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Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE) Empty Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE)

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Formal Name: Sovereign Empire of Exthura
Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE) Cardassian_Union_logo
Informal Names: Exthurans, Ridgeheads, Imperials, The Empire
Abbreviation: S.E.E.
Population: ~8,000,000,000

Technology Tags:

Armor Doctrine
Cruiser Doctrine
Energy Doctrine
Heavy Weapon Doctrine

Advanced FTL
Heavy Armor
Spacious Bays
Sturdy System Design
Heavy Planetary Defense
Advanced Fighter Replenishment

Primitive Heatsinks
Light Shields
Primitive Kinetic Defense
Primitive Sensors


Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE) Gul_Dukat_by_karracaz

Exthurans evolved much in the same way as humans, from primates in the great grassland savannas of their world, Exthura. As such, they themselves are primates, and share only structural similarities and some biological similarities to humans. Exthurans have hair only on their head, the rest of their body covered in leathery, smooth skin of dull gray hues. Men typically stand from 5'10'' to 6'5'' and women from 5'7'' to 6'', slightly taller than humanity. Differing from humans, Exthurans have two hearts. Because of extra blood pumping to their muscles and other organs at all times, Exthurans have significant more strength, muscle mass, and endurance than most humans. Through natural selection, Exthurans have also been lucky enough to develop strong immune systems, making sickness a rare occassion.

Exthurans sport ridge-like formations on their forehead, which is actually the formation of their skull. They also possess slightly longer necks and appendages than humans. The entirety of their chest, back, and limbs are covered in plate-like formations made of a flexible combination of bone and cartiledge, providing a sort of exoskeletal armor as added natural defense.

Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE) Keen-Pirate-baa-l

Dailloc are rodent-like humanoids native to the mountainous regions of Exthura. They are extremely low in intelligence but high in strength and endurance, possessing two hearts in a similar fashion to Exthurans. They stand at 3'9''-4'7'' and sport rough, yellow skin with small tails and sharp teeth. They have three clawed toes and fingers. Because of their dimwitted nature, they were enslaved by the Empire in 27 M.E. Dailloc are typically found in labor camps on Exthuran mining planets.

Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE) Halo_4_visual_render_3

The Yurdu are a race of pygmy-esque race of arthropod humanoids native to the methane-atmosphere moon of Exthura. They were discovered after underground Yurdu expansion operations accidentally breached the surface near the Exthuran moon base, revealing the underground civilization below. The Yurdu were 'allowed' (they would have otherwise been conquered) into the Empire as civilian-servants, serving as workers alongside Dailloc, household butlers and waiters, and military grunts. They stand at 5 feet at their highest and have a stocky, wide build, with clawed, six-toed feet and six-fingered, clawed forearms. They are capable of bipedal movement but move at increased speeds with the help of their forearms.

Yurdu are covered in a hard, rock-like exoskeleton that covers the entire body except the head, neck, and lower abdomen.

Homeworld Name: Exthura

Sovereign Empire of Exthura (SEE) Worldgen
Homeworld Location: [F;013]
Homeworld Description: Exthura is a tropical planet with dense, moist air, expansive rainforests, wide savanna grasslands, and impressive snow-capped mountains. Exthura is twice the size of Earth and 90% of its landmass is condensed into one large continent, though tectonic plate movements suggest they will eventually separate. The land is teeming with expansive planet overgrowths and wide varieties of fuana, much of which are large, territorial, and carniverous. Because of the constant threat of wildlife, Exthurans civilizations developed as harsh and war-like, where every citizen contributed to the State and only the strongest survived.


Culture: Large WIP

History: The Exthuran timeline is divided into two eras, ABW and BBW. The split in the timeline signifies the Battle of Warrboktu, which sparked the foundation of the Empire. Pre-ABW (BBW) the Exthuran people were divided into nations constantly warring over resources, petty cultural differences, and simply for the sake of warfare. The BBW era lasts about 7,000 years. Anything before it is pre-history.

In 23 BBW the Jugurt Gul Dravuk (equivalent to an Earthly king) lead his nation in a massive campaign of conquest. Each and every man and woman was trained in the art of warfare under the Dravuk Code. Gul Dravuk lead his army across Exthura, conquering neighboring nations without loss. He is considered the epitome of an Exthuran and the greatest warrior to have ever existed. During the Battle of Warrboktu, the now expansive nation of Gul Dravuk faced the last standing, and most powerful, nation left in the world. The battle itself lasted two years and was deadliest and most glorified battle in all of Exthuran history. The battle ended with the decimation of the city of Warrboktu, and the rising of the newly formed Exthuran Empire from its ashes.

The current year is 176 ABW.


Armor Designs:

Special Operations Dravuk-7 Armor. This durable and lightweight armor features a slim design with a built in HUD and marksmanship-assisting programs. It is the standard-issue armor for covert operations and special operations soldiers.

Bovoxx-4 Hazard Suit Armor. Used, as you would guess, for operations in hazardous zones.

Warrboktu-9 Standard Combat Armor. The latest of the Warrboktu-division combat suits, it is the standard suit for all Imperial soldiers across the galaxy. Coming equipped with multiple storage units, gun holsters, energy- and ballistic-resistant padding, built-in oxygen system, and simple HUD and radio systems, it is highly effective on the battlefield.

Dravuk-8 Armor, currently used in many offworld deployment operations. It features enhanced upgrades to the features of the Warrbotku-9 suit, but is more costly to produce. Debate rages on as to whether or not the suit should replace the Warrboktu-9 as the standard combat armor among the troops. For now, only high-ranking soldiers are issued the armor.

Charr-5 Exosuit. Flame-retardant, durable, and flexible, a flamethrower-wielding Charr-trooper will always accompany a squad on search-and-destroy missions in heavily forested areas. A slim, built-in, and heavily armored fuel tank makes piercing it a difficult and near-impossible task.

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The link to your top armor design doesn't work. Love your app, though. If you want, I can make you a symbol that isn't just the cardassian symbol.

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Thanks for the headsup. And that would actually be very much appreciated, thanks so much.

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