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Maassala Tau was a hive of activity. Ahead of its one inhabited planet - Kahn - sat an array of wormhole gates, stabilised by giant O shaped structures. The largest of these gates was several kilometres wide, and anchored by an entire space station - Kravaht. Civilian ships, some not even fitted with FTL drives, swarmed through the supergate. The other, smaller portals were not so commonly used.

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Kahn itself was a barren-looking desert planet. What civilisation could be seen from space appeared primitive. Solar farms and armoured buildings dotted the landscape. In truth, most of the planet's cities were underground in vast complexes of armoured tunnels and bunkers. The planet had not outgrown the paranoia it had developed as a result of the last near-extermination of the Voehn race.

The first and most impressive tactical group of the VASF was stationed near to the Kravaht. Six ships, including the Gateship Gravitas Shortfall, which was entirely dwarfed by its companions. The two Delinquent TSKU support carriers say at the center of the group, with the Psychopath class Fate Line and the Murderer class Humour my Death Wish at opposite ends. Above the rest of the group, like some sinister guardian angel, rested the repaired Abominator Class - The only one of its kind. After being restored and modified, its new ship Mind had decided to give it a new identity, so the ship's official name was now the same as the Mind which controlled it: Supermassive Hypercunt. Most Voehn and Ahl still called it the Abominator.

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