in fact, they're even more efficient there, because the accelerator battery can simply eject the heat directly into space.

ORION Cannon
The ammunition of a ORION is a liquid alloy of iron, uranium, and tungsten suspended in an electromagnetic field using gravitonic field generators- the same that are used to jump to FTL aboard Valhallan ships. The molten metal, accelerated to a fraction of the speed of light, solidifies into a projectile as it is fired, hitting targets with enough force to pierce most shields and armors. Most VSC ships are equipped with one of these mounted to the spine of the ship. They use a great deal of energy and produce a great deal of heat; thus, they take a good deal of time to use, being able to fire roughly every twelve seconds without risking system overload. In an emergency, however, the safeties can be disabled, and that time can be nearly halved, though, not without risk.

Valhallan Translators
Valhallan translation hardware and software is unique, in that it is not only virtually real-time, it's adaptable. While it does require a microphone of some sort, this is usually not a problem- they're integrated into all military helmets and standard-issue breathing masks. To over-simplify, the spoken words are transmitted to the nearest computational cluster (in most situations, a nearby Valhallan ship) where a 'shackled' artificial intelligence can translate it into any language in it's database within a fraction of a second. The audio is transmitted back to the mask, and played out, all with less than a second of delay. A similar process occurs with received audio. While the translation is usually accurate and mostly retains the vocal tones of the speaker, given the translation process, the voice sometimes sounds off, and almost always has a synthesized quality to it.


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