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[05-J] Distress Call Empty [05-J] Distress Call

Post by Hades on Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:16 am

Resolve Shuttle Bay

The massive, nine-foot tall Organic OI snaps it's hand up for a moment, flicking a few drips of blackened, dried blood through the crisp air of the shuttle bay at the same time.

<::'Hold for a moment.. More approach..'::>

The OI stands there, it's several blue, glowing eyes snapping from one human to the next; as if looking them over in a curious, interested manner. It smelled their worry, their fear; their pheromones were not unlike those of it's creator. They were inferior in strength, superior in height, and equal in mind.. Although these humans had shorter lifespans, allowing them less time to use their acquired knowledge, and improve upon it. As it pondered the humans before itself, it kept mind of the Kal'Bavakorian Warriors behind itself; the ten who kept diligent watch over these human forces intruding upon the makeshift medical ward. Hidden behind the masks of these Kal'Bavakorian men and women were angry, yet startled faces. They had never faced alien forces before, and while they were not scared of the humans.. They were afraid of their technology, and the weapons other creatures may use against them. No ship had even managed to break the shields of the mighty Resolve, not even scratched the hull! And today, it had happened. And that was enough to startle one Kal'Bavakorian to the next.

But the stench of death in the air, followed by a screech of terrified Kal'Bavakorian Medical-Warriors, shook the massive synthetic being from it's thoughts. And as the second human and his group approached, the Organic Intelligence Unit, and it's detachment of short, yet silent and cold Warriors, would stare back at the multitude of new human forces before the OI would speak; it's synthetic, metallic, and cold voice carrying throughout the group that was slowly growing.

<::'..Major, I am Organic Intelligence Surgeon 'Kak'Na'. While I graciously accept your help, and we are in dire need of it, I require your soldiers to check through Kal'Bavakorian basic anatomy as soon as possible, as well as to sterilize themselves immediately. Your suits may hold alien bacteria, and such would kill the wounded, and the healthy, on board this ship in quick succession. Once this has happened, I will allow these patients and the o-...'::>

It suddenly pauses as a loud creaking noise fills the shuttle bay, the sound of the USC ships slowly surrounding the craft with their strange tethering equipment, as well as support drones. The OI snaps it's head upwards, peering around at the ceiling in a cold, silent manner. The organic Kals are not so quiet, and a few of the Warrior-Marines behind the massive OI release a loud, terrified howling noise comparable to that of Earthen predatory animals, and begin to back away from the humans in a rather quick manner; the glowing spots of their eyes beneath their helmet's visors widening in fear. A few weapons even snap up, the high-running emotions of the Kals taking over for a split second. Quickly, the OI releases yet another howling noise, and within' moments of the creaking noise ending, the terrified Kal warriors lower their weapons, but continue the eye the taller humans in a frightened, or angry, manner.

Quick to fix the situation, the OI picks up it's voice in a rapid manner, hoping to cure the fear with warmer words instead of silence.

<::'I apologize.. They are afraid for their comrades, and are unsure of what is happening. Kal'Bavakorians by nature are also extremely territorial.. You must forgive them. As I was saying, you can assist the patients within' this shuttle bay and the adjacent one once you have done as I ask. The actual medical bay holds the worst wounded Kals, and most of our advanced medical technology, and for now must remain untouched by human hands... You must understand.::>

The OI pauses for a moment, allowing it's six eyes to track a group of human medical soldiers who are being guided by a team of shorter, yet more brightly armored Republic medical surgeons using Holo-Tool translators to communicate with the humans. They guide the humans towards a group of the less-wounded patients, all while tell the humans about Kal physiology and what to do and not to do around a Kal'Bavakorian. A few snide, irritated remarks are made between the medical staff about the human ignorance as they guide them away, and the OI slowly trails it's eyes back to the Major.

<::'...Lord Admiral Caan also wishes to speak to your fleet commander. Personally.'::>

Destroyed Nakar Battleship


The Kal'Bavakorian military forces had retreated almost immediately upon being notified about the Nakar ships increasing radiological levels.. A full scale retreat had been called; and it was much more dishonorable to die by the suicidal Nakar's exploding ship than to retreat and live to fight another day. Systems Republic Warrior-Marines, carrying Nakar bodies, weapons, captured computer systems, and even random technology pieces run down the hallways cleared before, and kept clear by Drone Sentries kept behind to cover secured areas, which honked soft goodbyes to Republic soldiers as they rushed past; the drones speaking in a giddy manner as they did.. They were oh so happy to die for their glorious Republic. OI Drone Mechs, along with supporting squads of Republic Warrior-Marines and Winter Guardsmen covered the exits, tearing Nakar creatures apart as they fired round upon round of plasma fire into their attacking forms.. Their tactics weren't working, not anymore. The rapidly changing tactics of the Republic soldiers managed to mold into a defensive-offensive plan, allowing themselves to beat back any attacking Nakar while supporting retreating Republic soldiers as they carried vital supplies back to their designated shuttles..

Panting hard, her helmet's visor cracked along one side, her vision distorted; the wounded Warrior-Sergeant Hashi'Sa and her team, supported by their Drone Mech, ran as fast as possible towards the exit. Their double-jointed legs pushed them as violently as possible through the zero-g environment of the warming Nakar ship, and Hashi'Sa, who had wrapped her plasma rifle around her back, held on tightly to the large box-like item within' her arms. It didn't crack and break from the strength of her Kal'Bavakorian arms, declaring it to be made of some greater material.. And her Holo-Tool had told her exactly what the object was... The engine block's fuel reserve information, almost as good as the navigational systems. If she could get this back to the Resolve, she could have the Svu'Kavsi intelligence operatives run this through a few tests to declare how far the fuel could get the ship, how much fuel had been used, and how much fuel the ship started out with. Cross reference the data, and they could pinpoint select systems from which the ship may have come from.. And they could scout them for the alien worlds, should more war come.

The way was still far, it seemed, and the aliens strange radiation weapons whizzed past her shoulders, and even slammed harmlessly into one of her comrades energy shields, causing the other female soldier to twirl a few times mid-flight before picking up her zero-g sprint again. Behind them, the Mech had come under attack, and due to it's past damage from the alien's four-legged beast, it could no longer keep up. Swarmed by Nakar soldiers, who slashed and bashed away at the mech's body parts and weapons, the Mech allowed itself a screech of rage as it fired it's laser repeater into the air, slicing blindly at the Nakar with it's plasma bayonet as it's mechanical eyes were torn away.


And with that, a final blade slammed through the cranial chamber of the Drone Mech, silencing it's nerve system, and it's cries of war. The mech collapsed, and with a few cries from the Republic Soldiers who it had defended, the Nakar began to chase after the retreating Hashi'Sa and her team. They fired, they threw blades, and two more Kals fell; silenced by the calls of war. The exit was so close, though.. And Hashi'Sa could almost see the Republic forces just ahead. The Nakar were close behind though, and just before the sprinting soldiers were overrun by the beasts of nature... An array of plasma fire erupted down the range that was the tunnel, blasting the Nakar into pieces. Panting, Warrior-Sergeant Hashi'Sa and her remaining soldiers managed to rush towards the last few remaining transports, which had now begun to pick up the last remains of the defensive force who had covered the retreating Kal'Bavakorian force. Hashi'Sa sprinted up the hatchway, practically leaped through the atmosphere shield, and slammed herself into a seat. Her harnesses came over her shoulders, she was pushed back into the seat, and within' moments the shuttle's engines activated; sending the ship blasting away from the slowly combusting Nakar battleship.

With a shaky groan, Hashi'Sa slowly dropped the strange Nakar console onto the floor of the Republic shuttle and wrapped her hands around her helmet, which she promptly yanked off and set in her lap. A Republic soldier had rushed over, attempting to his helmetless face into Hashi'Sa's own, his chin-tusks just milometers from her face. He speaks, his lips moving, but no noise comes out.. She was in shock, and she didn't care. Grasping the console off the floor, she pushes it into the surprised soldiers arms, and promptly yells over the cheers of the Republic Warriors within' the shuttle's personnel bay; of which, she cannot hear.


And with that, she dropped her head back against the bulkhead behind herself, allowing her glowing eyes to promptly shut. She could feel beads of black blood dribble down her forehead from an injury, but she did not care.. She was tired, and she had just helped discover the location of enemy systems.. At least, she sure as hell hoped she did.

If she ran around in an alien spaceship, getting torn apart and shot at, just to steal their lunch menu; she was gonna be one pissed off Kal..

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[05-J] Distress Call Empty Re: [05-J] Distress Call

Post by Hades on Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:18 am

Shuttle Bay

"Our suits have already been thoroughly decontaminated in the gunships, Surgeon. We have used UV lamps, hydrogen peroxide steam and nanite dust removal; we're literally cleaner than the ship right now." calmly responded the Major. He was not a man who panicked easily. Such a trait was required by his job as a military doctor: injuries in the Military were often the worst, and to allow oneself to lose their minds would mean losing the patient. He didn't even flinch as the Kal'Bavakorians were startled, and had calmly nodded at the requests of the Organic Intelligence. With the first request fulfilled, the officer got right to work on the second one. With several authoritative gestures he delivered the orders to his men, effectively giving them permission to use their discretion at treating the wounded; after a thorough briefing on Kal'Bavakorian physiology, that is.

He did not wait for an answer, continuing on with his answer. "On the matter of your commander, please have him escorted to this shuttle bay. A Raptor will be on its way to take him to the flagship. The Admiral is expecting him now."

USNS Milton

The Milton was not a warship. That was not opinion, it was unquestionable fact: her official designation was an "Auxiliary Repair Drydock", but the name "Target Practice" was equally as fitting. Her only defenses were a thin layer of electric reactive armor and a crude point defense network, made out of some outdated flak batteries and anti-missile lasers. To claim it had any offensive capabilities would be a complete joke. She was good at one thing, and one thing only: to take crippled ships and put them back to the fight as soon as humanly (or rather mechanically) possible.

Yet, for some incomprehensible reason, her bridge was called a Combat Information Center. Perhaps it was for standarization, or perhaps it was a joke on the part of the builders. They had even remembered to put a miniature weapons station to control the ship's most forbidable armaments, aptly nicknamed "the Peashooter". The CIC did have some redeeming qualities though: a massive drydock management station was placed where its actual weapons control would be, and there were over thirty people working on the various consoles that coordinated the repairs. As a bonus, there was a massive screen linked directly to the interior of the drydock compartment that allowed 24/7 monitoring of the ships that were secured inside it.

Today, that ship was the Resolve.

It was the first time the Milton had to accomodate an alien vessel, but for the limited timeframe it had, it had performed valiantly. The clamps had worked as planned, and the arms had correctly secured themselves around the beast to accomodate the repairs. While normally it would be pressurized with the comfortable levels of gasses for humans, the hull breaches meant that any such gas composition would prove hazardous to the crew; and thus, the decision had been made to fill it with the Kal'Bavakorian breathing gasses.

Captain Johan Areli was satisfied with the progress of the repairs. Within a few minutes, the major hull breaches had been crudely patched up, and the ship was being prepared to be towed into an FTL jump by adding additional support struts to the weak points caused by the weapons that had been fired upon it. The drones and EVA staff were doing an excellent job.

"XO, see if we can get any integrity scans with the new composition, see if the ship's safe enough to jump."

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