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The People's Society (TPS) Empty The People's Society (TPS)

Post by Chief on Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:43 am

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Formal Name:
People's Society
Informal Names:
The People

Technology Tags:
Weak engines, primitive point defense, primitive heatsinks, advanced FTL, heavy armor, sturdy hull design, heavy bulkheads, heavy shields.

The People's Society (TPS) Sci_fi_soldier_1_by_7circle-d3bor2q
"The People"
The People's Society only knows one race, known only as 'The People'. Their true faces remain unknown to the outside world, seeing as they all wear a mask to show their societal status and equality. They prove to be humanoid in appearance, although generally more muscular and athletic due to their evolutionary progress of militarization. There is no real individual within the people, except for their leader, simply known as "The Leader".

Homeworld Name:
Homeworld Location:
Homeworld Description:
Barely any non-people member has visited the planet, but footage shows a large and very prosperous society with great strength and extraordinary happiness.

Political System:
Militarized Dystopian Leninism.
Updating full history later, read 'the people' species for now.

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